6 Key Reasons To Choose CodeIgniter Framework For Your Next Project

6 Reasons to Choose CodeIgniter Framework

When you are setting up a business and decide to create a web application that is resourceful and scalable, the entire journey becomes challenging, especially when you are new into the technology world. Most of you get confused when it comes to choosing the best framework that can help you take your business to a higher level. At the initial stage, you should look for an open-source platform like PHP. If you are choosing PHP for developing your website then the CodeIgniter framework can be the best web framework for PHP suitable option for you.

In a short period of time PHP has gained huge popularity and a widely-used general-purpose scripting language. Currently, there are 39,191,714 live websites using PHP worldwide according to Builtwith.

PHP Usage Statistics

Ever since PHP has introduced in the market and has gained the trust of millions of users, frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, Yii, and CodeIgniter supporting it were introduced into the market.

CodeIgniter is one of the best suitable frameworks which offer tremendous features for web development. We have already mentioned all the basics about what is CodeIgniter ? And the core features of CodeIgniter framework you should know in our previous blog. Let’s see how this framework works and the core reasons you should choose the CodeIgniter framework.

How Does CodeIgniter Works?

CodeIgniter has been one of the most popular frameworks used by web developers. There are numerous advantages to choose CodeIgniter for developing effective and highly-professional web solutions. But if you are not aware of how it works, let’s learn how it works.

Basically, CodeIgniter is based on MVC (Model View Controller) framework. The controller responds when the user needs a resource. After that, the controller reads the request, understand the request, and process the request along with the essential data.

For example, as a business owner, if you want to retrieve a customer with a particular id that the user needs to refer, the controller will receive the request. It will send a request to the model to recover the record with the precise client ID that has been requested. The model then responds by returning the record of the precise customer code. It then goes forward with the result in a format that is easy to read by humans. In the end, the browser shows the results to the viewers. Follow the image below for more details:

How Does CodeIgniter Works

6 Reasons to Choose CodeIgniter Framework

Most of the PHP frameworks have a built-in mechanism that can disrupt the dynamics of businesses and their websites and applications. No doubt, PHP alone can stand out and offers good features and benefits to the businesses. But, CodeIgniter development framework works as a cherry on top for businesses because it is considered as the main element because of several advantages and features it offers. For websites and web application development, CodeIgniter provides various reasons which will help you understand why you should choose this framework for PHP web development. Let us see some of them one by one.

Small In Size

CodeIgniter framework is a robust framework that has the actual file size CodeIgniter is smaller and has the smallest footprint than most full-featured PHP frameworks that is a minuscule size of just 2MB. Even though it is small in size, it has entirely self-sufficient features and it does not rely on other frameworks or package managers. You must be thinking is it necessary? Yes, because there are some other frameworks that are dependent on the other framework for some of their functionalities. Compared to other frameworks, CodeIgniter makes it much faster for developers to run a new application in a faster way. It makes it easier for developers to build new functionalities and help them write code in a proper way.

Faster Execution Time

CodeIgniter framework can help you execute faster websites through the fastest execution time. The performance of CodeIgniter optimization specifies the form of a good server response time. The framework’s ultimate web hosting service makes use of effective techniques to cut down the server response time and improve the performance of the website and/or web application generally by making sure it uses fewer resources from the server. In short, CodeIgniter executes functions at high speed.

Fewer Codes, Quick Results

CodeIgniter is the quickest development framework in which the developers have to write less code and it is a prime member of the PHP Universe. There is no need to make use of 3 third-party libraries that straight away covers the time for faster web development. CodeIgniter offers faster response time compared to other frameworks along with a better time-frame for execution. So, if you are looking for a really quick framework for web development functionalities, you should consider hiring a CodeIgniter developer. They will help you out for making your project ready in a faster time than you have imagined.

Superior Data Classification

Most of the IT firms recommend business owners to get most out of the CodeIgniter web framework because it is a concise framework and it does not have various sub-folders that become an obstacle to the process of the project. It also helps businesses to implement the web development projects in a better manner because when they use CodeIgniter they can have superior data classification under the unique file organization model.

Secure Frameworks

Whenever any CodeIgniter development companies develop websites or web applications the first thing they suggest is the security feature of the framework. No doubt, PHP comes with built-in functionalities for input and output filtering, but developers prefer CodeIgniter which offers superlative security functions for web app development. A majority of developers use this framework to take hold and manage data in the installation process.

Better Structure

This framework works on MVC mode and provides easy-boarding for developers to code and bring out an outstanding result. The CodeIgniter MVC framework in PHP provides a data-handler with the features that can help developers insert, recover, and also redo the entire database information. It includes data logic, classes, better structures, and other PHP functionalities.


No doubt, you will find many more reasons than the listed ones here to use CodeIgniter as your development framework, but the success of your project development depends on how quickly you get the project done with sufficient security. Monocubed is a highly-professional CodeIgniter development company that has extremely qualified and trained CodeIgniter developers who will help you create outstanding web applications and e-commerce applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the CodeIgniter framework in PHP?

CodeIgniter PHP framework is an MVC framework that companies use for developing web applications rapidly. This framework offers out of the box libraries to connect the database and perform various operations such as file uploading, sending emails, managing various sessions, etc.

2. Is CodeIgniter dead?

No, it is not dead. In fact, many companies are adopting it nowadays for rapid web development and they prefer using the PHP CodeIgniter framework for various reasons. We have already listed some of the reasons for using the Codeigniter web framework PHP in this blog.

3. What is the use of CodeIgniter in PHP?

As most of you might be aware that PHP is a server-side scripting language that developers use for building dynamic web-based applications. Developers use CodeIgniter because it has libraries, simple interface, logical structure to access that libraries and plugins, custom search so that developers can efficiently code and develop the project. It also offers a CodeIgniter tutorial and user guide to solve complex functions of PHP so that developers or businesses can easily maintain the developed web application.

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