Why Use CodeIgniter Web Framework for Making eCommerce websites?

eCommerce has come a long way since the invention of electronic shopping. It is growing at a fast rate, each day bringing innovations in the industry. The importance of eCommerce for businesses is growing immensely and so is the availability of new technology for developing eCommerce websites.

So, which is the right programming language, the right framework, the right tools? In this blog, we list why PHP programming language, and the PHP framework, CodeIgniter is the ideal fit for developing an eCommerce website.

We list all the reasons why you should use the CodeIgniter Web Framework for eCommerce websites. But first, let’s have a brief look at the importance of eCommerce platforms in today’s world.

The Future of eCommerce

what is the future of eCommerce?

eCommerce is an ever-changing industry that is redefining the shopping patterns of people around the world. The market is evolving with an increasing number of businesses opting for creating personalized retail experiences using eCommerce sites. However, With the rise in competition and changing user preferences, addressing the challenges of e-commerce and focusing on a user-friendly and visually appealing ecommerce frontend has become crucial to capture and engaging customers effectively.

“In 2019, retail e-commerce revenues from apparel and accessories sales amounted to 103.13 billion U.S. dollars and are projected to increase to 194.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2023.” – Statista

us apparel and accessories retail ecommerce revenue
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eCommerce compasses any transaction that happens over the internet. Online shopping websites such as Amazon, eBay and web applications like Instagram Shops or daily deal websites like Groupon, Rakuten, Zulily, etc., are all eCommerce platforms that generate revenue through the web. Before developing an eCommerce platform for your business, you need to identify your goals and requirements.

Keeping track of your customer’s preferences, full analytics of your sales, unique content marketing strategies and meeting the shoppers at the comfort of their home are just some reasons to consider eCommerce.

Thus when you develop a website or application, you have to pick the ideal web framework and language that will help you actualize your idea.

Introduction – What is CodeIgniter?

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that attracts a lot of developers for websites and applications because of its feature-rich libraries and database management strategies. Some famous frameworks that are used for developing in PHP are Laravel, Symphony, Yii and Drupal. 

CodeIgniter is an open-source PHP framework with an easy learning curve that uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. It offers exceptionally vast libraries to connect the various database operations of PHP. Other services such as Zip encoding class, flexible URI Routing, data encryption, session management, and testing, make CodeIgniter an ideal choice for a software development project.

Why CodeIgniter Is The Best Framework For eCommerce?

Online stores control the present world due to the ease of use and accessibility, a huge number of choices, trackable market prices and personalized suggestions. To attract and convert a new customer, your application or website needs to provide better features than your competitors in a unique way. Thus it is very important to select the right tools for your web site and application. 

CodeIgniter is the ideal choice for an eCommerce project. Based on the MVC architecture, it has a smooth learning curve, a small footprint (CodeIgniter 4 version has a source code of only 1.2MB), and can create a high-functioning website that will skyrocket your business.

  1. Highly Productive and Optimized Solution

    An important feature of CodeIgniter is its usage of simple yet effective strategies to create highly productive web applications. With CodeIgniter, you can significantly reduce the coding and developing time. Even maintaining your application is much faster because of in-built error and debugging tools.

  2. Security

    No web site that deals with transactions will be trusted if it has a security problem. CodeIgniter provides enhanced security tools and in-built functions for I/O filtering. Because of its state-of-the-art encryption and decryption protocols, it is apt for eCommerce websites and applications.

  3. Built-in Features

    CodeIgniter provides built-in features for product management, shipping cart management and integrating payment gateways which are essential for a seamless customer experience.

  4. Quick Data Management

    Having the MVC data model enables CodeIgniter to offer an easy data management system for developers. It offers regular updates for database access  for better data management. Your data remains safe and secure and easily accessible.

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Looking For an eCommerce Web App?

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Features of CodeIgniter web Framework

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, the CodeIgniter php framework offers a number of additional features and utilities such as –

  • Outstanding documentation
  • Structure and updates
  • Out-of-the-box libraries
  • Database Integration
  • Configuration
  • Security and encryption 
  • Error handling
  • SEO optimization tools
  • Small footprint
  • Immense community support

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is CodeIgniter used for?

    CodeIgniter,a well-known PHP framework, with the MVC data model is used for building web applications. It provides innovative libraries for comparing databases and performing various operations such as sending emails, uploading files, and managing sessions.

  2. Is CodeIgniter dead?

    No. CodeIgniter offers a lot of benefits to its users with companies such as Adobe and Udemy utilizing CodeIgniter successfully. It is a top choice for businesses in the eCommerce industry and many developers prefer CodeIgniter for developing dynamic websites and applications.

  3. Is CodeIgniter a CMS?

    CodeIgniter is not a CMS (Content Management System). But the starting point of a CodeIgniter-based project requires ready-made tools such as user management with role-based access control.


At present, online stores are part of a major role in this changing world. With more and more companies opting for eCommerce platforms, it is important to make yours stand out among the competitors. CodeIgniter is one of the best PHP frameworks for eCommerce web applications.

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