6 Inspiring Web Portal Examples to Learn From

If it looks like a website, then you must be thinking, why is it called a web portal?

The web portal is an online platform linked with a database and provides information as per user request. You use these portals in your everyday life to complete various tasks. For example, if you are checking your purchase order online, you are using a customer portal for the said purpose.

Unlike a website, web portals are designed for specific users and to cater to a particular set of activities. The main reason for creating a website is to build a brand, reach the maximum audience, and retain potential customers.

You can create web portals in various formats. Some of the most favored web portals are:

  • Educational portal
  • Financial portal
  • Government portal
  • Employee portal
  • Patient portal
  • Retail banking portal

Let’s check six inspiring web portal examples and learn how they function.

6 Extraordinary Web Portal Examples

  1. Stanford University Student and Faculty Portal

  2. Stanford University

    Category: Education Portal

    Stanford University web portal is a secured student portal where individuals may submit their required information to begin their association with the university. The university’s integrated features for the online platform are called AXESS.

    The student and faculty portal allows the academic community to access information and record relevant content and transactions. The consolidated online platform enables functions related to academic advising, student enrollment and financials, teaching and grading, employment and training, and workflow-enabled administrative processes. If you want to create a similar web portal for your business, get in touch with a leading web portal development company for your custom business needs.

    Stanford University’s web-based platform has a user-centric design with the latest UX standards.

    Features Integrated in Stanford Universtity Portal

    Features Descriptions
    On-Time Delivery Library of course materials with real-time access anytime, anywhere. Exclusive online resource. Faculty can watch student performances through the faculty portals.
    Access Resources Facility for direct access to resources for students, faculty, admin, and parents. Students can access student account information via mobile, laptop, and desktop.
    Exam Assessment With web services becoming popular, test and exam assessments also happen online.
    Online Communities and Forums Create online communities and forums for students, administrators, and alumni for discussions and own supporting community.

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  3. Allianz Wealth Management

  4. Allianz Wealth Management

    Category: Financial Portal

    Allianz Wealth Management is one of the top insurance portals in the financial world that can inspire you to learn the business. Allianz Group, with a customer base of approximately 126 million in 70 countries, offers a web portal that is both personal and dynamic.

    It is one of the most integrated financial service providers worldwide. The “My Insurance Portfolio” customer site offered by the organization gives its users the capability to retrieve historical records of purchased financial products and services. The site also provides integrated features to facilitate client policy payments and account management. Additionally, you can update communication preferences and contact information through the portal login. If you are looking to develop a portal like Allianz wealth management, hire web developers from an experienced web development company for your business needs.

    Features Integrated in Allianz Web Portal

    Features Descriptions
    Security This feature enables customer data security against both interruption (DDoS attack) and intrusion (SQL injection).
    Chatbot Customer Service In this feature, automation plays an important part. Software development has taken chatbots to a different level where customer service has become less complicated and available 24/7.
    Consumer Tools This is another feature where several digital tools are created with a flexible web design to facilitate policy payments and help consumers understand what they are purchasing, where their money is going, and when they will get it back.
    Intuitive Design This feature gives the information system portal a great navigation facility and single user interface that keeps customers engaged.
    Frictionless Portfolio Management This feature is one of the internal doc management tools that help with policy and claims management. Customers can manage their portfolios friction-free.
  5. Grants.gov

  6. Grants.gov

    Category: Government Portal

    A government portal is a specialized approach to building a government content management system. Citizens have come to expect the same effortless experience from Grants.gov, a federal government portal for federal grant management. You can apply for and manage federal grants online through a common website.

    The fully functional government portal enables functions like grant management in a simplified manner and eliminates redundancies. Apart from how the web portal manage grant funds online, it also sends over 1 million email notifications at the citizen’s request and receives over 4 million page views weekly.

    Features Integrated in Grants.gov

    Features Descriptions
    Search Function This feature includes a proper search bar on every page of the particular domain, making it quick and easy for the users to find what they are looking for.
    Blog and Social Media Integration This feature is great for disseminating emergency information. It also acts as a community portal where the audience can talk back to you easily.
    Contact Information This feature is an important aspect of government web portal development. It will have emergency phone numbers for users to quickly get in touch with the agency.
    Events Calender This feature helps keep residents updated on upcoming events and meetings within the agency and the community.
    Compliance This feature is an auto-feature in the government web portal platform. All site hosts are to comply with ADA and WCAG. Every website must provide the assurance that the content is easily accessible to all.
  7. AutoZone

  8. AutoZone

    Category: Employee Portal

    The next in the line of amazing web portals is AutoZone, an employee portal. The AutoZone portal, called Daily Online Communications (DOC), serves its 47,000 store employees.

    DOC is the online site where all the employees find what they need to know, including personal course information, weekly tasks, benefits, and training. Additionally, you can customize your web portal page as per your requirements. These corporate services have proven beneficial in keeping all information updated in a fast-moving retail environment.

    Features Integrated in AutoZone vendor portal

    Features Descriptions
    Onboarding and Introduction Packets This feature helps new employees with information on onboarding and other relevant details that HR shares with new employees. It can also be a place for the present employees to refresh themselves.
    Policies and Procedures This feature includes company values, handbooks, social media policies, forms, grievance procedures, and diversity policies.
    Job Description and Recruitment Processes This feature employee portal includes information about employee salary and performance reviews, organizational charts, and internal vacancies.
    Benefits and Entitlements A place where all information about benefits, including wellness incentives, insurance, retirement plan information, and annual leave procedures is given.
    Links to Company News and Announcements This section publishes all news related to the company and other announcements.

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  9. Forest Hills Pediatrics

  10. Forest Hills

    Category: Patient Portal

    This platform was found by top-ranked medical professionals through which they can reach several visitors and patients with health concerns. You will notice that the Forest Hills site is a beautifully laid out web portal with excellent color schemes.

    This patient portal provides the facility to request refills and appointments. The site hosts a free patient portal with a directory of numerous healthcare providers. It can also review growth charts, print immunization records, and fill out a check-up survey. There are various subsections for information about treatments and conditions, location, contact info, and FAQs.

    Features Integrated in Forest Hills Pediatrics

    Features Descriptions
    Doctor Visit Arrangement This feature includes scheduling appointments online, a detailed history view, an upcoming appointments view, and automated appointment reminders.
    Patient Access to Health Information This feature has encrypted and password-protected login, health history, lab test results, discharge summaries, treatment, procedures, and medication plan view.
    Secure Doctor-Patient Communication This feature ensures secure messaging between a doctor and patient, video consultations, and after-visit patient surveys.
    Payment and Insurance Management for Patients This feature gives access to bills and online bill payments. Also includes an insurance coverage cases list.
    Portal Administration This information systems portal allows access to new users and helps edit patients’ health and contact information. Also helps in uploading patient information from vendor portals.
  11. Santander Bank

  12. Santander Bank

    Category: Retail Banking Portal

    Santander Bank, earlier known as Sovereign Bank, is Boston-based, and its principal market is the Northeastern United States. One of the biggest banks in the Eurozone was looking to build a new enterprise web platform integrating the existing software (search engine, CMS, product catalog) and allowing room for new features and content.

    The end result has been amazing, making it one of the best examples of workflow-enabled administrative processes. The portal includes several retail banking features, including the capacity to open new accounts and manage everyday banking operations.

    Features Integrated in Santander Bank

    Features Descriptions
    Security This feature enables customer data security against both interruption (DDoS attack) and intrusion (SQL injection).
    Chatbot Customer Service In this feature, automation plays an important part. Software development has taken chatbots to a different level where customer service has become less complicated and available 24/7.
    Consumer Tools This is another feature where several digital tools are created with a flexible web design to help consumers understand what they are purchasing, facilitate policy payments, where their money is going, and when they will get it back.
    Account and Card Management This feature is a convenient one-stop shop for all information related to customers’ accounts and credit cards. Customers also can transact through their accounts online.
    Personal Finance Management This feature defines the personal budget areas and specifies thresholds. Customers can manage their financials friction-free and set goals for savings.

    Above were the examples of web portal. If you want to know more about web portal; check out this guide about what is a web portal.

    Still have questions? Let’s understand in FAQs section.

    FAQs About Web Portal Examples

    1. Why is a web portal useful?

    2. Web portals are essentially websites that provide access to several applications and information available over the internet in an easy way.

    3. What are the examples of top web portals?

    4. Examples of top web portals are:-

      • Employee web portals
      • Partner portals
      • Intranet portals
      • Financial portals
      • eCommerce portals
    5. What is a partner portal?

    6. A partner portal is a custom web portal that organizations create to engage with their existing partners.

    7. What is a vendor portal?

    8. A vendor portal is a platform created by the companies to easily connect and manage external data by collaborating online with third-party suppliers.

    9. What is a web portal?

    10. Web portals are online platforms that provide secure access to website information for audiences from different spheres including clients, employees, partners, and other site visitors.

    11. How businesses benefits from web portals?

    12. There are a lot of benefits that businesses can derive from web portals. Some of them include improved customization, reach to an extended audience, seamless access from any place, centralized access, and user-friendly to name a few.


    Web portals help with convenient and easy customer engagement with services or information the portal owners offer. You will make it easier for your customers and partners to have a better business experience if you create a custom web portal.

    The examples mentioned above about the awesome web portals demonstrate that it becomes simpler for you to organize your business if you enhance your web portal and other online features.

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