Top 4 Skills to Consider When Hiring Codeigniter Developer

Developing resourceful and scalable web apps is becoming a crucial challenge for your business.  The ecosystem of a start-up is evolving and being an entrepreneur, you ought to advance with equivalent speed. 

With soaring competition, numerous mobile app development businesses are utilizing their finest resources and best frameworks namely, CodeIgniter, to develop their apps with a scripting language that aids your website to reach its pinnacle.  For such robust web development, you must consider a few things before you hire a CodeIgniter developer.

Whether you have a big or small business, all you require is a web application in this digital age.  An internet connection is only required to access this web app.  An exchange of information to the targeted audience through the internet can be done with the help of web applications. 

The users can communicate with your entity through content management systems, online forms, shopping carts, and more.  To develop user-friendly web apps, an arrangement of frameworks, client-side scripts, server-side scripts, content management systems is required.

Why Web Framework?

A Brief

A web framework provides a composition or template of web services, resources, and APIs to ease the operating cost connected with general activities required for web development.  These web frameworks supply a paradigm to develop and install web apps on the World Wide Web.

With the passing years, in the late 1990s, mature languages were introduced, that usually assembled varied libraries helpful for development and web app developers to employ.  Java EE, Laravel, Django, PHP, ASP.NET, WebObjects, OpenACS, Mojolicious, Catalyst, Symfony, CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, Grails, Zend Framework are some of its examples.

Reasons to Have a Web Framework

Selecting an apt framework for your business among the popular web frameworks available is the most crucial element.  There are various factors such as security, maintenance, ease of use, and efficiency that people consider.  An active framework is imperative, rendering the developers with huge resources, tools, and community to use in web development.

Reasons to have a dynamic web framework to build responsive websites app development are as follows:

  • Frameworks generally arrange the control flow of the software program and permit users to ‘hook into’ that flow by divulging in diverse events.
  • This ‘inversion of control’ prototype is meant to be a major principle and aids the code by administering a universal flow for the team, letting people customize in identical ways.
  • To reduce server load, perceived lag, and bandwidth usage, web caching of documents is helpful.
  • Some of the web frameworks have authorization and validation frameworks, enabling the web server to recognize the user of an application, also restricting access to function.
  • It creates an integrated API to the database back-end, making web apps function with numerous databases and assisting developers to use high-level models.
  • An object-based framework comprises a mapping device to render object-oriented mapping.
  • Frameworks do minimize web app configuration with the usage of introspection and well-recognized conventions.

CodeIgniter At Glance

CodeIgniter is an MVC-based potent PHP web app development framework.  It is open-source software utilized in creating robust websites with PHP frameworks.  Though controller modules are an essential division of the development process, views and models are voluntary.  CodeIgniter can be customized to apply the Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC) which sanctions developers to preserve the grouping of Controller, View, and Models assembled in a sub-directory system.

This framework is popular for its speed and lesser code as compared to the rest of the PHP frameworks.  In August 2008 at frOSCon, PHP inventor Rasmus Lerdorf said, ‘He liked CodeIgniter because it is faster, lighter and the least like a framework.’

6 Reasons to Choose CodeIgniter Web Framework

6 Reasons to Choose CodeIgniter Web Framework

CodeIgniter is a PHP framework providing extensive libraries for linking databases and exercising diverse operations like uploading files, sending emails, arranging sessions, to name a few.  The reasons why Codeigniter web framework is ideal for application development are as follows:

  1. Secure Frameworks

    Every enterprise urges for the benefit of enhanced technological security.  CodeIgniter has an exceptional built-in security tool that aids the software programmers to form and modify the security measures for your websites as per your necessities.  It consists of encryption and decryption arrangements that are immensely useful for people to take charge and supervise data in the installation procedure.

  2. Fewer Codes

    With such frameworks, you write less code and thereby spend less time typing.  You don’t need a third-party library for any novel web development project as it comes with a default structure and configuration.

  3. Rapid Development and Customization

    When compared with other PHP frameworks like Zend and Symfony, CodeIgniter needs fewer codes and thereby, furnishes the benefit of rapid development.  With such an advantage, there comes high customization support.  This aids a CodeIgniter developer modify the behavior of the framework easily by customizing the present library.  Also, new libraries can be written in CI.

  4. Integral Tool Package

    This framework has a broad set of integral libraries, that includes calendar, zip encoding, validations, unit testing modules, email, sessions, etc.  With this, managing the directory data, strings, array, forms becomes simpler.  If you hire a backend developer, he can effortlessly form fresh libraries according to the requirements of your project.

  5. MVC Structure

    The model-view-controller (MVC) design of the CodeIgniter framework facilitates developers to manage separate code forms based on the data formation and design of HTML code.  This makes the development course more harmonized as compared to the rest of the frameworks based specifically on this model.

  6. Excellent Documentation of CI Framework

    One of the prominent advantages of employing the CodeIgniter framework is its exceptional documentation.  CI documentation is supposed to be considerably better than other languages.  It has a comprehensive, superior, and perfect documentation of your code, serving as the user guide. 

    This highly reduces the time necessary in getting a reference for infusing changes, whenever required.

Want to Hire Skilled CodeIgniter Developers?

Hire professional web developers that will work dedicatedly with your project. Talk to us and find the most eligible CodeIgniter developers.

Sources to Search and Hire CodeIgniter Developers

  1. Smashing Magazine

    Smashing Magazine is a web site and eBook publisher that renders certified resources for web developers and designers and publishes editorial content.  It has 3 million page views per month, 230,000 newsletter subscribers, 252,000 subscribers on Feedly, around 1,000,000 Twitter, and 295,000 Facebook followers.

    Smashing Magazine offers paid service, charging $75 for freelance and $225 for full-time positions.  It does not charge separately the percentage of a fixed amount from CodeIgniter developers and companies.  This platform has above 2 million monthly visitors, and therefore it is mostly preferred by several companies.

    Smashing Magazine is the largest publisher of development sources.  The Huffington Post has ranked Smashing Magazine as one of the trusted platforms to hire back end developers, owing to its active and large community.

  2. Upwork

    Upwork is an excellent platform to search for software program developers.  Companies seeking out some of the proficient CodeIgniter developers must try Upwork or O-Desk.  It has various unique features such as the filter option.  For hiring a CodeIgniter developer, you can directly search for the related skill set and by implementing different filter options such as hourly rates, location, feedback score, and experience.

    You can hire a CodeIgniter company as well as freelance developers.  It has a method of providing a secure payment facility.  The communication scheme is so feasible that the companies can simply communicate with the developers.  These companies have to pay a fixed percentage of the confirmed amount to Upwork as a type of commission. 

    Such a commission is also requested from freelance CodeIgniter developers.  The percentage is small, and that’s why enterprises prefer Upwork.

  3. Stack-Overflow

    Stack Overflow is the platform where developers can get good full-time and part-time projects, and simultaneously can learn the latest trends, share their knowledge and experience and escalate their careers.  You can hire full-stack developer who can write backend code in Java, Python, Ruby, Java languages.

    This platform’s annual charge is $2,499 and so, companies with small budgets do not choose Stack Overflow.  Nevertheless, their charges are higher as compared to the rest; they are recognized to supply only the best of industry developers.

  4. Toptal

    Toptal is somewhat similar to Stack Overflow.  It contains a pre-screening norm which makes it very tough. Toptal is well-renowned to render ‘top 3% of talent’.  Toptal consists of all project development fields, and not just CodeIgniter.  You can hire a back-end developer who would be responsible for server-side applications and would write APIs and web services used by front-end developers.

    Here, the recruiters ought to deposit $500, which can be settled against the first bill when the recruiter would hire CodeIgniter PHP developers.  Some of the big names Toptal has been associated with are HP, JP Morgan, Zendesk, and Airbnb.

  5. WPMU-DEV Pro

    WPMU DEV Pros has plenty of experienced developers who are literally pro in their field of work.  The monthly payment for developers to get listed on the web page is $49.  Here, you can come across a CodeIgniter developer for hire who creates every project with immense passion. 

    While hiring CodeIgniter developers, you can check his or her skills, reputation points, and reviews of past work.  The reputation points are simply based on the overall performance of the developers.

Important Skills to Check When Hiring Codeigniter Developer

4 Skills to Examine For Hiring Codeigniter Developers

Having a team of developers with the required development skills is imperative if you’re building new web sites or just updating your systems.  Let us consider the below-listed points or skills to consider if you are hiring an independent CodeIgniter expert from a web site page development enterprise.

  1. Updated to the Latest Technologies

    The programming languages are continuously evolving and capability to adjust to the changes in this tech world is the most important element that a candidate must possess. The developer has to follow the set principles of effective software programming along with the modifications required as per the on-going changes.

    The prime skill that is required while acquiring CodeIgniter development services is the competence to use it into novel technical components in business and the ability to adapt and change who is willing to go that extra mile.

  2. Ethical

    For your project to achieve success, is it necessary to hire a CodeIgniter developer with work ethics? Yes, you will require a developer who readily puts in all his efforts to keep moving in the right direction.  You will not be able to gauge sincerity and diligence from an interview or a CV. 

    Such attributes can only be seen by doing some background search or asking for references or feedback from previous employers. Such a team member with a strong work ethic will be able to fill the gaps and the development process better.

  3. Eager to Broaden Their Knowledge

    Today, many developers use online courses to amplify their skills.  This has become very common nowadays.  So, we need to search for the one having an aptitude to work independently for regular learning.  His or her technical experience must match your project requirement.  This way, you can hire skilled developers who are eager to enhance their careers and are willing to learn new skills needed to make a successful project.

  4. An Experienced Developer

    The CodeIgniter developers have to cope up with the components of an app and the fact is, PHP is not flexible as Java is.  You should hire a web developer who knows all relevant projects.  You will require a developer who is versatile, has experience in varied PHP frameworks, applications and has a terrific portfolio of CodeIgniter web applications. 

    This developer must possess a wide array of technological know-how and make sure that your business needs are fulfilled.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the size of CodeIgniter?

    CodeIgniter Framework has a small footprint. CodeIgniter 3 has a 2MB download version that includes a user guide. CodeIgniter 4 has a 1.2MB download version, also 6MB for the user guide.

  2. What is the latest version of CodeIgniter?

    CodeIgniter 3.1.11 is the latest version, planned for use with PHP 5.6+. There have been numerous amendments since its version 2, particularly with encryption, database, and session handling. The development of this version is in progress.

  3. What are the skills required to be a CodeIgniter developer?

    The skills required to be a CodeIgniter developer are knowledge of MySQL, PHP5, Javascript, jQuery, XML, CSS3, HTML5, database designing, and application architecture planning, debugging skills, understanding of partial page updates, AJAX, and asynchronous request handling, and expertise in PHP and MVC frameworks.


It is very crucial to hire an apt CodeIgniter developer or development company to render the best websites for end users.  As CodeIgniter is an easy framework, there are a lot of CodeIgniter web developers in the marketplace. 

You can search development companies and developers from the above-stated reliable sources.  It is also possible that the developer is a fresher or the enterprise is new.

Now the question is how to hire a web developer?  It’s simple. Request them for sample work and pay for their work, and then you can analyze their work before actually hiring them.  If you are looking for a web development company that has the best CodeIgniter developers and web services, then you can contact us. 

You must choose the developers as per your business requirements and then develop a web application that can aid your business to thrive.

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