Our Laravel Development Services

Custom Laravel Web Development

Looking for a reliable web team to develop a Laravel web application? With a proven track record of delivering 300 Laravel web apps, our team has the expertise to create secure, scalable, and custom web solutions.

By leveraging Laravel’s MVC architecture, Eloquent ORM, and Blade templating, we build web applications that align with your business requirements. Our Laravel web developers also use microservices architecture to create modular applications that are easy to maintain and scale.

To give you an example of our capabilities, we recently developed an advanced influencer marketing platform for a client in Saudi Arabia. By using Laravel services like Laravel Queue, Laravel Passport, and Laravel Cashier, we have developed a platform that helps to create advertising campaigns easily.

Our custom Laravel web development services include:

  • Web Application Development
  • Laravel Package Development
  • Laravel Extension Development
  • Laravel Module Development

Laravel Enterprise Solutions

Looking for an experienced enterprise solution development company to build your enterprise solutions in Laravel? Our team of skilled Laravel developers uses the latest Laravel tools, including Laravel Forge, Laravel Vapor, Laravel Horizon, and Laravel Nova, to create custom enterprise solutions.

As an experienced enterprise solution development company, we have expertise in both Lumen and Laravel, enabling us to create microservices or monolithic architecture. With our understanding of Laravel Pulse, we provide real-time server stats, queue monitoring, performance insights, and enhancements to optimize your enterprise application for peak performance.

Our Laravel developers are proficient in developing:

  • Custom Laravel CRM development
  • Custom Laravel ERP development
  • Custom Laravel CMS development

Laravel eCommerce Development

Looking for a reliable team to build your eCommerce solution using Laravel? With a portfolio of over 50 eCommerce solutions built using Laravel, our skilled developers have the expertise to deliver customized solutions.

Monocubed utilizes Laravel’s built-in features and third-party packages like Bagisto, Shopaholic, Voyager, and Cashier to create efficient back-end operations for your online store. Our Laravel eCommerce development services cover all aspects of online store creation, including ideation, UI design, database modeling, feature development, and third-party integration. We excel in developing features like user management, product catalogs, shopping carts, payment gateways, AI-based search recommendations, and order management.

Recently, we developed an Amazon-like custom eCommerce platform Moov for one of our clients in Saudi Arabia using technologies like PHP, Laravel, MySQL, AWS, and HyperPay. Our team is dedicated to delivering SEO-friendly and responsive online stores that enhance your brand’s online presence.

Laravel Data Migration Services

Monocubed has experience in delivering top-notch Laravel migration services, ensuring a smooth transition of your Laravel website from one server to another. Our skilled Laravel developers handle data extraction, manage high data volumes, recover from failure points, and efficient error handling.

Our Laravel migration services include

  • Upgrading your application to the latest Laravel version
  • Migrating PHP apps to Laravel
  • Migrating websites to Laravel
  • Enhancing existing Laravel web apps

Choose us for your Laravel migration needs and experience our timely delivery, round-the-clock support, and problem-solving approach.

Laravel Integration and API Development

Our team of experienced Laravel developers integrates your Laravel application with existing systems or APIs, as well as develops custom APIs tailored to your specific needs.

Third-party Integrations

Our Laravel migration services include

  • Integration services with a wide range of third-party APIs. For eg: Payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.Net, shipping providers like FedEx, UPS, and USPS, and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Integration services with popular CRM and ERP systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP to help you manage your customer data.
  • Integration services with marketing automation tools like HubSpot, Marketo, and Mailchimp to help you automate your marketing campaigns and improve lead generation and customer engagement.

RESTful API Development

  • Designing and developing secure, scalable, and robust RESTful APIs.
  • Building APIs capable of handling large volumes of data and traffic.
  • Creating APIs that are easy to integrate with other software applications, using popular integration tools like Zapier.
  • Building APIs that follow industry standards and best practices such as OpenAPI, JSON API, or GraphQL.

Laravel Maintenance and Support

Monocubed specializes in Laravel migration services, ensuring seamless transitions for your web applications to the Laravel framework. Our expertise covers:

  • Migration from Other PHP Frameworks: Transitioning applications built with Symfony, CodeIgniter, or Yii to Laravel.
  • Transition from Non-PHP Frameworks: Adapting applications from Django, Ruby on Rails, or Express to Laravel, considering syntax and architectural differences.
  • Platform to Laravel Migration: Re-implementing applications from platforms like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal in Laravel, requiring comprehensive redesigns for enhanced performance and scalability.

Choose Monocubed for Laravel migration because:

  • Our expertise ensures smooth data extraction, efficient handling of high volumes, and effective error management.
  • We offer comprehensive services for upgrading, migrating from other frameworks, or enhancing Laravel applications.
  • You can count on us for timely delivery, continuous support, and custom problem-solving to meet your specific needs.

Want to Create a Digital
Solution Using Laravel?

Let’s talk about building scalable and high-performing web applications for your business. We focus on creating a Laravel-based solution that caters to your specific business requirements.

Our Laravel Development Portfolio

As the best Laravel development company, we let our work speak for itself. We use Laravel and other PHP frameworks to build custom solutions for businesses, and we have completed 300+ web development projects that showcase our expertise. Browse through our portfolio to see how we work and what we have developed so far.



Type of Solution : eCommerce Website Solution

Technology : PHP | Laravel | MySQL

Category : eCommerce

Sayyar is an advanced eCommerce platform allowing users to explore and purchase men’s supplies. Manage inventory, products, and multiple payment options using this powerful eCommerce solution.


Received Orders


Total Customers



Type of Solution : Web Platform Development

Technology : PHP | MySQL | AWS | Laravel

Category : eCommerce

Moovstore – An eCommerce platform developed for the people of Saudi Arabia. It allows customers to purchase clothes to electronic items without any hassle.



Type of Solution : Custom Web Application

Technology : PHP | Laravel | Node JS

Category : Accounting Automation

Track and manage your finances with this intuitive invoice generating software. Create and send professional invoices, quotes, estimates, and purchase orders with ease using InvoiceOwl.

15K +


27K +

Invoices Generated



Type of Solution : Custom Tele-health Solution

Technology : PHP | Laravel

Category : Medical, Health & Fitness

MedCall provides 24/7 medical care for workplace injuries and is a video and phone-based telehealth solution for employers, third-party administrators, and brokers.


Patient’s Consulted


Listed Physician

Feedback From Our Clients

Why Choose Monocubed as Your Laravel Development Partner

Monocubed has a team of 50+ expert Laravel developers who have extensive experience in building custom Laravel applications. So if you are looking to develop a scalable web application, here are the reasons to choose us:

  • Agile Development Approach: Our agile approach ensures that you are involved in the custom web development process and that your feedback is incorporated into the final product.
  • Integration with Third-Party APIs: We have experience integrating Laravel applications with third-party APIs, such as payment gateways, social media platforms, and CRM systems, enabling you to streamline your business processes.
  • On-Time Delivery: We understand the importance of meeting project deadlines, and that’s why we always strive to deliver our Laravel projects on time following agile development methodologies.
  • Competitive Pricing: We provide transparent pricing with no hidden fees, so you know exactly what you’re paying for and you get the best value for your money.
  • AI/ML Integration Expertise: Our web team excels in integrating AI and ML technologies into Laravel applications, transforming data into actionable insights, personalizing user experiences, and automating complex processes with precision and expertise.
  • Expertise in the Laravel Ecosystem: Our team’s expertise extends beyond Laravel’s core features to its entire ecosystem, including Laravel Nova, Echo, and Horizon, ensuring you benefit from the full power of Laravel for your web applications.

How We Stand Apart as a Laravel Application Development Company

free consultation

30-min free consultation

Signs NDA

Signs NDA

Dedicated Laravel developers

Dedicated Laravel developers

data security

100% data security

Constant feedback cycle

Constant feedback cycle

Regular updates

Regular updates


Complete transparency

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

90-day maintenance support

90-days maintenance support

Collaboration Models for Hiring Laravel Development Team

Laravel Team Augmentation

Extend experienced Laravel developers into your existing team

Ideal For:

Businesses looking to augment their in-house development team with Laravel experts.

Laravel Development Outsourcing

Outsource your Laravel development project to our team for end-to-end solutions

Ideal For:

Businesses seeking a reliable development partner for their Laravel projects.

Dedicated Team for Laravel Project

Hire a dedicated team of Laravel developers to work exclusively on your project.

Ideal For:

Businesses looking for a long-term development partnership for their Laravel projects.

Looking for Experienced
Laravel Developers?

With more than 13 years in Laravel development, Monocubed provides
qualified Laravel developers to help you build web app projects with:

  • High performance
  • Reduced development cost
  • Ability to run on any OS
  • Easy troubleshooting

Our Laravel Development Process in 6 Steps

Here is the process we follow to develop a Laravel web application.


Requirement Gathering and Analysis

Our sales team works closely with you to understand your project requirements, goals, and objectives. The team then analyzes the gathered information to create a clear project requirement document, outlining the project’s objectives, deliverables, and timelines.


Planning and Design

Based on the requirements, the project manager creates a project plan, outlining the development approach, milestones, and deliverables. BA team creates wireframes and prototypes to visually represent the application’s structure. Once approved, the UI/UX team creates a user interface ensuring an engaging experience.



Our team of skilled Laravel developers begins the development process by writing clean and maintainable code using the Laravel framework. They implement the designed features and functionalities, ensuring adherence to the project plan and best coding practices.


Testing and Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance engineers conduct thorough testing and quality assurance checks to identify and fix any bugs, errors, or issues in the developed application. They test the application for performance and functionality to ensure it meets the project requirements and delivers a high-quality user experience.


Deployment and Launch

Once the application is tested and approved, our deployment team deploys it to the live environment and launches it for the end users. They ensure a smooth and seamless deployment process, with minimal downtime and disruption to the users.


Maintenance and Support

Our maintenance and support team provides ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the application remains up-to-date, secure, and functional. We offer regular updates, bug fixes, and performance optimizations to keep the application running smoothly.

Why Choose Laravel Framework For Custom Web Development

Here are the reasons to choose the Laravel framework for web application development.

Pre-installed Libraries

Laravel comes with pre-installed libraries that provide object-oriented and reusable libraries. These libraries help in performing common web development tasks such as authentication, caching, and routing, making the development process faster and more efficient.

Database Migration

Laravel’s database migration system allows developers to create and modify database tables without having to write SQL code. This simplifies the process of managing database schemas and ensures that the database structure remains consistent across different environments.

Class Autoloading

Laravel’s class autoloading feature allows developers to load classes automatically as needed, without requiring manual inclusion or registration. This improves the application’s performance and reduces the amount of code that needs to be written.

MVC Architecture Support

Laravel follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, which separates the application logic into three interconnected components: models, views, and controllers. This separation of concerns makes the code more organized, maintainable, and easier to understand.

Excellent Maintainability

Laravel’s modular design and clean syntax make it easy to maintain and update. The framework also provides comprehensive documentation and a large community of developers who can offer support and guidance.

Exception and Error Handling

Laravel’s exception and error handling features provide robust and flexible options for handling errors and exceptions. The framework includes a built-in error reporting system and allows developers to create custom error pages and exception handlers.

Industries We Serve

As a Laravel development agency, we serve various industries with solutions tailored to solve unique needs. Here are some industries we provide custom Laravel development services for.









Food and Drink

Food and Drink



Finance and banking

Finance and banking





Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to maintain the confidentiality of your projects and protect their sensitive information.

We follow industry best practices for security and confidentiality, including secure coding practices, access controls, encryption, regular backups, and secure storage of sensitive data. We also conduct regular security audits and vulnerability assessments to identify and address potential security risks.

You retain full ownership and intellectual property rights to the developed application. We provide all necessary documentation and source code to you upon project completion and do not retain any rights to the application or its code.

Generally, Laravel application development with basic features takes around 1 – 2 months. The timeline for building a Laravel application depends on the complexity and scope of the project. A simple application may take a few weeks, while a more complex application may take several months. We provide a detailed project timeline and milestones as part of our project planning process.

The cost of developing a Laravel application starts from $20,000. However, the cost of developing a Laravel application depends on several factors, including the complexity and scope of the project, the level of customization required, and the hourly rate of the development team. We provide a detailed cost estimate as part of our project planning process.

Your process for selecting Laravel developers from our company involves

  • Reviewing candidates’ skills and expertise
  • Analyzing technical expertise and problem-solving abilities through tests and interviews
  • Assessing their communication abilities and acknowledging their suitability for your project.

Once you have identified the top candidate, we provide guidance and ensure their availability for onboarding.

We understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for the success of any web application. We have a team of 10 skilled SEO analysts who have the expertise to optimize every application for search engine visibility and ranking. From optimizing the application’s code, structure, and content to providing on-page and off-page SEO services, we ensure you achieve your SEO goals and drive more organic traffic to your websites.

Yes, we have extensive experience integrating Laravel applications with various third-party systems and APIs. Our team can help you connect your Laravel application with existing CRM, ERP, payment gateways, and other systems to streamline your business processes.

We follow best practices for database design and optimization in Laravel projects like normalizing the database schema, indexing frequently accessed tables, optimizing database queries, and using caching mechanisms to reduce database load.

We ensure the performance and scalability of Laravel applications by following best practices for code optimization, caching, load balancing, and database optimization. Our team also performs regular performance monitoring and testing to identify and address performance bottlenecks.

We use automated testing tools such as PHPUnit and Laravel Dusk for comprehensive testing of the codebase. Additionally, manual testing is conducted to ensure thorough validation of the application’s functionality. Code reviews are performed using tools like GitHub or Bitbucket to facilitate collaboration and ensure code quality. We track and manage identified bugs using bug-tracking tools such as Bugzilla, to prioritize and resolve issues promptly.

We understand that requirements can change during development, and we are flexible in accommodating changes or revisions. Our agile development approach allows us to adapt to changing requirements and deliver high-quality results that meet our clients’ needs.

Yes, we have a pool of 50+ skilled Laravel developers who can be quickly scaled depending on the project’s needs. We also have a well-defined onboarding process to ensure that new team members can speed up the project.

We ensure your project stays on budget and on time by employing Agile methodologies. Through detailed project planning and Agile tools like Jira, Slack, and Trello, we track progress and address any risks early on. With iterative cycles and regular updates, we keep you informed and involved, ensuring timely delivery within your budget.

We have experience working with clients in different time zones and use collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams to facilitate communication and ensure that we are available during our clients’ business hours. We also schedule regular meetings and progress updates to ensure that you are in the loop throughout the development process.

Post-launch, we provide

  • Migration services, including transitioning to other platforms or technologies from Laravel.
  • Ensuring a simple and clear onboarding process to help new users navigate the application and access essential features.
  • Ensuring responsive design for a seamless cross-device experience.
  • Providing clear and informative error messages to help users troubleshoot problems effectively.
  • Implementing a streamlined and secure authentication system for user satisfaction.
  • Making it easy for users to discover and access relevant content within the application.