6 Key Reasons To Use CodeIgniter Framework In Your Next Project

The advancement in web development has offered varied opportunities for business expansion and increment in revenues.  A business can be augmented in copious ways with better online services that facilitate client engagement. 

These days, your fineness as the industry leader can be ascertained through an alluring and reliable website.  For this, you must have credible web app development to engage more audiences.  For a steadfast website, the CodeIgniter framework is sure to enhance stability and performance.

There are numerous open-source platforms that are easily accessible to build a dynamic website.  Amongst all, CodeIgniter is considered to be one of the finest platforms, allowing you to build hassle-free web applications.  Owing to its benefits, it has turned out to be much popular among PHP developers. 

If you are anticipating a high-ranked website, offering vital information about your business, or looking for a user-friendly e-commerce setup or installation, you can opt for the CodeIgniter web framework.  To gain a better understanding, we have described its concept and the reasons to choose this framework for your web development in 2021.

What is CodeIgniter?

PHP, being an all-purpose scripting language, attracts the building of various frameworks that offer developing blocks and designs to endorse quick web app development.  CakePHP, Drupal, CodeIgniter, Zend, Laravel framework are the most frequent core PHP frameworks used worldwide. 

While considering a powerful PHP framework that aids developers to make vibrant web applications and offer a helpful set of characteristics to form an amount of code from scratch, CodeIgniter is usually preferred.

CodeIgniter is an open-source web framework used for developing robust websites with PHP.  From its initial release in February 2006 by EllisLab, it is continuously evolving to render contemporary applications.  It contains huge libraries, plug-ins, helpers, and other sources that facilitate a number of complex functions and processes.

It is capable of simplifying PHP syntax, streamline application source code on your web pages, and fostering interactive and professional web sites in much less time.

How CodeIgniter Works?

CodeIgniter is a Model View Controller framework.  If the user requests a resource, the controller replies first.  Then the controller comprehends its request and addresses the essential databases, if needed.

For instance, if you need to retrieve a client with ‘id = 4’, the controller will accept this request and then will notify the model to retrieve the record with id of 4.  The model then submits back the record to the controller classes.  And the controller then sends the outcome to view which layouts it into a readable format.  Such an outcome is returned to the present user in the browser.

The image below depicts how CodeIgniter works:

How CodeIgniter Works?

CodeIgniter Architecture

CodeIgniter structure is developed for programmers who require a simple platform to form a superior app.  You get a powerful set of distinct establishments and logical configurations to build websites faster.  Below mentioned CodeIgniter architecture would help you analyze its function more clearly.

  1. As we look at the figure above, when any request arrives at CodeIgniter, it will initially proceed to the index.php page.
  2. After this, Routing will make the decision of letting this request pass to step 3 for Caching or to step 4 for Security check.
  3. If this requested page is in Caching, then Routing may move it to step 3, and hence, the response will return to the user.
  4. If this requested page has no existence in Caching, then Routing will advance it to step 4 for Security check in the structure.
  5. Prior to moving this request to the Application Controller, the Security of the proposed databases are examined.  Once the Security issues are checked, the Application Controller will proceed to load the necessary Libraries, Models, Views, Scripts, Plug-ins, and Helpers, and move it to the View.
  6. The View then will provide the page with some accessible data and move it on to Caching.  This requested page was not continued to cache previously.  But this time it will be ordered to cache in Caching to move this page rapidly for potential requests.

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6 Reasons to Choose CodeIgniter Framework

Most of the PHP frameworks contain inbuilt mechanisms of responding to the changes occurring in businesses and their web applications.  CodeIgniter model view controller framework comprises varied properties and tools which can be utilized for building web applications in a short span of time. 

It has a small footprint and offers various best practices which you can adapt to attain the desired outcome.  The following are the reasons that validate why you should choose CodeIgniter for web app development in 2021:

  1. Secure Framework

    Any web development company would always seek enhanced security.  CodeIgniter foundation offers many security-rich functions and a number of features that have diverse inbuilt functionalities for input and output filtering.  Most of them state the encryption and decryption processes which is highly helpful for any developer to take charge and manage the data in the process of installation.

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  2. Simpler Configuration

    CodeIgniter PHP framework is made of a linear arrangement and has a freely usable folder set-up.  This aids in streamlining the syntax of PHP while utilizing this framework.  Such a construction results in building web applications without any difficulties of being in line with complex schemes of syntax errors and that too in much lesser time.

  3. Superior Testing Facilities

    The latest version of Codeigniter stands apart from the rest of the PHP frameworks due to its step-by-step testing characteristic which is exceptionally beneficial in any web application development framework procedure.  This exclusive advantage aids its developers to scrutinize the functions with its performance level and also circulate the best approaches that would help in the future of web development projects.

  4. Easy to Use

    PHP CodeIgniter model view controller framework has a modest interface which makes it simple to learn and use.  This framework, being an open-source, can be easily configured to match the requirements of your enterprise.  In the future, if there are some alterations in the requirements, it can be certainly inculcated in your project through speedy solutions utilizing numerous controllers and tools accessible.

  5. More Results with Fewer Codes

    Codeigniter is a popular app development framework in which its developers need to write a few codes.  There is no requirement to use third party libraries which straight away paves the mode for faster web app development.  Thus, if you want rapid web app development functions, this framework is highly recommended.

  6. Remarkable Documentation

    Documentation aids the developers in managing and referring the codes and it also helps to consider future references.  CodeIgniter web framework assists in preserving the crucial documentation of the codes developed in a simpler way.  Such rich documentation of codes of your web app works as an essential CodeIgniter user guide. 

    This, in turn, lessens the amount of time needed in gaining references for incorporating alterations with the varying requirements.

Benefits of CodeIgniter Web Framework

CodeIgniter web application framework has a variety of incredible functions that are used to simplify the task of development.  Also, on hiring a Codeigniter Developer, you must consider skills like whether he remains updated with the latest technologies, is he experienced, and a quick learner to name a few.  This framework’s advantages would let developers save their time if they have started developing the website from its initial stage.

To understand more aptly about website development, we have narrowed down the list stating the benefits of CodeIgniter Development:

  1. User-friendly Interface

    You can avail the ease of creating an excellent website with the supreme interface presented by CodeIgniter web framework.  For a site with vibrant functionality or a super responsive platform, you can choose this framework.  The advanced interface and flexibility provided here makes CodeIgniter a perfect option for the developers across the world.

    It offers the developers an easy approach to use modular methods and grants them to utilize all the functions. Moreover, it aids them to furnish a number of tasks related to both front and back end applications efficiently.

  2. Uninterrupted Migration

    CodeIgniter allows any business to migrate from one server to another if we consider database migration and updates.  The companies currently using Codeigniter are Udemy, Medical Guardian, QuinStreet, Abode, to name a few.  They employ this framework as it renders sufficient migration support and is easy to use.  If you do not remember where you have placed your old data, you can shift the same data to this platform simply without any interruption.

  3. Improved Search Engine Optimization

    CodeIgniter has the capacity to boost the ranking of your website.  Many of digital marketing experts consider this platform for web applications whenever they want to scale-up web traffic.  In addition to this, it offers a number of features that when assembled can aid in the overall optimization of the website without distressing layout or other critical elements.

  4. Test-driven Development

    CodeIgniter is one of the frameworks enabling test-driven development which makes sure that any developer can utilize its step-by-step testing method while forming a website.  The performance of the websites can be scrutinized with much ease.  Each phase of the process can be thoroughly checked with this approach and you can anticipate efficient testing of every individual phase.

  5. Maximum Security

    The diverse encryption and decryption characteristics have made this framework more reliable than the rest of the frameworks available in the market.  For companies that seek the most trusted technology for their web applications, choose CodeIgniter because of its superior security measures.

    Forming a payment gateway is not easy and in due course needs much effort.  Many developers prefer developing eCommerce sites consisting of payment gateways in CodeIgniter, which needs satisfactory security protocols.  Hence, it is believed that the CodeIgniter web framework is ideal for building eCommerce websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the CodeIgniter framework in PHP?

    CodeIgniter PHP framework is an MVC framework that the companies use for developing web applications rapidly. This framework offers exceptionally vast libraries to connect the database operations. Its development services comprises Zip encoding class, flexible URI Routing, full-page caching, data encryption, session management, application profiling, and many more.

  2. Why choose CodeIgniter web framework?

    The reasons to choose the codeigniter framework for your next project are – it is a framework with a small footprint and CodeIgniter 4 is 1.2MB download, in addition to a 6MB guide. It encourages MVC but does not make it a compulsion. With inbuilt protection against XSS and CSRF, it renders strong security. It is an exceptional performer and has clear documentation. Mostly its configuration is performed by convention, which states it to be a zero configuration set-up.

  3. What are the features of Codeigniter framework?

    Codeigniter is an extensively employed advance PHP framework, including many active records, helpers, class libraries, and other fascinating features. It is free to utilize, as it is MIT licensed. With MVC architecture, it can separate the input, processing, and of any application. It is lightweight, has small footprint, inbuilt components, and exceptional security.


Codeigniter is one of the best PHP frameworks offering an open-source development platform.  It assists PHP developers by providing the simplest way to use modular methods and get any explicit function.  It is easy to build large-scaled dynamic and secured web applications due to its friendly urls.  It has a great debugging trait that identifies bugs instantaneously and displays warnings and errors.

Additionally, it can fix these bugs in the development stage itself.  The stated exceptional reasons to choose Codeigniter web app framework validate that it is one of the most widely used frameworks.  It is definitely the best platform that facilities app development from the very beginning. 

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