10 Global Companies Using Node.js for Web Development in 2021

With the increasing acceptance of JavaScript, Node.js has gained its technique of inviting countless companies universally and of being a robust technology for numerous developers and technology professionals. 

After its introduction in 2009, it eliminated the requirement for diverse languages by permitting a single language app development.  This JavaScript tool aided several popular companies to use Node.js and develop countless completely functional applications.

Though Node.js is mostly used to develop web applications in actual time, mobile app development is also feasible.  This is possible due to the Node.js ecosystem and majorly due to its biggest package manager ecosystem in the globe – NPM.  Let’s understand the concept of Node.js and find out which renowned companies are utilizing this dynamic technology.

Introduction to Node.js

Node.js is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment that performs JavaScript code separately outside a browser.  Node js allows developers to utilize JavaScript to transcribe command-line tools.  For server-side scripting – functioning scripts server-side to yield robust web page content before the page is directed to the user’s browser. 

Subsequently, Node js signifies a ‘JavaScript everywhere’ prototype, uniting web app development in a single programming language, instead of diverse languages for server and client-side scripting.

Nevertheless, Node.js is the typical filename extension for JavaScript code, the term ‘Node.js’ does not refer to a specific file in this setting and is just the name of the product.  Node js is a cross-platform and has an event-driven pattern that is capable of asynchronous I/O or non-sequential I/O. 

These architecture selections have a purpose to enhance throughput and scalability in web apps with several input/output processes, along with real-time web applications, for example, browser games and real-time communication programs.

A Brief

Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment for building server-side and networking web applications.  These applications are transcribed in JavaScript, and can function within the Node js runtime on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X.  It also offers a rich library of numerous JavaScript modules which streamlines any web application development utilizing Node js to a great amount.

Node js is simple to get started and can be employed for prototyping and responsive software development.  It provides fast and extremely scalable services.  It exercises JavaScript everywhere so it is simpler for a JavaScript programmer to develop back end services utilizing Node js.  Its source code is cleaner and consistent and has a large ecosystem for open source libraries.

We often come across the most prevalent question: ‘Is Node.js different from Angular?’  From one of our blogs, Node.js vs Angular, we can ascertain that Node.js is primarily utilized to build server-side apps.  Whereas, Angular is preferred to develop single-page client-side web applications.


Developers choose to employ Node js because it can easily scale up the application in both horizontal and vertical routes.  Node js function on the V8 engine built by Google.  Event loop in Node js manages all asynchronous processes so that it performs like a fast suite and all operations can be done rapidly like writing or reading in the database, file system, or network connection.

According to the Stack Overflow survey in 2020, from the following statistics, we can see that Node js takes the top spot.  In Node js, the HTTP request and its response are ascertained as two distinct events.  They are the data stream; so while you process any file at a given time of loading it would decrease the overall time and will create it quicker when the data is offered in form of transmission.  It also permits you to stream any video and audio files at a lightning speed.

10 Popular Companies Using Node.js

As Node.js lay emphasis on speed, concurrency, and rigorous data exchange accompanied by exercising push technology over web sockets, it has aided many companies to develop several applications such as video and text chat engines, social media apps, online games, collaboration tools, and real-time tracking apps.  Below are the companies that are using Node.js for developing their primary application:

  1. LinkedIn


    The largest social-networking stage devoted to employment and business, LinkedIn, also depends on Node js as their principal framework.  Authorizing their faith, they efficiently moved the mobile application backend from Ruby on Rails to Node.js.  Though Node js development setting was still untimely, the company benefited enormously from this change.  The new application is exceptionally lightweight and is at least twice as rapid as its predecessor.

  2. Netflix


    Netflix is perhaps the principal streaming media and VOD provider in the domain.  It utilizes an abundant amount of A/B testing to exercise its high volume data-driven stage and provide a rich experience to approximately 104 million subscribers globally.  With a collection of packages considered each push cycle frequently lead to provisional scalability and dependency malfunctions.  It was thus significant for the corporation to leverage a fast and lightweight platform like Node.js, which decreased the start-up time by 70%.

  3. Trello


    Trello is meant as an innovative project management app that has found numerous takers across the globe.  It was imperative for them to select an event-driven, non-blocking server with the capability to embrace various open connections for the immediate propagation of updates.  Node js was valuable for developing single-page applications.  It simplified the complete process and aided Trello to move in the precise direction.

  4. Walmart


    The world’s major retail chain, Walmart, is energetically plunging into the online commerce space.  This attempt of theirs to go online is being backed by Node js which is the framework of their choice.  Walmart opted to go with the movement and took the risk of comprising an equitably fresher technology than opting for tried and tested frameworks.  This company offered its clients novel, more refined features by completely re-engineering their mobile app.  Nodejs asynchronous I/O device along with its single-threaded event loop models can aid Walmart to manage concurrent requests.

  5. eBay


    eBay is an international e-commerce function that has continuously been accessible to implement fresher technologies.  They were looking for a real-time high-intensity application to be capable of maintaining an enormous number of live contacts on the server.  They also desired a solution that would aid them to compose a vast number of eBay explicit services that could exhibit a lot of data on the web page.  Node.js seemed to be the most suitable solution that could fulfill both their necessities successfully.

  6. PayPal


    The world’s most renowned online payments platform efficaciously transitioned its backend development from Node js.  The software development team at the beginning were separated into the ones who transcribe browser explicit code and those who write application layer detailed code, though, this division shaped quite a lot of misinterpretations.  Full-stack developers have their own set of deficiencies.

    Hence, Node js was a perfect solution as it aided to bring a cohesiveness with the similar programming language prevalent in both the browsers and server-level applications JavaScript.  It assisted the developers to come together as an integrated entity and function to resolve problems at both ends and efficiently react to customer requirements.

  7. Medium


    Medium, being one of the largest online publishing platforms, employs Node js for their web servers.  Though Medium web applications can appear like a simple web HTML page, there is more technology behind it, together with all the trials that this company observes. 

    Medium is an exclusively data-driven platform that progresses along with the users and their activities.  Node.js is mainly beneficial when it comes to functioning A/B tests to get a better understanding of product deviations and trials with novel ideas.

  8. Groupon


    Groupon, a prevalent online deal market space functioning in numerous countries universally, came to a decision to reconstruct its complete web layer on top of Node.js.  The preliminary enthusiasm was the fact that the tech stack they had been utilizing previously became difficult to maintain.

    Particularly, when as a consequence of their abundant acquisitions, they ended up with a cluster of other tech stacks to administer in diverse fragments of the world.  These proceedings made the company unite their software development across all the platforms.  In a project of one year, they shifted to Node.js, making it one of the main creation deployments of Node.js internationally.

  9. Uber


    Uber is a renowned platform that links drivers with customers in the requirement of transportation and food delivery services.  The company leverages several tools and programming languages in the production of their application.  Uber has a tech stack that is frequently progressing, and they have brought together many new technologies that demonstrated being well-organized in definite areas.  Node.js is the chief aspect in the company’s functioning, as it permits ascending in line with the increasingly growing demand for its services.

  10. NASA


    Yes, that’s true.  NASA utilizes Node.js too.  The technology is of greater prominence than in other applications as it protects lives, keeping the astronauts secured through their precarious space voyages.  After a misfortune in which one amongst their astronauts nearly deceased because of the unproductive data introduced in several locations, NASA confronted the challenge of shifting the data related to the EVA spacesuits to one cloud database in order to lessen the access times.  The novel system, based on Node.js, reduced the number of steps in the procedure from 28 to 7.

Advanced Features of Node.js

Features of Node.js Framework

Below are some of the vital features that make Node.js to be the first choice of any software engineer.

  • Single-Threaded but Greatly Scalable

Node js utilizes a single-threaded model with an event looping.  The event mechanism aids the server to reply in a non-blocking technique and creates the server greatly scalable as divergent to the traditional servers which make restricted threads to manage requests.  Node js utilizes a single-threaded program and this program can deliver service to a considerably larger quantity of requests than the traditional servers, namely Apache HTTP Server.

  • Extremely Fast

Being developed on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, the Node js library is extremely fast in the execution of code.

  • License

Node.js is released under MIT license.

  • Asynchronous and Event-Driven

All the APIs of the Node js library are asynchronous, which means it is non-blocking.  It fundamentally means that a Node js based server will never wait for an API to return the data.  The server travels to the subsequent API after calling it and a notification mechanism of events of Node js assists the server to avail a reply from the former API call.

  • No Buffering

Node.js web applications do not buffer any data.  Such applications merely output the data in many chunks.

Advantages of Node.js

Node.js is event-driven and has non-blocking I/O, making it efficient, lightweight, and enormously fast for building web applications.  The prominent advantages of Node js are as follows:

  1. Exercised as a Single Programming Language

    Node.js presents its developers with the amenity of writing server-side web applications in JavaScript.  This permits Node js developers to transcribe both frontend as well as backend application in JavaScript utilizing a runtime environment.

  2. Easy to Learn

    JavaScript is one of the most widespread programming languages and most of the frontend developers have a decent hold over it.  So, it becomes easier for them to begin utilizing Node js at the backend.  It is simpler to learn this language and it consumes less time to work with it too.

  3. Offers an Easy Scalability

    One of the main advantages of Node js is that the developers find it simple to scale the applications in a horizontal and vertical direction.  The web applications can be scaled in a horizontal way by the addition of supplementary nodes to the prevailing system.

  4. High Performance

    It has been stated previously that Node js reads JavaScript code via Google’s V8 JavaScript engine.  This engine observes the JavaScript code directly to the machine code.  This makes it faster and simpler to implement the code in an operative method.  The promptness of the code implementation also improves the runtime environment as it supports non-blocking I/O processes.

  5. The Benefit of Full-stack JavaScript

    Node js has been observed as a full-stack JavaScript for serving both client and server-side web applications.  Hence, the benefit is that you do not have to hire developers separately for frontend as well as backend development.  It saves your valuable time and money.

  6. Highly Extensible

    Node.js is recognized to be extremely extensible, which states that you can modify and further prolong Node js as per their necessities.  You can utilize JSON to offer the scope for an interchange of data between the client and web server.  It also is enabled with inbuilt APIs for building DNS, TCP, and HTTP servers.

  7. Caching

    The open-source runtime setting of Node js also offers the capability of caching single modules.  When there is a request for the first module, it becomes cached in the app memory.  The developers do not have to re-perform the code as caching permits web applications to run the pages more rapidly and replies more quickly to the users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which companies are utilizing Node js?

Node.js is the platform utilized by many proficient web developers today to amplify their backend development while still employing JavaScript. Companies that use Node js as their preferred runtime environment are Uber, Trello, PayPal, Netflix, NASA, eBay, LinkedIn, Uber, to name a few.

What is Node js used for?

Node.js is mainly utilized for non-blocking event-driven servers, as it is single-threaded in nature. It is employed for traditional websites and backend API facilities but was intended with real-time, push-based patterns in observance.

Why is Node.js so popular?

One of the chief reasons for Node.js being popular is because it utilizes JavaScript as its focal app to produce new applications. Also, it does not incline to disrupt compatibility between the versions in major ways. It is easy to maintain and modify and is extremely light in weight.


Node is incessantly becoming a desirable technology for manifold companies.  Apart from the above-mentioned companies, copious other companies that use Node.js.  These giant names are Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Yahoo, and Github who have included Node.js as a part of their processes.

Contact Monocubed, if you too want to adopt this dynamic technology Node.js in your operations.  Having countless benefits, more and more companies are employing Node.js in their technology stack.

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