Top 8 Popular Websites That Use JavaScript For Web Development

In a digital world like ours, websites are essential for growing businesses in today’s digitally-driven world. It is imperative to have a high-functioning website that will bring in potential clients and customers. Designing the front end of websites is essential for creating a seamless user experience. Frontend web development should thus be a top priority when you build your custom web solution.

If we are talking about the frontend, we can not ignore JavaScript. All the top-ranked websites use JavaScript for their development. Every time you visit a web page with something more than just static information, JavaScript is involved. Periodic content updates, displaying shuffling tabs, animations, scrollable videos, and interactive maps are examples of JavaScript powers.

We have curated a list of some of the most popular websites built with JavaScript. If these giant companies trust JavaScript, it is, without a doubt, the best choice for you. But before we start, let’s first understand what JavaScript is and why it is so popular among developers?

JavaScript – A Brief Glance

JavaScript is a high-level object-oriented programming language that follows ECMAScript (A JavaScript standard specification language for ensuring interoperability across web browsers)  JavaScript can be considered a general-purpose programming language that is used for both frontend and backend web development.

Developers use it to write server-side and client-side code for sites that are interactive with their users.

CSS, HTML, and JavaScript form the core technologies of the World Wide Web. HTML is used for creating and displaying the basic structure of a site on the web. CSS is employed for formatting layout, elements, and presentation. Finally, JavaScript defines the behavior of the frontend elements.

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages, and with good reason. Around 97.5 percent of websites on the web use JavaScript.

JavaScript Usage statistics

Although there are a few alternatives like Ruby or TypeScript, JavaScript remains on top and is almost impossible to replace. For a more nuanced comparison, you may like to read our blogs on TypeScript VS JavaScript and JavaScript Vs Ruby on Rails

Read on to understand why all developers love using JavaScript and why you should start using it too!

Why Should You Use JavaScript?

JavaScript is everywhere. Be it a small startup or a multinational corporation, it is used by all for developing their websites. Although initially, it was meant for frontend development, today, it is used for writing server-side code too. Let’s look at a few features and technologies offered by JavaScript that make it a top choice for web developers.

Why use Javascript?
  1. Easy-to-learn

    There are many available resources and documentation from where you can learn JavaScript. It is one of the best programming languages to start with as it has a smooth learning curve.

  2. Interactive and Responsive

    Perfect for web developers who want to build user-friendly web pages. You should prefer using JavaScript for designing user-oriented web applications and sites with interactive web pages and creative interface designs.

  3. Cross-Browser

    All browsers support JavaScript, which allows videos, animations and other media to get displayed beautifully on web pages. JavaScript engines were formerly exercised in web browsers only, but now they are also inserted in certain servers.

  4. Many Frameworks and Libraries

    It can be a little hard to take in JavaScript in its entirety. That is why developers use front-end JavaScript frameworks and libraries that provide pre-built components to make the development using JavaScript easier. To read more about JavaScript frontend frameworks, check out our blog- 10 Best Frontend Frameworks of 2022.

  5. Cross-Platform

    JavaScript is so widely lauded for its frontend development because it is cross-platform. It can be used for developing apps that work on browsers, desktop, even smartphones.

Apart from this, it is also used in some backend architecture (using Node.JS) for developing cross-platform apps, native mobile apps for Android and iOS, content management systems such as WordPress,  and many more. Some new technologies like the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence also have implementations in JavaScript. 

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8 Popular Websites That Use JavaScript in 2022

Now that you understand the vast array of advantages of using JavaScript, let’s look at some JavaScript website examples. We have highlighted the tech giants of the web that showcase JavaScript in action. 

  1. Google

    Google needs no introduction. The search engine site has become so famous that it is now used extensively as a verb, “Just google it quickly!” It is impossible to be not impressed by JavaScript with the amount of data it manages and updates in real-time for Google. 

    Not to mention the vast number of users and their queries that are handled efficiently, without any lags. If JavaScript is able to handle Google, it can handle anything on the Web.  

  2. YouTube

    Youtube is the most popular video sharing and streaming platform. Although many people now prefer using the mobile app, the website is still the second most visited on the internet. It has popularized the way people watch, record, and upload videos. This popularity would be impossible to achieve without JavaScript. 

    In 2011, Youtube received a new, easy-to-navigate UI design that follows a social media format. It provides a state-of-the-art user experience, offering a personalized recommendations tab, trending tabs, and categories.  

  3. Facebook

    Adding to the list of popular websites using JavaScript, we have Facebook, the world’s most used social media platform. Facebook, with its minimalist designs and extensive features for messaging, sharing videos, and photos, has invented a new way for consumers to use social media platforms. 

    The company behind Facebook has also created React, an open-source JavaScript framework of their own. They use it for developing websites for a lot of their products like Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp Web, and Giphy. 

  4. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a social media platform for working-class professionals. You can connect with your friends and colleagues, and clients, sharing stories of inspiration with each other. JavaScript is used along with other languages to keep the social feed homepage up and running. 

    An attractive design, with quick searches, Linkedin uses a lot of features of JavaScript to function. You are able to create job alerts, get auto-generated resumes and much more with the website. 

  5. Amazon

    Amazon is one more example of a high-traffic site developed using JavaScript. It is an online eCommerce store, supporting millions of users worldwide. The site allows users to sell their products, providing marketing and shipping services. More than 2.5 million sellers use Amazon for their products.

    It is no doubt that with these large datasets, managing secure transactions and on-time deliveries is a mammoth task. JavaScript provides tools for designers to create an accessible, safe and simple user interface like Amazon.

  6. Twitter

    Twitter is a blogging and social media platform that supports 192 million visitors daily, according to the Statista survey. It has become a hub for receiving world news and discussing important events. With such heavy traffic and continuous tweets and retweets, Twitter rightly employs JavaScript for its frontend development. 

    With the help of JavaScript, Twitter has a smooth functioning UI catering to all types of audiences. Cascading tweets, attaching external links, images and videos, customizable tweet blasts are all features that make Twitter so widely used.  

  7. Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is the go-to destination for getting detailed information about anything and everything. The largest encyclopedia maintained by humans, JavaScript has been used to create an extensive repository of knowledge. Continuously updated by contributors all around the world, the website uses a very simple rudimentary design. 

    Although it gets a little tricky to read the lengthy explanations, it is not due to a lack of utilities in JavaScript. In fact, you should use Wikiwand, a web application designed using the JavaScript framework Angular, for giving the Wikipedia web pages a little more modern look and feel. 

  8. Quora

    Quora is yet another social media platform that uses JavaScript to meet its web development needs. Unlike Twitter or Facebook, it is an information-sharing social platform for connecting intellectuals and experts with beginners.

    Quora is a perfect example for showcasing the various ways in which a developer may use JavaScript. Apart from the front-end features developed using jQuery, Quora uses JavaScript for developing some amazing back-end functionalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use JavaScript without knowing HTML?

    JavaScript is a programming language that requires coding logic. You can use it for a variety of applications without HTML. But if you are using JavaScript for the frontend, you may not be able to do much with JavaScript without CSS and HTML. They give structure and elements to the web page, without which it is impossible to design a web page.

  2. Are Java and JavaScript the same?

    No. Java and JavaScript are written, assembled, executed differently, and even the capability of both languages vary significantly. Java is a compiling programming language used for server-side development, while JavaScript is a scripting and programming language preferred for developing client-side scripts.


These were some of the websites made with javascript for frontend and backend web development. It is clear that with such top brands and companies in its portfolio, JavaScript is a massive force on the web. As a developer, having an understanding of JavaScript is a must if you want to develop a user-driven site. 

All the examples of websites in this blog have brought massive growth to their companies. Whether you are a startup or an established company, you need to create websites or web apps that give a rich experience to your clients and customers. Know more on Website Vs Web App.

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