10 Reasons Why Laravel is Better Than Other PHP Frameworks?

PHP is one of the popular web development languages, and Laravel marks to be better than the rest of the PHP web frameworks. This is because the Laravel PHP Framework has development tools and advanced features that enable rapid web app development.

Laravel also assists the website developers to simplify their app development procedure with reusable and clean code. It is one such framework that has rich characteristics and flexibility to term it as a perfect platform for building online applications and websites.

As a Laravel development company, we use the Laravel web framework for various web projects such as eCommerce sites, custom web solutions, MVP development and more. 

Let’s understand what is Laravel and the main features of the framework. 

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is a PHP web framework, developed by Taylor Otwell and projected for web application development that follows the model view controller (MVC) architecture and based on Symfony. Laravel is open-source and it reuses the present components of diverse frameworks that aid in building a web application. The web application, thus designed, is more pragmatic and structured.

Laravel presents a huge range of functionalities which integrate the elementary features of PHP frameworks like Yii, CodeIgniter, and other languages like Ruby on Rails. In CodeIgniter vs Laravel, we have observed that the database model of the former has object-oriented and the latter has a relational object-oriented model. Laravel has a rich set of characteristics that will enhance the speed of web app development. If you are accustomed to the core and advanced PHP, Laravel will make your mission easier. It saves a lot of time if you are scheduling to build a website from scratch. Furthermore, a website developed in Laravel is safe and averts numerous web attacks.

Some of the characteristics of Laravel are different ways for accessing relational databases, a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, its orientation toward syntactic sugar, and utilities that aid in application deployment and maintenance.

Benefits of Laravel

  1. Enhanced Performance

    Benefits of Laravel PHP Framework

    There are times when peculiar functionalities and features have an effect on site performance. But, Laravel supplies numerous development tools that aid the developers to increase the web app performance. There are PHP web development tools like Redis and Memcached require to be incorporated within the laravel framework while forming the web apps and this makes things simpler for the developers to augment the performance.

  2. Powerful Community and Open-source

    Another advantage of using Laravel is that it is open source. And Laravel has a potent community of development companies and developers that continuously offer support to create it more flexibly. Hence, if your developer needs to adopt some intricate functionalities, he or she can always take the expert advice from the huge community and build your app as per your requirements.

  3. Easy Unit Testing

    One of the prominent reasons to consider the laravel framework for your web app development is that it offers easy unit testing. Unit testing is a kind of testing in which every component or module of a web application is being verified so that no portion of the website remains fragmented. Such unit testing guarantees there are no exceptions or bugs in web applications before it turns out to be live. This means you have a bug-free and high performing application for the end-users.

  4. Easy Developing Multilingual Applications

    For the companies or businesses that are aiming to enlarge their reach across several countries with dissimilar languages, Laravel is an ideal choice. Your application can be easily and quickly built for diverse languages utilizing the laravel web framework.

  5. Rapid Time to Market

    Nowadays, each business is considering speeding up their digital renovation and that is the motive why it is essential to select an apt framework for your application. Selecting the laravel framework speeds up the development process of web applications and henceforth, you can turn it live sooner as compared to utilizing other frameworks.

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Industries Where Laravel is Used

Owing to its functionalities and advantages, copious industries and businesses deploy Laravel for their development procedures. Let’s look at them.

Industries that Need Enterprise-Level Applications

There are numerous industries that need enterprise-level applications, apart from banks. This comprises the healthcare, entertainment industry, eCommerce, and others that include data processing, heavy traffic, and complexities. Laravel impeccably handles all these tasks better than other PHP options in the market with its traits like service containers, event broadcasting, and baked-in queue systems.

As we have also stated in eCommerce, it becomes apparent that Laravel also supports those applications development that includes microservices architecture. This architecture encompasses numerous independently operative modules, which come together to build one enormous application that is exclusively high-performing and scalable. This is attained through Laravel’s Lumen framework. Examples of companies employing the laravel framework are 9GAG, BBC, Crowdcube, FedEx, Lenovo, Pfizer, to name a few.

Companies that use Laravel Framework

Industries that Contain Backend Data Management

This comprises the content-based applications, development of websites, and CRM platforms. Laravel presents two solid methods to build such websites. You can utilize Laravel and incorporate it with a prevailing content management system like Drupal or WordPress or develop one completely from scratch. The benefit of the latter method is that it permits scalability.

Talking about scalability, Laravel is perfect for businesses that are small or medium-sized nowadays but will ultimately become larger tomorrow. As it supports microservices pattern, you can go forward and rapidly launch a website with instant necessities and at the same time be certain that you could scale without any doubts when you enhance in the approaching months.

10 Reasons Why Use Laravel PHP Framework?

Laravel is a powerful web framework that has simplified web application development. Compared to other popular web frameworks, Laravel is faster, more scalable and easier to use.

With reusable components, MVC architecture design pattern, a templating engine, and more, PHP developers can easily and quickly build web applications.

But before your decide to hire Laravel developers for your web project, let’s look in detail at some reasons why PHP Laravel framework is still relevant in 2022:

  1. Object-Oriented Libraries

    One of the topmost reasons which make Laravel as one of the best PHP frameworks is that it has object-oriented libraries and various other pre-installed ones, which are not seen in any of the popular PHP frameworks. Here, one of the pre-installed libraries is the ‘authentication library’. Though it is easy to device, it has many progressive features, such as Bcrypt hashing, checking active users, Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection, and encryption, and password reset.

  2. Authorization Technique

    Laravel makes the execution of authentication practices very easy. Nearly everything is configured particularly. Laravel also delivers a simple method to establish authorization reasoning and control access to the resources.

  3. MVC Support

    Another cause which makes Laravel the preeminent PHP framework is that it supports MVC patterns like Symfony, confirming lucidity between presentation and logic. MVC aids in refining the presentation permit improved documentation and has manifold inbuilt functionalities. Here is how MVC functions for Laravel.

    MVC architecture
  4. Artisan

    Laravel presents an inbuilt tool named Artisan. The developer has to generally interrelate with the Laravel framework utilizing a command line that forms and manages the Laravel project ecosystem. This laravel development tool permits you to execute the majority of those monotonous and tiresome programming tasks that most of the developers escape executing manually.

  5. Database Migration

    For developers, one aspect to worry about is to retain the database in sync between development machines. With Laravel database migrations, it is enormously easy. After long working hours, you may have done several alterations to the database. In our opinion, MySQL Workbench is not an apt technique to sync databases between the development machines. Provided that you keep all the database work in seeds and migrations, you can simply migrate the variations into other development devices you possess. This is another motive that states Laravel to be the best PHP framework.

  6. Security

    While building an application every developer has to utilize some or the other ways to make the application safe. Laravel ensures security inside its framework. It employs a hashed and salted password, which states that the password will not be saved as the plain text in the database. It practices the Bcrypt hashing algorithm for producing an encrypted demonstration of the password. Laravel exercises ready-made SQL statements which make the injection attacks unbelievable. Alongside, Laravel presents an easy way to escape the user input to evade user injection of <script> tag. Below are some security features that Laravel offers:

    • Storing passwords
    • Configuration
    • Protecting routes
    • Manual logging in users
    • Authenticating users
    • Authentication drivers
    • Password reminders and reset
    • Encryption

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  7. Blade Templating Engine

    The Blade templating engine is very instinctive and aids to function with the typical PHP or HTML spaghetti so better, that it is one of the vital features of the Laravel framework. This trait combines one or more templates with a data model to generate resultant views, doing that by emerging the templates into cached PHP code for enhanced performance. Blade also offers a collection of its control constructions such as loops and conditional statements, which are mapped inside to PHP counterparts.

  8. Tutorials (Laracasts)

    Your developers or you require to study more in order to convey more. Dissimilar to other frameworks like Yii, Codeigniter, and CakePHP, Laravel presents Laracasts which gives a mixture of paid and free video tutorials that depicts how you can use Laravel. These videos are made by Jeffery Way, an experienced and expert instructor. He offers concise and clear guidelines. The creation quality is great, and the teachings are well-thought and significant.

  9. Automatic Package Discovery

    Earlier, in the previous versions of Laravel, it was not much easy to fix packages. Nevertheless, in Laravel 5.5, a new characteristic called Automatic Package Discovery, identifies the packages mechanically which the users need to install. It means that now the users do not have to set up any providers or aliases from fixing new packages in Laravel. Additionally, Laravel 5.5 permits developers to inactivate this feature for definite packages.

  10. Responsible Interface

    Responsible Interface is a novel characteristic added in Laravel with the publication of Laravel 5.5. It is a session that is utilized to device the interface which can be returned by employing the controller method. Subsequently, the router will check for the occurrence when preparing the reply from “Illuminate\Routing\Router”.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Laravel is best PHP framework?

    Laravel is better than the rest of the PHP frameworks due to its progressive features and development tools that ease rapid application development. It has an MVC design for excellent support and performance, artisan CLI for simple and fast commands, eloquent ORM for easy interaction with app databases, satisfactory app testing features, and template engine for outstanding layouts.

  2. What is Laravel used for?

    Laravel framework has a powerful MVC architecture, intended for developers who require an elegant and simple toolkit to form fully-featured web applications. Laravel tries to take the discomfort out of the development process by simplifying regular tasks utilized in the maximum web projects, such as routing, authentication, caching, and sessions.

  3. What is a PHP framework?

    PHP frameworks rationalize the web app development written in PHP by offering a standard structure to develop web applications. In simpler words, PHP frameworks assist to endorse rapid application development (RAD), which saves much of your time, aids to develop more stable apps and decreases the quantity of repetitive coding for the developers.


Selecting an apt framework for your web application is one of the most crucial aspects in the initial phases of project development. All these vital reasons for the Laravel web framework are suitable for all types of web application development – small to enterprise level. It also offers numerous inbuilt functionalities that sanctions the developers to work with much ease. Contact Monocubed if you require Laravel experts to help you with your next app development project.

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