7 Best Laravel Development Tools for Developers in 2024

Laravel framework has come a long way since its inception. Almost 135,000 websites have been built on Laravel rather than another PHP framework. With evolving web app development needs and extensive functionality needs, there has been increasing favoritism towards the Laravel framework among the developer community.

The framework is flexible and scalable, thus allowing you to grow your website as your business scales. At Monocubed, we have extensively developed a plethora of websites using this framework. One of our finest custom invoicing solutions, InvoiceOwl, is an exemplary illustration of how Laravel can help. We design custom software products using this framework for various industries.

Our team has the experience and expertise to develop creative web applications that carefully blend in with your needs and goals. We have been using several Laravel development tools to deliver inclusive Laravel web applications.

We would like to share a glimpse of these tools and show you how it has helped us build our reputation as the leading Laravel development company in Canada.

Laravel Framework: Introduction, Benefits, and More

Laravel is a PHP-based open-source framework that allows you to develop interesting and elegant web applications. With this framework, you deliver custom software solutions that operate on MVC architecture. You develop full-fledged and complex solutions with simple and accessible interfaces using the Laravel framework.

Benefits of Laravel

  1. One of the most significant benefits associated with this tool is the accelerated development that helps you speed up the launch.
  2. Having an enterprise business, security is your topmost concern. With Laravel tools and packages, your web application is in the security-first mode. The authentication systems and authorization options are thorough, thus helping you prevent vulnerabilities.
  3. The vast range of in-built libraries that you get with Laravel makes the development process smooth. This framework offers multiple features and functionalities to integrate.
  4. With the MVC architecture, you can improve the performance and load-bearing capacity of the web application.

Have a Laravel Project in Mind?

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7 Top Laravel Development Tools 2022

Laravel development tools speed up the development process and enhance developer productivity. With a range of Laravel tools available in the market, it becomes difficult to find the right one for your business. We have listed the top tools that you should use in 2022. We have also derived the table that will make it easy for you to check on these tools.

Laravel Tool Current Version Website
Version: 2022.1.1 https://www.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/
Version: 7.21.0 https://bitbucket.org/
Version: 3.6.7 https://github.com/barryvdh/laravel-debugbar
Version: 1.37.0 https://vapor.laravel.com/
Version: 1.8.0 https://curatedphp.com/r/entrust-laravel-5-zizacoentrust/index.html
Version: 5.5.2 https://laravel.com/docs/9.x/socialite
  1. PHPStorm

    If you plan to develop your next Laravel application, you should use the PHPStorm IDE. This PHP framework offers intelligent features like smart code navigation, refactoring with security, and ease of debugging. It also provides the users with an exceptional code formatter. Top brands such as Yahoo and Valve are taking the benefits of this PHP framework.

    Features of PHPStorm

    • Smart Code Editor: This is one of the popular Laravel features of this laravel development tool. It finishes the code, offers syntax highlighting, and enables code configuration. You use this feature with multiple languages and a combination of codes.
    • Easy Search: If you want to search for a particular piece of code or debug an error, you can perform it easily with this tool.
    • Analyzes Quality: One of the major issues you are likely to face with the code is the quality. However, with this tool, you check and improve the quality and enhance bug fixes for better coding experiences.

    Pros of PHPStorm

    • It offers built-in development tools and packages that help you speed up the process and enhance productivity.
    • With smart coding, you write neat and well-defined codes that make it easier to maintain them later.
    • You assure seamless performance for your web applications with this tool.
  2. Bitbucket

    If you are a small enterprise and need to collaborate for code review, Bitbucket is a great choice. This Laravel development tool allows you to share code repositories so that more than one person can unify to check and debug the code in the development phase. However, you can only choose a limited number of people as collaborators for the code.

    Features of Bitbucket

    • Seamless Collaboration: With this tool, you unify and work alongside others even when you are remotely located. It allows you to create pull requests, effortlessly build the application, and deploy them.
    • Easy Deployment: This is a plug-n-play tool that allows you to automate the CI/CD pipeline. It also indicates the health of the code to help you manage it better.
    • Project Management: You manage the project, track the status, and measure the progress remotely.

    Pros of Bitbucket

    • This tool offers greater flexibility in terms of building the code, deployments, and even debugging.
    • It is an all-in-one tool for managing development, deployment, and testing codes.
    • You track critical issues with this tool to mitigate possible risks.
  3. Laravel Debugbar

    Laravel Debugbar
    Whether you want to create a web application from scratch or debug an existing application to clean the code, you have a Laravel tool. The debugbar is significantly used to remove the bugs from the software and enhance the quality of the code.

    The bottom of the debugbar will tell you the number of queries that were passed and the bugs that were fixed.

    Features of Laravel Debugbar

    • View: This feature allows you to check all the templates that you have rendered as part of the debugging process. It also checks the different parameters passed through it.
    • Queries: You load and pull a lot of requests with this debugger tool. It allows you to create different types of queries and pull requests with ease.
    • Various Data Collectors: The tools come with a range of collectors, including query, route, and view collectors.

    Pros of Laravel Debugbar

    • It is easier to handle multiple bugs simultaneously with this debugbar tool.
    • It enhances testing productivity by adapting to the efficiency needs.
    • An easy-to-use toolbar that helps you handle multiple requests and clear the bugs.
  4. Laravel Forge

    Forge Laravel
    When it comes to deployment, there is a whole lot of work that needs to be done. Forge is one of the best Laravel development tools that you use to automate the deployment of your web applications and enhance productivity.

    This tool ensures that server management is easy and hassle-free for the end users. As a result, you build PHP web applications on various platforms such as Amazon, Hetzner, and others with ease. At the moment, the tool is helping close to 4,66,072 Laravel applications.

    Features of Laravel Forge

    • Updated Versions: With this tool, you deal with updated and latest Laravel versions to develop and deploy your website.
    • Collaborate: When it comes to server management, there is a need for all stakeholders to be present in the same place. This tool enhances collaborative efforts.
    • Security-first: One of the best features of this tool is the need for SSH key authentication for firewall protection that enables security within the website. This ensures that all security updates are conducted regularly.
    • Regular Database Backups: You update your database to match your different requirements with this tool. It keeps MySQL and PostgreSQL updated.

    Pros of Laravel Forge

    • This tool helps save a lot of time in developing and deploying a web application.
    • Setting up the databases and deployment frameworks is easier with this tool.
    • Managing the servers and keeping them updated is effortless.
    • Automates and manages everyday server operations.
  5. Laravel Vapor

    Laravel Vapor
    This is yet another best Laravel deployment tool that you need to incorporate to enhance and manage your Laravel web applications with ease. This autoscaling and serverless deployment platform is used for various tasks, including DNS management and uploading of assets.

    This tool also helps to manage and scale your databases with ease. You can enjoy the scalability in terms of database and storage with this tool to enhance software deployments.

    Features of Laravel Vapor

    • On-demand Scaling: When it comes to Laravel development and deployments, you may need more than one server for web applications. As your application grows, there is a need for more servers. You can easily increase the servers on-demand with this tool.
    • Easy Caching: This feature helps to make your web applications fast. You scale your cache with ease with this tool, which allows you to enhance the speed and performance of your web applications.
    • CloudFront: To increase load times and make them fast, you deploy using CloudFront CDN combined with S3 to execute web applications.

    Pros of Laravel Vapor

    • It is a security first deployment tool that caters to auto-renewal of the SSL certificate.
    • Monitors all the metrics in real-time to speed up execution, manage caches, and enhance performance.
    • Quick rollbacks allow you to remove the bugs and roll out bug free web apps in seconds.
  6. Laravel Entrust

    Laravel Entrust
    It is one of the top Laravel development tools that allow you to implement authentication and authorization successfully. This tool is majorly used for SSH keys, SSL certificates, and automatic database backup.

    It offers flexibility and scalability when it comes to developing secure-first web applications, websites, and software for various industries.

    Features of Laravel Entrust

    • Create Roles: You create numerous roles for the different access levels in your organization. Provide them with specific access within the web application.
    • Permissions: Not all users will be permitted to access all aspects of the software. Create permissions for the different roles to improve security.
    • Caching: Current permissions are cached so that the same queries don’t add to the load of the web application.

    Pros of Laravel Entrust

    • It offers excellent flexibility in developing secure web applications.
    • Assign roles and permissions to the users so that your web applications are safe from vulnerabilities and aren’t easily hacked.
  7. Laravel Socialite

    Laravel Socialite
    This Laravel development tool is majorly used as an interface for OAuth authentication with the different social media channels. It also connects your web application with platforms such as GitHub, GitLab, and others.

    With this tool, you easily and efficiently manage signups and logins. It also provides you with the boilerplate authentication code for the social channels.

    Features of Laravel Socialite

    • Secure Authentication: Provides a secure way to login or signup to the web application using social media channels. It ensures data privacy.
    • Code Handling: It handles all the boilerplate and other codes for the integration with social channels for ease of access.

    Pros of Laravel Socialite

    • It is easy to integrate and access.
    • Improves the security of your web app and handles data efficiently.
  8. Want to Build a Secure Laravel Web App?

    Talk to us. Monocubed is a leading Laravel web app development company in Canada, having experience using the top Laravel tools to build web apps.

    Want to know more about laravel development tools? We have answered some of the most asked questions below. Check all the questions one by one.

    FAQ About Laravel Development Tools

    1. What is the Laravel tool?

      Laravel is a PHP web development framework that offers the best Laravel development services to build web applications for enterprises, small businesses, and startups. It automates routine tasks, speeds up development, and enhances productivity.

    2. Which IDE is used for Laravel?

      Popular code editors and IDE for Laravel include – Atom, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, and Codelobster. These editors help deliver seamless web app solutions for business requirements.

    3. Is Laravel backend or frontend?

      Laravel is a top-notch serverside web application development framework that supports businesses create premium quality web apps. It offers extensive solutions such as account management, exports, role-based access, and others to enrich experiences.

    Choose the Best Laravel Development Tool

    We have shared a list of all the top Laravel tools that help with app development & deployment. We vouch for these tools and have been using them for our web applications.

    At Monocubed, we believe that you should develop websites keeping the end goals and security requirements in mind. Our Laravel developers are well-versed with the tools and techniques that help remove vulnerabilities, fix bugs, and enhance quality.

    These tools also automate mundane tasks, thus automating and accelerating development. It ensures that Laravel developers increase productivity and enhance the overall efficiency of the system.

    If you want to create high-performing and quality web applications, connect with the Laravel development team at Monocubed. We offer extensive and feature-rich solutions that maximize your business visibility and encourage conversions.

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