Top 9 Powerful Advantages of Laravel Over Other PHP Frameworks

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The invention of the Laravel framework gave a new meaning to PHP altogether. The open-source functionality of Laravel offers a few different benefits along with a quicker time for launching, freedom from the lock-in methods, robust security, and so on. As a result, Laravel is the most commonly used PHP framework used by over 3,17,218 websites.

Let’s read in detail to know why to use Laravel over other frameworks?

The Popularity of Laravel Over Other PHP Frameworks

With over 60,000 stars on GitHub, Laravel’s already leading the board. Laravel is the most demanded and exclusive PHP framework, with over 64,000 users in 2021 for web development. This powerful framework comes with codes, a feature-packed toolkit, and built-in security functions. Due to this, Laravel has gained popularity amongst web application developers.

Want to know what makes Laravel most popular and how you can use it to create a powerful web application? But, let’s get a quick overview of what is Laravel.

What is Laravel Framework?

Who invented the Laravel framework?

Taylor Otwell invented Laravel in June 2011. Since then, it has been worth of talk among the developers.

Let’s understand what Laravel is exactly.

In simple terms, Laravel is a free and open-source PHP-based web framework.

Laravel uses the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern, and it is easy to use compared to other PHP-based frameworks. It provides pre-built frameworks to developers to make their coding easy and powerful.

Laravel has published eight versions of updates until now and often provides security updates. This ensures experienced and dedicated Laravel developers build web solutions easily. Laravel is developed to simplify work and reduce complexity; plus, it offers a rich user experience to the website with less hassle.

Let’s understand why to use Laravel over other frameworks for web application development.

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9 Reasons Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework

The Laravel PHP framework has multiple advantages, which allow developers and entrepreneurs to build high-end secured Laravel web apps.

  1. Laravel Follows Model–View–Controller (MVC) Architectural Pattern

    The MVC design pattern was first envisioned by Trygve Reenskaug in the 1970s at the Xerox Parc. According to him, “the essential purpose of MVC is to bridge the gap between the human user’s mental model and the digital model that exists in the computer

    To understand the importance of an MVC structure, you need to understand these three questions.

    Let’s first start with – what is an MVC architectural pattern?

    MVC is a web architecture that separates domain/application/business logic from the rest of the user interface.

    MVC structure

    But, the main point is – how does an MVC structure help in custom web application development from scratch?

    The model in MVC architecture handles all the data logic. The view displays the information from the model to the user and the controller controls the data flow into a model object and updates the view whenever data changes. This is how MCV helps you when you have to work on a large project and you have to deal with unstructured code but using MVC you can simplify your coding structure and make it easier for you to work with.

  2. Laravel Uses Secured Session-based Authentication and Authorization

    session-based authentication

    Which authentication systems are being used by Laravel?

    Laravel uses these two authentications:

    ✔ Session-based authentication for web development
    ✔ Token-based authentication in API

    In addition, it uses sanctum for authentication for API or single-page applications web projects. Basically, sanctum provides an open authentication process which is based on Token-based authentication.

    Laravel provides a powerful authentication and authorization process for your web projects. This ensures only genuine and actual customers access your web software. Furthermore, Laravel helps you with a more simplified method for authentication and authorization processes. By this, you get the benefit of unique configurations.

  3. Laravel Offers Integrated Mail Services, Powered by Symfony

    Laravel framework provides ready-to-use mail templates. The templates are clean and simple, powered by the very popular Symfony mailer component. The mail function is required for these tasks to register or notify the users. It also provides options for queuing emails. Templating system of integrated mail service lets you use various templates and configure the view.

    You are free to choose any SMTP server you want to use to send an email. Laravel also includes its own command-line interface called Artisan. It provides several useful commands for email creation in particular.

  4. Laravel Helps to Create Custom Commands Using Artisan Tool

    Artisan is basically a command-line tool provided by Laravel, but a powerful Symfony console component drives it.

    Artisan provides several commands which help you build your web app easily.

    How does Artisan help Laravel developers in the web application development project?

    • Laravel coders use this tool to build custom commands through its code structure generation, and it is easy to build. For example, tinker, migrate, configuration, cache, and clear.
    • The artisan tool helps developers to migrate data into database tables.
  5. Laravel Allows You to Create a Signed URLs

    Laravel allows you to generate a signed URL for named routes.

    But, what is a signed URL?

    Laravel provides helpers for building URL routing for your API response or application. The URL helper may be used to generate arbitrary URLs for your application. The generated URL will automatically use the scheme (HTTP or HTTPS) and host from the current request being handled by the application.

    The route helper may be used to generate URLs to named routes. Named routes allow you to generate URLs without being twice the actual URL defined on the route. Therefore, if the route’s URL changes, no changes need to be made to your calls to the route function.

    These URLs contain a signature hash () to every query string; You can also generate short URLs instead of very long ones using the Laravel URL generation tool.

  6. Laravel Makes Interaction with Database Easier with Eloquent, an Object-relational Mapper (ORM)

    Database Easier with Eloquent

    What is an ORM?

    ORM stands for the object-relational mapper, and Laravel provides eloquent ORM which is better than others. It is a programming technique to convert data between type systems using object-oriented programming languages.

    ORM allows you to maintain an effortless interaction with your website’s database objects by using appropriate and expressive syntax. You easily enhance the performance of your webpage using Laravel models. As it provides clean code, developers feel fun while coding with the Laravel framework.

    ORM Query builder is one of the best tools for web developers, as it allows them to perform database queries with simple syntax. Laravel provides eloquent ORM which is easy to understand, faster to run, and easy to implement.

    Let’s see how Laravel’s eloquent ORM provides query builder code

     $result = Reason::select ("id","label")
    ->where (["status" => 1,"is_deleted" => 0 ] )
    ->get ();
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    So there is no such thing as spending a lot of time writing long and complex codes in SQL.

  7. Laravel Makes It Easier to Retrieve Strings in Various Languages

    Laravel provides a locale for multi-language support. By using this, you will be able to use your web applications in your preferred language. Laravel’s localization feature provides a convenient way to retrieve strings in various languages. Such labels, headers, table contents, and alert messages will be translated into your preferred language.

    Check this code, for example.

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  8. Laravel Has Various Built-in Security Functions

    If you want to have robust application security, Laravel is a well-known and the most recommended PHP framework.

    What makes a Laravel secured web framework?

    Laravel has inbuilt security functions like,

    • Authentication system
    • Password hashing
    • Protection against CSRF
    • Protection against XSS
    • SQL injection, and
    • Cookie protection

    Among all the most serious security risks of Laravel, it is known for finding XSS bugs from the codebase of custom software development.

    So what is XSS (Cross-site Scripting) in Laravel? Let us understand it below.

  9. Laravel Prevents Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Using Cross-site Request Forgery

    How does Laravel prevent Cross-site Scripting?
    Laravel uses CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) to prevent XSS attacks. CSRF refers to an attack on a web application.

    Check this code for preventing attacks.

    use Illuminate\Http\Request;
     Route::get('/token', function (Request $request) {
       $token = $request->session()->token();
       $token = csrf_token()
       // ...
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    XSS is a type of security vulnerability that can be found in any web application. XSS attacks take place when an attacker uses a web application to send malicious code or some important information from the backend, generally in the form of a browser side script to a third party.

    Laravel has protection against XSS, the web apps made by using Laravel are vulnerable to XSS attacks. As there are many ways of XSS attacks, Laravel provides every protection against XSS if the attack is related to rendering UI outside of the blade you can prevent it by using a pre-defined PHP function.

Why Do We Prefer Laravel?

As per the latest reports, Laravel is being used by over 6,95,000 websites; and 3,17,218 websites are live in the United States itself. At Monocubed, our developers prefer the Laravel framework because it is open-source, secure, more developed, uses the latest technology, provides up-gradation and on-site community help, and, lastly, it is easy to learn as compared to the other PHP frameworks.

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Let’s read these frequently asked questions by people regarding Laravel Framework.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laravel Framework

  1. Why choose the Laravel framework in PHP?

    Laravel is the most popular PHP framework. It offers users security, easy-to-use pre-built designs, an Authentication system, Password hashing, Protection against CSRF, Protection against XSS, SQL injection, Cookie protection and community help from the site’s regular updates. It’s perfect for beginners as well as entrepreneurs to build their web solutions.

  2. How much time does it take to learn the Laravel PHP framework with some knowledge of PHP?

    If you already have some basic knowledge of the PHP language, then you can learn the Laravel framework in about 2-3 weeks as the Laravel web framework provides easy-to-understand object-oriented libraries and anytime community support to assist you.

  3. What is the future of the Laravel framework?

    As laravel is the most popular in the current scenario, we can say that it has a very bright future. Moreover, Laravel also provides such security-based updates in five to six months gaps and version updates, possibly every year.

  4. Is there any drawback of the Laravel framework?

    As the Laravel is a lightweight framework, it has less inbuilt support as compared to Codeigniter and Ruby on Rails frameworks. Additionally, its composer is not strong enough. But this problem can be solved by integrating third-party tools. But for large or custom websites, the tasks can become tedious and complicated.

  5. Is there any other PHP framework that is better than Laravel?

    If you are going to use the PHP language, then there is no other framework better than Laravel. But if you are going to use other languages like Python, then the Django framework is good at the various points than the Laravel framework because it standardizes large developer community base whereas the Laravel standardizes the developer community.

Choosing Laravel for Your Web Development Project

There are various PHP frameworks, such as Yii, Codeigniter, CakePHP, Symfony, and Laravel. But Laravel is leading the league because it offers lots of control access to pre-built-in functionalities. It also provides multiple file systems and multiple languages for web development.

According to our developers, coding is fun with working on the Laravel PHP framework. As we know, the Laravel framework provides clear and easy-to-understand codes for developers. Therefore, we can say that Laravel has a very bright future if it continues providing regular security and version updates.

In case you are facing any challenges using laravel, get in touch with us. Hire Laravel developers from Monocubed to ensure you get end-to-end custom Laravel development services.

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