Top 10 Companies That Use Ruby on Rails Are Thriving in 2021

by Jigar Mistry
10 popular Companies that use ruby on rails for web development

Ruby on Rails is an ingenious framework, which comprises all the elements essential to building a web app rapidly and efficiently.  It facilitates an exceptional development ecosystem for structuring high-performing web applications. 

For a dynamic, reliable, and scalable app, with dedicated developers and active community support, get Ruby on Rails.  There are several well-renowned companies that are using Ruby on Rails owing to its pioneering traits such as flawless migrations, database table formations, and scaffolding of views to facilitate quick app development.

Programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, and SQL, and CSS do not contain both back-end and front-end.  Conversely, RoR language comprises both ends, allowing developers to create an entire web application framework.  Based on the Ruby programming language, Rails has reformed web development culture through its realistic approach.

Rails is one of the most popular web frameworks based on Model, View, Controller prototype, the most extensively used web app structure.  With such a structure, it splits codes of diverse functions, which are the data layer, presentation layer, and preserves a resource layer. 

The continuous updates and the stable release of RoR, portrays that its future is brighter than ever as this technology platform persists to mature.  Ruby on Rails development companies powers their web applications, beneficial for both, start-ups and reputable enterprises.

Let us see how this amazing framework conveys famous web apps and helps the organizations of these 6 industries scale up efficiently and swiftly.

What is Ruby on Rails used for?

Ruby on Rails delivers all kinds of integration to fulfill the requirements of any project.  This can be achieved through an enormous library of gems available.  It follows an agile development procedure that makes the process much quicker and guarantees it satisfies all the requirements of the client. 

Such services usually include dynamic websites, e-commerce sites, web applications, and single-page app development.  This answers the most prevalent question, ‘What is Ruby used for’.

Ruby on Rails’ MVC pattern divides the task into 3 modules – model, view, controller, giving a clear functioning of the complete project.  This allows RoR developers to operate on diverse aspects at similar times.  Ruby on Rails is forming a niche as it is used by millions of websites, which includes well-known companies like Github, Shopify, Airbnb, Fiverr, to name a few.

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Companies That Use Ruby on Rails

E-commerce Websites Employing Ruby on Rails

E-commerce websites may be the major beneficiaries of RoR, due to its extensive array of Gems covering phases from accounting to security.  The Rails ecosystem comprises gems and these gems provide explicit functionality and features. 

So far, the quantity of gems, software packages having a library, is continuously growing and has solutions for general functionalities like social feeds or user management.

Companies using Ruby on Rails because of its foremost benefit that it is time-saving.  This feature is feasible where you have limited time or budget and contribute to rapid prototyping and speedy development.  Ruby on Rails provides all the tools necessary to empower online retailers and e commerce marketplace in an array of niches.

  1. Shopify

    Shopify - eCommerce website

    Shopify Inc. is a Canadian conglomerate e-commerce organization formed by Tobias Lütke, headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario.  It offers online merchants a group of services, including shipping, marketing, payments, and buyer engagement tools to make the course of functioning an online store for big and trivial merchants simpler.

    It caters to simpler solutions for businesses to craft their own e-commerce outlet, owing to its customizable and striking themes.  This Ruby on Rails development company has its e-commerce platform and has extended its backend to consistently support its million active users.  This e-commerce software platform facilitates online shops and renders retail point-of-sale systems to trade their goods online.

    In June 2019, the company stated that it had almost 1,000,000 businesses in approx 175 countries utilizing its platform, with gross retail volume exceeding $41.1 billion when compared to 2018.  This makes Shopify one of this framework’s notable success stories.

  2. Groupon

    Groupon - eCommerce coupon website

    Groupon is an e-commerce company connecting subscribers with local traders by rendering services in many countries.  By October 2010, it made its presence in 100 cities of Asia, Europe, and South America, 150 cities in North America, and had around 35 registered million users.  It is a platform where you begin whenever you want to purchase anything, as it renders consumers an enormous place of unbeatable deals all around the world.

    Since the company’s inception in 2008, it has turned out to be the chief in digital coupons.  There are around 200 million coupons redeemed every year, giving its contenders a tough call.  The US platform and its several overseas branches were built with Ruby and persisted using it exclusively for their backend. 

    As in other cases, RoR proved particularly helpful in Groupon’s initial stage, permitting the company to implement new features swiftly.

Software Development Websites Built on Ruby on Rails

In this exceptionally challenging programming development world, frameworks work like a magic for the developers’ communities.  Ruby on Rails is forming its niche with its Convention over Configuration software development approach. 

Such companies working on Ruby on Rails are supported by classic programming conventions and not programmer-defined configurations, making the development simple while preserving the base software necessities.

  1. Github

    Github - Software Development Website

    GitHub Inc. is a global company that uses Git for facilitating development and version control.  It renders the source code management (SCM) and distributed version control functionality of Git, in addition to its own characteristics.  It offers access control and numerous collaborative characteristics such as project management, wikis for each project, feature requests, and bug tracking.

    GitHub has grown to be an essential tool for development, as in January 2020, it has reported 40 million active users and more than 100 million repositories, making it the major host of source code on the planet. It is considered as one of the classic instances of ruby on rails. 

    The GitHub service was built with Ruby on Rails since its inception in February 2008.  Rails framework has remained the company’s foundation right through its development, though its complex structure ultimately required an extra diverse tech stack.

  2. Zendesk

    zendesk - customer service software company

    Zendesk Inc. is a USA-based customer service software corporation founded in 2007.  It has around 2,000 employees, serving 119,000 customers across 150 countries and territories.  It marked an increase of 31% over the prior year and earned revenue of $237.5 million for the quarter ended on March 31, 2020.

    Zendesk has a cloud-based software service that connects store owners and customers, both for customer support or by means of manifold devices including tablets, computers, and smartphones.  Its clients are Airbnb, Shopify, and Tesco, to name a few. 

    It helps tech companies enhance customer relations through superior customer engagement and improved consumer insights.  Rails powers the backend behind these services and creates it easy to integrate them with client applications through its multipurpose APIs.

Entertainment Sites Utilizing Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails web application has efficient coding, stability, and rapid development, fostering the streaming sessions in the entertainment business.  The company that  uses Ruby on Rails, have shifted to other frameworks after their initial success, but some of them still find it very useful for their development. 

Some of the established players have also shown significance in leveraging RoR by recruiting web designers.

  1. Netflix

    Netflix - Entertainment website

    Netflix Inc. is a media service provider and a production enterprise situated in California, established in 1997.  The company’s main business services are its online streaming service, offering a collection of films and television programs, which is based on subscriptions.  It has around 182 million paid subscriptions around the world, comprising 69 million active users in the United States, as of April 2020.

    Thus, Netflix can truly boast itself as the globe’s foremost Internet entertainment company.  By utilizing Rails at the initial period of its streaming platform development, it presently depends on this framework and is considered as a major part of the infrastructure that includes microservices and internal security applications.

  2. Hulu

    hulu - video on demand service provider

    Hulu is a video-on-demand service, having 30.4 million subscribers at the beginning of 2020.  It is at present available only in the United States, but it is rising rapidly and releasing new shows each month.  As compared to the biggest player, Netflix, having a wide scope of content, Hulu focuses on increasing access to new movies and television, making them available for free to its users.

    To keep pace with variations in video streaming sites, Rails was found to be the right framework.  Rails have been facilitating Hulu in easy navigation to an enormous library.

    “The ideals of Rails – CoC. Don’t Repeat Yourself (whenever possible, reuse as much code as possible rather than duplicating similar code in multiple places). Agile and Test first – are quickly becoming pervasive throughout development.” stated Matthew Butt, ex-Hulu development manager.

    Even though the platform was rewritten, RoR is still utilized in their backend with Backbone.JS being functioned in the front end.

Hospitality Sites Using Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is empowering online platforms by revolutionizing the hospitality and tourism sectors.  Many tech-savvy online enterprises are using its innovative data management and parallel scalability to produce sprawling, international databases that are critical to their success.  Also, prime hotel networks use Ruby on Rails in their online strategy.

  1. Airbnb

    Airbnb - Room booking website

    The most preferred to-go choice for each traveler to reserve accommodations around 200 countries is a California-based start-up, Airbnb.  It connects travelers searching for a place to dwell with the hosts, who can simply rent their apartments or even rooms for a certain period. 

    By October 2019, two million people were staying with Airbnb each night and is well known for its UX/UI design.  It uses technology like Ruby on Rails and other frameworks like React.js.  It still utilizes RoR as the major parts of its tech stack.

    “RoR framework is well known for its awesome capabilities that speed up development and, as a result, reduce costs and TTM (time to market)said Julia Tokareva, Software Development Consultant at RubyGarage.

    It exercised the versatility and developer expediency of Rails to rapidly rise from a small start-up to an online hospitality ruler.  Originally, Airbnb was developed with Javascript, HTML, and PHP.  With the success, the company rewrote it into RoR, owing to its speedy development and reduction in cost.

HR Websites Built With Ruby on Rails

In the human resources industry, software updates are becoming a major priority due to the increasing use of gathering and redirecting large information in a feasible way.  The companies using Ruby on Rails aid in efficient project management and maintenance of magnanimous databases.  RoR has become a favorable application framework for several innovative online job portals.

  1. Fiverr

    fiverr - digital service platform

    Fiverr, established in February 2010, is a marketplace providing a two-sided platform for people to purchase and sell a range of digital services normally offered by freelancers.  These services include writing, graphic design, translation, and video editing.

    In 2019, it got listed on NYSE and the company reported $107.1 million in revenue on February 19, 2020.  It helps around 5.5 million freelancer buyers and 830 thousand freelancer sellers.  Rails form a major factor of its tech stack that permits the platform to retain an expansive database of millions of freelance gigs.

Social Platforms Using Ruby on Rails

Rails offer several advantages to social media businesses, like a superior capability for parallel scaling and unique style facilitating simple and fast development of APIs.  All these crucial points make it perfect for supporting content-heavy and extremely active social media platform and networking site.

  1. Goodreads

    goodreads - online book reading platform

    Goodreads is a site that allows people to connect socially and explore its collection of books, annotations, quotes, and reviews freely.  The individuals can sign up and register books to create reading lists and library catalogues.

    It has got around 90 million users and has 90 million reviews on approx 2.6 billion books.  The users can also form their own groups for surveys, suggestions, blogs, discussions, and polls.

    The tech platform of this social media site includes Ruby on Rails.  The creator of Goodreads, Otis Chandler, is a big fan of Ruby on Rails and learned it as Ruby came into the tech world.  Moreover, it facilitates the users to view recent books that their friends would be reading or would be interested in and can add a comment on it.

  2. We Heart It

    weheartit - photo sharing platform

    We Heart It is a feel-good photo-sharing social network developed in 2008.  Originated in Brazil, in 2011, it turned into an incorporated company in California.  Having a community of around 45 registered million users, it is an alluring platform, supporting animated GIFs, images, and videos.  It is a Ruby on Rails app and is available in 23 varied languages.

    This social network is the home of numerous topics containing images of art, fashion, quotes, makeup, interior design, lifestyle, etc.  It is best described as ‘home of inspiration’ and a place to ‘categorize and share the things you love’.  This Ruby on Rails website aids the complete framework and manages around 60 billion images per month, proving its capability of horizontal scaling.

Benefits of Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an open-source server side web app framework that is written in Ruby.  Unlike other frameworks, anyone can download and employ it without paying for a license.  RoR can also run on Linux, which is also an open source stage. 

Its learning curve is smaller than the rest of the server-side languages.  ROR utilizes a syntax that is similar to English.  Hence, it is easy to read, understand, and write.

Let’s list the main business advantages of Ruby on Rails

  • Ruby on Rails framework has fundamental security characteristics by default.  So, even without forming any extra coding, it is completely secure.  Rails developers follow a safe development lifecycle, and this makes the apps develop in Ruby extremely secure.
  • The inbuilt tool of Rails core, Minitest, is a wide-ranging test suite that offers countless beneficial testing traits including benchmarking, expectation syntax, and mocking.
  • RoR developers follow consistent conventions and file storage that keeps any project readable and structured.
  • It is highly scalable and you can expect to avail a million users for your web application.  It is ideal for start-ups and small businesses as it is easy and economical.  When your business grows, you can scale up RoR as per your immediate requirements.
  • Its behavior-driven development and test-driven development method ensure there prevails no bugs or errors when your app is prepared to go live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do companies choose Ruby on Rails for web development?

Ruby on Rails renders integrated maintenance for the complete life cycle of the web applications. Some of the key factors which make companies choose Ruby on Rails are the gem of libraries, user-friendly code and well-controlled framework, cost-saving, offers frontend and backend solutions, uses MVC and DRY that saves time and increases developers’ efficiency.

How can Ruby on Rails apps be scaled up?

To scale up Ruby on Rails applications the things that should be exercised are including more servers to its architecture – horizontal scalability and getting a variety of services to use together for performing tasks – service-based architecture.

What are gems or Rails for customer relationship management?

For customer relationship management (CRM) the gems will allow you to assimilate your app with explicit CRM solutions, subdivide customers, import or export customer lists, collect relevant data, and other such functionalities. The integration of your CRM software are:

  • Hubspot – hubspot-ruby
  • Capsule – capsuleCRM
  • Salesforce – restforce
  • Zoho – rubyzoho
  • Nexmo – nexmo-ruby


As you can see, the Ruby on Rails website examples displays many advantages for an extensive array of industries.  Are we missing any? Of course, apart from the above popular companies, there are other reputed companies working on ruby on rails like, Crunchbase,,, Bloomberg, Slideshare, to name a few. 

It has a community-driven development model that allows it to advance in reply to the opinion of an assorted user-base having a number of needs.

As this framework incessantly evolves, your web development company will be benefited from many innovative software solutions.  Considering such validation, we understand how popular Ruby on Rails is. 

For your dynamic web app development, contact some of our best Ruby on Rails programmers.  The supremacy and flexibility of Ruby on Rails are verified in web applications for retail, e-commerce, research, finance, and lots of other apps.

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