Top 7 Web Development Trends and Technologies to Use in 2024

Information technology never ceases to evolve. In this tech world, each coming year is not as same as the preceding one. Web developers and businesses may feel challenged by the requirement to keep up with the incessant web development trends. The ubiquitous competition, however, will not permit them to give up on the notion of enhancing the eminence of anything that the business offers. Be it, services, goods, or an application as a platform for supplying them over the internet.

Web presence has become essential and to turn your web application into a commercially feasible digital product, you must build or optimize it, keeping some considerations in mind. Precisely, you must know what is popular amongst the global community of developers, which makes it simpler and easier for them to exercise software solutions, and what web technologies determine the fame of these solutions.

Are you ready to modernize your web app in 2022? We have examined the industry and know accurately how you can be the innovator in your niche. Here are the latest technologies for web portal development that are absolutely worth following.

An Introduction To Web Development

Web development is the function involved in building a website for an intranet (a private network) or the Internet (World Wide Web). Web development can range from building a simple single static page of basic text to multifaceted web-based Internet apps, social network services, and electronic businesses. A more inclusive list of errands to which web development generally refers may comprise web design, web engineering, client liaison, client-side or server-side scripting, web content development, e-commerce development, web server, and network security configuration.

Amongst web specialists, web development commonly refers to the foremost non-design features of creating websites, which is, coding and writing mark-up. It may employ content management systems (CMS) to form content alterations easier and accessible with elementary technical skills. For larger businesses and organizations, web development teams can contain hundreds of developers and follow typical approaches like Agile methodologies while building sites.

While smaller businesses may require a single contractual or permanent developer or have tasks related to positions such as an information systems technician or graphic designer. Web development is a collective effort between the departments rather than the domain of a selected department. Thus DevOps practices and principles can be applied to improve project outcomes.

7 Latest Web Development Trends in 2022

  1. Backend Development Trends

    Backend Development Trends

    Generally, it is challenging to select between backends – as a service and custom backend development. Both options have their specific pros and cons, and the decision relies on the requirements of the project. Here, we will consider the most prevalent solutions for custom backends.


    Django is a Python framework. It can be utilized with any popular frontend framework. Django is also a worthy solution for any kind of website owing to several third-party packages obtainable. With the rising popularity of AI, ML and data sciences, Django is a top choice. Our Python development services include backend web app development, AI/ML web solutions and custom Django development.


    PHP is an extensively employed backend programming language and Laravel is one of its most predominant frameworks. Web development with Laravel gives horizontal and vertical scalability, built-in security and compatibility with other technologies. Want custom Laravel development services? Let’s talk.

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  2. Frontend Development Trends

    Basically, frameworks are development tools. They are designed to influence the trends in web development. Hence, let’s take a closer view at two of the top JavaScript frameworks that have turned out to be prevalent frontend technologies in 2022.


    Angular is one of the most dominant front end frameworks. It includes features like the build optimizer, support of PWAs, and some enhancements to Material Design employment. It is a two-way data binding and huge community support. It is backed by Google, which guarantees stable long-term support and has a mobile-friendly approach to web development. As a custom AngularJS development company, we use Angular when a project requires mobile-friendly web development.


    Vue.js has been as prevalent as React and Angular. It is easy to learn and understand. It helps to make the user interface development simpler and easier. It has a low entrance threshold, so junior developers can learn Vue.js faster than Angular. With Vue, it is possible to observe development in real-time and it also has easy integration with HTML templates.

  3. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

    Progressive Web Apps

    It is not possible to mention trends in web app development without stating Progressive Web Apps. Though PWA has been in the market for several years, in 2022 too, it will still endure being one of the most modern web development trends. It is usually known that the quicker a web page load, the higher it ranks in Google search outcomes.

    As per the data revealed by Google, 53% of users skip a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. PWAs are contemporary web apps that can overcome this issue. It can get loaded like usual websites while maintaining the high-level functionality of web applications. PWAs rightly have the supremacy to transform mobile user experience and alter the way a business is done on the web.

    Such positive alteration is fueled by progressive web app advantages mentioned below:

    • Shareable: Every PWA has a precise URL connected to it, they are not printed on official application stores.
    • Re-engagement: High performance enhances user engagement and traits like system notifications are sent when the users are not in the browser and help drive re-engagement.
    • Lightweight and installable: The users can put up an app icon on their home screen without going to an app store and the application itself would not take much storage space.
    • Responsive: PWAs possess the user interfaces that can fit in all the tablet, phone, and desktop screen sizes, which are empowered by technologies like viewport and media queries.
    • Discoverable: Progressive web apps can be discovered through search engines.
    • Cost-effective: These PWA projects consume up to four times less time to device as compared to native app development for Android and iOS, which also causes a considerable drop in the budget of development.
    • Network independent: PWAs utilize refined APIs and are capable to work across operating systems, comprising Mac, Chrome OS, and Windows. Moreover, it does not depend on the network connection and can function in offline mode.
    • Safe: Functioned over HTTPS, PWAs are secure and reliable.
  4. Single Page Application

    A single-page application (SPA) is an app that functions inside the web browser and decreases reloading requirements. It is one such page that is visited and then with the help of JavaScript, it is loaded with all other content. These kinds of applications are easily accessible and eliminate the waiting time for users. Some of its examples are Google Maps, Gmail, and Facebook.

    Choosing to build top quality applications with responsive patterns means significantly cutting down expenditures. There are two possibilities here. Which one you can opt for depends on the struggles and needs of each business. One option is to go for PWA that can get mobile engagement and fetch numerous other advantages already mentioned. Another option is to build a mobile app and an easy single-page web app (SPA) to match it.

    SPAs are JavaScript applications that, in place of loading separate HTML web pages from the server, load mark-up and data to render vigorously on a single web page. This gives an enhancement in performance and eradicates the requirement for any user to reload the page. Still, there are certain things that you should know about single-page application development:

    • Single-page web apps comprehensively employ web APIs for executing most of the user interface logic rather than producing the logic in the server-side form.
    • SPAs are suggested when the application requires to cover rich functionality and multifaceted UI.
    • The web development team must be acquainted with TypeScript or JavaScript.

    In this respect, we must mention that the API-first approach will be preeminent in web development in 2022. Web solutions ought to be connectable with other devices and apps, which has much to do with the increase of IoT. Hence, in the upcoming year, API development has to be professed not as some side project but as the main focal point. API-first development states that the team makes an interface for their application primarily. Post that, the team depends on API that has been made to develop the rest of the web application.

  5. Chatbots and Artificial intelligence

    Chatbots and Artificial intelligence


    What does the future of web development appear like? That is supposed by several that next year the bots will turn out to be more self-learning and will effortlessly match specific user’s behavior and needs. This means that 24*7 functioning bots will be capable to substitute support managers and save much cost for a lot of companies.

    Gigantic B2C companies at present use the technology to assist their customers – authorized page chatbots inside WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype are some of the good examples. A bot can be also incorporated into regular websites, PWA, or professional or household apparatus, and any Internet-connected app built by commercial companies.

    Bot’s upsurge will also affect trends in web design, particularly UX. The noteworthy advancement of AI and machine learning technology results in demand for virtual assistant patterns, which is not only about product serving algorithms or visual experience but also about valuable sound schemes. The most significant benefits of AI-based bots are human-like experience, 24*7 problem-solving potential, and deep consumer behavior analytics.

    Artificial intelligence

    Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest website development technology that is not going away any time soon. 2022 will be the year of their noticeable growth in web development.

    Reliability, speed, and accuracy are what AI provides that help automate each task. The mechanization of procedures is trending in web app development as it is all over the technology world. It can create not only the web programming simpler by eradicating the requirement to write monotonous code, but also make the development take longer.

    statista report on the future of AI
    Image Credit: Statista

    AI can systematize the web app or website making procedure and complete business. To sum up, let’s describe in what methods AI can complement your development efforts:

    • Enhanced user experience with intellectual chatbots
    • Mechanized data collection by utilizing AI-powered chatbots
    • Web coding substituted by self-learning algorithms
    • Precise customer behavior examination
    • Email marketing automation
    • Customization of search results for the users
    • Improved QA and software testing

    Want to Develop an Advanced Web App?

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  6. Internet of Things (IoT)

    Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of interrelated devices that need nearly no actions from the users’ perspective to implement operations and accomplish beneficial results.

    In 2022, certain web development trends will be initiated by IoT development. According to Statista, it is predicted that there will be approx 75 billion Internet devices working in 2025. Moreover, we could anticipate that in subsequent years there will be a definite demand for the solutions that could level up secured automated IoT interactions.

    IoT increasing potential is another aspect that we must consider next year. The elementary reason for the Internet of Things to exist and grow is its capability to create human daily life more convenient and easy. With smart home and smart city technology, payment automation, and e-health environment development, we could become usually less burdened with routine errands and spend our cognitive resources on more complex ones.

    In 2022, healthcare, transport, marketing, and housekeeping are likely to be chief IoT niches. New drifts in web design (UX) will be also affected by the alterations changes in the IoT ecosystem. We must foresee voice interfaces scheme and evolving approaches to the big data structural design.

    There are two popular megatrends of IoT apps that will endure building the industry namely smart cities and self-driving automobiles.

    Example 1: Smart cities

    Smart cities are created based on communication technologies and information to enhance the quality of life. It comes with general services like security, transportation, health, mobility, reducing harmful emissions, waste, and overall costs. A worthy instance, in this case, is Amsterdam. There the government already utilizes smart traffic management.

    This technology supplies real-time data about the roads established on traffic signals and sensors which control the traffic flow and aids the drivers to opt for the smoothest route. Owing to IoT advantages and incessant development, it is estimated to redesign the complete world.

    Example 2: Self-driving cars

    Let’s discover Tesla for instance. The autopilot permits it to recover the vehicle, alter the street lines mechanically as well as park it with just a single touch. Furthermore, Tesla’s hardware is accustomed to complete self-driving performance in the future. The arrangement is built to deliver a view of the sphere in each direction that any driver cannot grasp alone as well as the discovery of both hard and soft substances and extra data such as rain, dust, or fog.

    The 360-degree visibility is realized by eight surrounding cameras while the revelation of the objects is attained by twelve modernized ultrasonic sensors. As per the reports, automation can decrease the number of crashes as well as risky-behavior drivers.

  7. Voice Search

    The future of web development appears to be less in text and more invoice. Examples of computer-generated multifunctional home assistants such as Google Home, Siri, or Amazon’s Alexa. In 2022, nearly half of all the smart and IoT devices will listen to the users and perform commands delivered by voice. Moreover, these devices will be able to identify the voices of diverse people and offer a personalized AI-based experience for everybody.

    Voice search is the most significant instance of technology that was employed more than a decade before. In 2022, individuals would prefer to devote less time to typing instructions as the devices could comprehend them. That is why most of the enterprises are puzzling over how to augment their digital and digital products for voice commands and voice search.

    The newest in web development is voice-activated devices and voice optimization for normal web apps and sites. Reinforced with AI, voice search optimization is useful for both owners and end-users. It saves much time and permits a user to order more through online shopping and services. Such voice usage is an influential source of user behavior analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the types of web development?

    There are three types of web development. They are frontend, backend, and full-stack development. Frontend development is responsible for visuals, behaviour and interactive components of a website that run in the browser. Backend development is where the developer writes server-side code to ensure that the data flows back and forth from a site’s frontend. Full-stack development is where the developer can program and function on both the backend and frontend parts of the website.

  2. What are trending web development platforms & technologies for 2022?

    The current web development platforms technologies to consider in 2022 are progressive web apps, artificial intelligence and bots, single page application, JavaScript frameworks, and voice search optimization.


The web development field is a diverse arena that involves the skills of web developers, designers, and other associated tech-savvy people. For them, to stay updated in the tech market, the above discussed are some of the vital and latest web development trends of 2022. Single-page web apps, PWAs, technologies like JavaScript, Python, Voice Search, and AI are the latest technology for web development.

With this information, web engineers can keep themselves updated with the latest industry developments. Thus, they get an opportunity to augment their present skills and develop new ones so that they could serve for years to come. Contact Monocubed, if you want to adopt any of the stated trends in web development to have a robust web development project. Providing your web application’s users with a rich experience, you upsurge your chance of becoming their ideal choice.

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