Is Web Development Dying? [4 Reasons Why It’s Still Evolving]

Are you often having this question, “is web development dying?

This question pops into everyone’s mind. Do you know the first website was developed in April 1993? Since then web development is constantly evolving and become a necessary element to generate more business.

However, do you still feel that web development became outdated?

As the population of web developers is expected to reach 29.7 million in the next 2 years, the web development future doesn’t seem to be dying soon.

But, what is the clear answer? Being a top web development company, we have tried to find the answer from our experienced developers. Read this blog and find out whether web development is really dying or not.

Is Web Development Dying: Uncover the Answer

It’s no secret that web development has been around for a while now. It has come a long way from static websites to complex business websites. Since 1993, web development is consistently evolving. People think that web development is dying. It may not be true.

Programming has become the stepping stone of a web development career, and it has become essential to learn to code.

No matter how fast technology changes, web development is certainly not a dying career. Even, to create your own site, you will require resources with sound knowledge of web design and development to build intuitive websites or applications.

Web developer demand is evolving that keeps up with the changes occurring in the IT industry and wondering if templates are killing web development. Check the following section to know the answer to this question.

  1. Templates Killing Web Development

  2. Many experienced web developers worry about what the future of web development might hold due to the increase in templates. The point of these templates is to make the task of creating a website simpler. If you ask us, are templates killing web development? The answer would be a big no.

    They are helping web developers by making their work easier and more profitable for their clients. The biggest advantage of using a template is a faster turnaround time. You can accomplish your web development project quickly using templates. The templates offer good value to your clients due to their intuitive nature.

    Benefits of Using Web Design and Development Templates

    We have compiled a few benefits of using web design and templates for businesses.

    Benefits of Using Templates Description
    Convenient Functionality Templates come up with numerous in-built features that not only save your time but also save a lot of money. The flexibility provided by templates is truly beneficial to anyone.
    Easy and Quick Setup From beginner to experienced, templates caters to every developer. Templates come up with a number of widgets and options to make the setup easy and quick. It allows help beginners to upload site content with ease.
    Lots of Choices One of the most obvious benefits of using web templates is numerous customization choices. Web templates can be a great and bold choice for anyone. They provide several options and features to make the website functional. Choose from a diversity of designs to meet your requirements.
    Immediate Results When you depend on a webmaster to upload your content, it might take longer. But, web templates allow you to publish your site content easily without any delay.
    Quick Support If you face any issues with your web template, you can get support from your template provider in the form of forums, phone support, or live chat.

    Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace are some of the popular web page builders. The rise in popularity of these three website builders is undeniable. Instead of killing web development, these platforms help in increasing the demand for web designers and developers. Increasing numbers of businesses recognize the worth of having a strong web presence.

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    The only bad thing about templates is that web designers and developers who create websites using DIY web development tools are not professionals. They just use a drag-and-drop tool to develop websites for clients without having any web design or development skills.

    These web development tools save time and help to develop web apps faster.

    In the next section, we are going to explain full-stack development and also share information about the expansion of the developer skill set.

  3. Full-stack Development and Skill Set Expansion For Developers

  4. Hiring full-stack web developers having relevant qualifications, and experience is highly beneficial to your business. A full stack developer works on the client-side as well as server-side of the software application.

    This type of website developer handles front-end development, back-end development, server, database, and API. as they translate the requirements of a user to the overall architecture. Therefore, understanding web application architecture is crucial.

    Reasons Why Hiring A Full Stack Developer is Beneficial:

    • Full stack web developer helps you to keep the system running smoothly
    • Full stack developers can reduce the time and cost to communicate with the team
    • Hiring a full-stack developer will also save your company’s personnel and operational cost

    Full Stack Developer Skill Set

    The journey of becoming a full stack developer is challenging. You might even have questions such as is web development hard? Should I opt for a different field? Rather than worrying about it too much, check the following table which mentions the skill set and describes it properly.

    Full Stack Developer Skill Set Description
    Front End Technology Front-end web developers should master important front-end web technologies such as HTML5, Javascript, and CSS3. It is advisable to have basic technical knowledge of third-party libraries like JQuery, Angular, ReactJS, and LESS.
    Programming Languages Full stack developers should know server-side web programming languages like Python, Ruby, Java, etc.

    Front End Programming Languages

    The following table contains the top front end programming languages and their explanation.

    Front End Programming Language Description
    HTML and CSS HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a language for front-end technologies and helps manages the website structure into the hierarchy of heading, paragraph, and body. CSS (Cascading Sheet Styles) allows you to style the HTML element. A full-stack web developer must have knowledge about working with these two front-end programming languages.
    Javascript Javascript is a popular dynamic language used by web developers for interactive front-end development. It can be used for server-side as well as client-side web development due to its dynamic nature. It makes things simple and efficient for a web designer and developer. Full stack developers should have enough knowledge of Javascript.

    Back End Programming Languages

    Here are the top backend programming languages and its description.

    Back End Programming Language Description
    Python Python is one of the most popular programming languages for backend web development. It is used for structure programming due to the simplified syntax and varied features. Even, some programmers compare Python vs JavaScript to uncover the answer.
    PHP It is a fast, efficient, and compatible programming language used for backend development. Even developers perform multiple framework comparisons to choose the best framework as well.
    Java It is a high-level, class-based object-oriented programming language. Java allows you to create module programs using reusable code.
    Ruby Ruby is interpreted and general-purpose programming language. The aim of using this language is to increase productivity and maintain simplicity in ROR. This language has numerous approaches for problem-solving while coding.

    The above-mentioned front-end and back-end web programming languages will help full-stack developers in making them more proficient in the industry.

    In depth Knowledge of API Development

    Knowledge of API is also important for a full-stack developer. It is advisable to have enough knowledge of REST and SOAP to be a proficient web developer.

    Essential Web Design Skills

    To be a successful full-stack developer, knowledge of web designing is also important. A developer should know about UI/UX design and prototyping.

    Knowledge of Database Creation & Management

    It is important to have knowledge of popular DBMS technologies such as MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, and SQLServer to be a proficient full-stack developer.

    Confused About Which Technology to Choose?

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  5. Web Development Needs a Change

  6. The web was a different place a few years back as there were no smartphones. As smartphones are emerging, development methods are changing dramatically to keep up with this trend. This change is important for your business. Let us explain to you how.

    First, you don’t want your business doing things in the old way. Using the old web development methods can create a negative image of your business in front of potential customers. So, it is advisable to keep yourself updated with the latest web development trends.

    Second, you could miss out on the benefits that these changes provide. Web development changes improve the speed, security, and capability of an application. We are sure that the new changes in the web development industry will create even more benefits.

    Following are a few ways in which web development has changed and will evolve soon.

    The Rise of Cyberattacks

    It’s no secret that cyberattacks are rapidly increasing. So, website developers have finally increased their focus on security while creating applications. It will become a major development focus in the coming few years.

    The Growth of UX

    New features is added regularly in HTML5. HTML works together with CSS which is also making exciting changes in the website development industry. You’ll notice some significant changes in the next few years.

    Good UX is Key

    With the rise of mobile devices, the importance of UX has skyrocketed. Remember, UX can make or break an application. A good user experience accounts for app speed and its response to the user.

  7. Does Low Code Development Make Web Development Obsolete?

  8. The low code development platform was valued at $10.82 billion in 2020, which is expected to reach $94.75 billion by the year 2028. Businesses are adopting low-code applications to create apps faster, boost their competitive edge, and integrate digital technologies to transform a business. The future of web development seems to be low code development.

    Here are some of the low-code app examples.

    • WordPress
    • Wix
    • Squarespace
    • Weebly

    The landscape of web development is continuously evolving, but it’s not becoming obsolete. A professional developer will always be an important part of building websites for clients. So, how can low code make hiring a developer obsolete? Of course not at all. Low code development allows developers to focus on more complex projects rather than investing time and effort in trivial tasks.

Now, let us give you the answers to the most common and frequently asked questions about web development.

FAQs about Unpopularity of Web Development

  1. How much does it cost to outsource web development?

    It cost $40 to $80 per hour or more to outsource web development. The price range varies depending upon project complexity, requirement, and developer’s experience.

  2. Will the web developers be replaced?

    Web developers will not be replaced. The emergence of AI and machine learning undoubtedly reduce the time and hassle required to develop web products. However, these technologies still can not beat the mind of web developers.

Web Development Should be Revolutionised

We have comprehensively discussed whether web development is dying or not. You know it is not going to happen anytime soon. Apart from that, this blog discusses the full stack development and skill set which helps them to polish their skills.

Also, it is important to understand the change in the web development industry and the effects of low code development. Understanding these points will clearly help you to get your answer.

If you have still questions or doubts regarding how you can take advantage of web development services for your online business. Talk to our experienced web development consultant. Share your requirements with them and let us build a powerful web solution.

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