8 Latest AngularJS Development Tools You Need to Know

In this evolving tech era, having a website has become an imperative factor for any business to establish and promote their online existence.  Generally, a website is the initial point of contact with your company for myriad customers. 

Many websites use JavaScript technologies for backend, frontend, development, as well as for testing web applications and websites. 

Amongst various frameworks and their tools available, AngularJS development tools are more preferred due to their simple architecture with vast characteristics of HTML 5 and simple syntax.

AngularJS allows you to employ HTML as a template language and sanctions you to expand the capacity of HTML by inserting inbuilt components and attributes.  It also facilitates the ability to build customized attributes by utilizing simple JavaScript. 

Its dependency injection excludes most of the codes that you ought to write additionally, in the first place. 

Let us understand the concept of AngularJS, to gain a better understanding of its development tools.

What is AngularJS: An Overview

AngularJS is a front-end and open-source JavaScript framework that intends to make both building and testing of applications simpler by supplying the framework for model-view-controller (MVC) and model-view-view-model (MVVM) structural designs.  It also renders the components that are usually used in highly responsive Internet applications.

AngularJS is primarily maintained by Google and a community of professionals that work on the tasks associated with building single page applications.  This framework functions by reading the HTML page first, which contains a supplementary custom HTML attribute rooted in it. 

It interprets such attributes as the directives to attach input or output portions of a page to the model that is epitomized by a standard JavaScript variable.

The value of such a JavaScript variable can be set manually in the codes or regained from dynamic or static or JavaScript Object Notation resources.  The difference between Angular and AngularJS clearly mentions that the former does not possess the concept of controllers or scope, rather it utilizes a hierarchy of components for its major architectural aspects. 

While the design aim of AngularJS comprises of:

  • Diverging a client-side application from server-side.  This makes the AngularJS development environment advance in parallel and sanctions the recycling of both sides.
  • Offering construction in the journey of application building – from scheming the user-interface, through scripting business logic, to testing the app.
  • Decoupling Document Object Model (DOM) operation from the application logic.  The exertion of this is intensely affected by the manner the given code is arranged.

Benefits of AngularJS:

  1. AngularJS delivers data binding proficiency to HTML.  Therefore, it renders the users responsive and rich experience.
  2. It offers the competency to form the Single Page Application in a lucid and maintainable manner.
  3. It utilizes dependency injection and makes usage of diversion of distresses.
  4. Its code is unit testable.
  5. Here, web developers can attain more functionality with less code.
  6. In AngularJS, views are simply HTML pages and controllers that are written in JavaScript to do the processing.
  7. Its applications can function on all main web browsers and smartphones, comprising iOS and Android-based tablets and phones.
  8. It delivers reusable components.

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Why Use AngularJS?

why use angularjs?

AngularJS is fabricated on the credence that declarative code must be utilized to produce user interface and link software components, while imperative code is more suited to define business logic. 

It guides the developers throughout the entire expedition of web app development, starting with designing UI, scripting business logic, till testing and is helpful in many aspects as listed below:

  • Write copious initialization codes: Usually you ought to write much just to acquire a simple ‘Hello’ in AJAX application.  With Angular.js, applications can be bootstrapped easily by utilizing services, which are automatically injected into the app in a Guice dependency injection format.
    This permits you to start building features rapidly.  Also, you attain complete control over initialization procedures in mechanized tests.
  • Registering of call-backs:  This registration disorder your code and erasing boilerplate code namely, call-backs are helpful.  It massively decreases the quantity of JavaScript coding, making it easier to comprehend what your application actually does.
  • Organizing data to and from UI:  CRUD functions are one of the major tasks of AJAX applications.  The movement of organizing data from server to an interior object to an HTML form, letting the users amend the form, authenticating it, exhibiting validation error, coming back to the interior model, and then back to server, generates many boilerplate codes. 
    Angular JS removes nearly all these boilerplate, leaving the code that defines the complete movement of the application instead of the execution particulars.
  • Deploying HTML DOM:  Such deployment is the foundation of AJAX apps, but it is error-prone and bulky.  By describing how UI must alter with the changes in your application state, you are unrestricted from low-level DOM operative tasks. 
    Most of the applications that are written in Angular.js never ought to programmatically influence DOM, though you can, if you wish to.

Top 8 AngularJS Development Tools

The usage statistics for AngularJS validate that it is a completely client-side solution.  It manages all AJAX and DOM code that you wrote and places it in a systematic arrangement.  This creates Angular.js much opinionated on how the CRUD app can be developed. 

Although it is opinionated, it tries to assure that its estimation is a starting point that you can simply alter.  It also facilitates the following aspects:    

  • Testing: end-to-end testing, unit-testing, check the harnesses, and mocks.
  • For CRUD apps in an interconnected set: Basic templating directives, data-binding, routing, form validation, dependency injection, and reusable components.
  • Seed submission with test scripts and directory outline as the initial point.

With the aim to assist developers in the procedure of forming robust web applications, the best Angular IDE provides several accessible tools.  Such tools aid in exploiting the merits of HTML and merge them with vigorous functionalities in the development. 

Monocubed is a Angular web development company, so we regularly use web development tools in our projects.

Following are some of the AngularJS Development Tools to develop web applications in an effective way:

  1. Protractor


    Protractor is an open-source framework based on Node.js sources used for building Angular.js web apps with ease.  It seems that WebDriverJS acts on the part of activating a framework that supplies a collaborative setting for great web app development.  It is automatic and enables the automatic implementation of stages required as per users’ commands. 

    It fosters:

    • Allows to tests like a user       
    • Mechanize testing such as implementing next steps
    • Testing actual browser     
  2. Jasmine


    Jasmine is an open-source tool that is ideal for JavaScript.  It is one of the best behavior-driven AngularJS tools for developers that assists the testing-driven development.  It encourages a development framework that integrates an interactive method and is free of any browser, DOM, or any other JavaScript framework. 

    Jasmine is ideally employed for Node.js platforms and similar projects. 

    It has the following key features:

    • Identifies JS classes automatically
    • It causes angular development arsenal effortless
    • Facilitates users to write, read, and test code effortlessly
    • Delivers improved debugging and testing
  3. Djangular


    While developing content, such AngularJS development tools can save much of your time and effort.  Djangular exercises Angular and Django, and content creation for your scheme can be done easily as per your specifications. 

    In this way, you do not require to assimilate each task with Django distinctly.  Furthermore, you can form diverse namespaces and device a steady content arrangement for all your applications. 

    Its remarkable features are:

    • The setup of this development tool for AngularJS is simple
    • Application’s security, as it empowers CSPF shield
    • A reusable application facilitating an enhanced app integration
  4. Mean


    To build Express, Node js, AngularJS, and MongoDB, a simple and ideal boilerplate that is used in Angular.JS is termed as Mean.  It aids to write or amend reusable codes.  This AngularJS development tool is a mixture of configured and pre-bundled modules, namely, Mongoose and Passport

    Its main aspects are:

    • Full-stack JavaScript resolution
    • Open-source
    • Aids in building manageable and robust construction of web applications
  5. Mocha.js

    Mocha js

    Mocha is another great JavaScript testing framework that is popular for its precise reporting and flexibility.  With numerous inbuilt features incorporated in this tool, it is a fun testing service for its AngularJS developers.  It can run on Node.js and browser and sanctions asynchronous testing which makes it adjustable with mapping and broadcasting.

    Mocha.js has a global leak detection capability, browser support, auto-exit, asynchronous support, and more of these competencies.  You can simply produce suites and custom cases with its service.  You will gain information on setting up Mocha with an apt framework or library as per your prerequisites. 

    Below listed are some of its crucial facts:

    • Offers testing support and auto exit
    • It has a feature-rich framework
    • Delivers async and browser support 

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  6. Karma


    In a project development cycle, testing plays one of the most crucial roles.  With AngularJS developer tools like Karma, the development process becomes faster and easier.  Karma is a remarkable tool for testing any AngularJS web application. 

    For example, you can utilize PhantomJS, a subsidiary of Karma, for any development procedure.  A user is required to save a code file, and Karma will exercise all essential compilations on source code.

    With this best AngularJS IDE tool, an expert can examine the products on phones and browsers.  It benefits them in identifying impending glitches better when compared to a lab arrangement.  It supplies an exclusive characteristic that permits developers to execute tests in an actual ecosystem. 

    It supports end-to-end (E2E) testing, midway testing, and unit testing.

    To function Karma, you have to open programs that are recorded in the configuration folder.  It interrelates with vigorous programs to operate requests and socket.io. 

    The top features of this tool are:

    • Perform code locally and on every single save
    • Test code in real and multiple browsers
    • Immediate browser execution
    • Acknowledged as a JavaScript test runner
    • Mechanically create coverage report
    • Easy debugging
  7. AngularFire


    An evident-based certified library for Angular and Firebase that enables developers to employ the supremacy of its rich functionalities and features is defined as AngularFire.  It demonstrates to be a comprehensive back-end development tool if you are willing to create an Angular application. 

    It supplies the best IDE for AngularJS development in this context.

    The main advantages of this tool comprise a 3 way data binding, rapid development, and flexible API capabilities.  Such benefits enhance developers’ experiences.  Below is the list of its exemplary features:

    • Examine the performance of applications
    • Immediate 3 way data binding empowers data synchronization
    • Authenticate the users
    • Server-side rendering and flexible API
    • Allows to store data offline, mechanically
  8. Webstorm


    WebStorm is a robust IDE offering exceptional coding support for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.  Additionally, it also simplifies to function with an extensive array of contemporary technologies.  It aids in server-side and client-side development with Node js proficiently. 

    It works well as an online editor for AngularJS, Typescript, style sheet, and Javascript languages.  

    It presents the insights for auto-completion, smart coding, progressive error prevention, text editor, and refactoring features.  Webstorm is known to be the best editor for AngularJS as it advances your efficiency and takes your development environment for AngularJS to a new level of attainment. 

    It takes the assistance of popular frameworks like Meteor and AngularJS, integrated mechanisms for code analysis, debugging, testing, and assimilation with countless Version Control System (VCS)

    The following is the list of rich features of Web storm that makes it best AngularJS online editor:

    • Preeminent coding tool for HTML and CSS
    • One-stop AngularJS development IDE
    • Recognized as the finest coding aid
    • Intelligent code completion and text editor
    • Angular definite error detection
    • Authoritative navigation

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which development tool is utilized for AngularJS?

    At the time of code construction in Angular, there are chances of inserting bugs or errors unintentionally. To overcome this hurdle, WebStorm, is a potent AngularJS development tool for coding. It is considered to be the best AngularJS editor that is well suited for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While Jasmine, an open-source development tool for AngularJS, is employed for testing.

  2. What is AngularJS development framework?

    AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript web framework that targets to streamline the development and testing of applications by supplying a framework for client-side model view controller (MVC) and model view model (MVVM) patterns. It is employed as a front end development framework of mean, comprising Express.js web application framework, MongoDB, Node.js server, and Angular.js itself.

  3. What is AngularJS used for?

    AngularJS is used to build a robust web app with the finest user experience. It renders a direct and easy interface for developing applications in weather app like Weather.com, travel apps like JetBlue, a user-review app like GoodFilms, user-generated content portals like Upwork, social applications like LinkedIn, eCommerce platforms like IBM, and video streaming app like Netflix, to name a few.


These are some of the popular web development tools that every Angular developer should refer to and recommend.  The tools are favorable for manifold progressions. 

Contact Monocubed, if you want to develop web applications and get a robust development process with the best suited AngularJS development tools.  With such constructive tools, you can add a variety of features to your app and web easily, which in turn saves a lot of effort and time.

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