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Does your sales team call potential leads throughout the day?

Is it tough for your business to procure new leads?

Is it getting difficult to manage multiple leads?

Even in the age of digitalization, one of the best ways to find new clients is connecting with them on the phone, as proven by this Sales Insight Labs Study. Although other tools like email or LinkedIn are much faster, most prospects need a personal touch to be converted to clients.

But at the same time, your sales team has to reach out to a large number of prospects to achieve their sales targets. This is a problem when you have to call each prospect personally.

This is a conundrum we sought out to solve when one of our clients wanted sales management software.

How to schedule and manage a sales team to maximize chances of lead conversion?

Here is a detailed case study about the challenge we faced while developing, the solution we delivered and how a similar web solution can prove advantageous for your business.

Streamlining The Sales Management System For a Roofing Company in the U.S.

According to a 2019 Lead Management Study conducted by HubSpot, a salesman has specific days and time-slots when they have a higher rate of lead conversion.

For example, calling on a Wednesday between 8-10 AM is more likely to convert your client than contacting them on a Friday around 1 PM. Similarly, if the sales rep takes more than 10 minutes to follow up after the initial call, there is a 400% decrease in their success rate.

It is evident from this and other lead management surveys that a sales rep has to properly schedule and plan their calls. They need to ensure that they catch each client or lead at a time that is best suited for them. Not to mention that they have all the necessary details available at hand so the follow-up call can be done immediately.

This is why a lot of companies are starting to use sales management systems to help their sales managers track and manage their daily leads. By sales automation, your company can not only save time and money but also streamline your workflow.

Here is why using an automated sales management system is useful for your business –

  1. Easily keep a track of your goals
  2. As a sales manager, you can check where each salesperson of your team stands in their monthly or yearly goals. Each aspect of the sales pipeline, from lead generation to proposals and estimates to receiving the contract is included in the software. So you can easily keep track of your sales.

  3. Salesperson can manage different leads simultaneously
  4. The salesperson can choose the stage of the sales pipeline for each client. They can easily bifurcate where each lead stands and when to follow up. By having a fixed hour-by-hour call calendar, listing all the necessary details about the client, your sales reps are calling all clients at the exact right times. You can also develop a custom sales CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to sync your Apple contacts and Calendar.

  5. Streamline and standardize your sales management process
  6. You have a standardized process across your organization. So each salesperson follows a similar routine to procure a lead and convert the lead successfully. This means business processes such as induction of new employees or transferring leads to another sales rep are streamlined.

Do You Want to Streamline Your Sales Process?

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One of our clients, owner of a roofing company, realized the importance of a sales management and tracking system for their organization. He approached us to develop a custom web solution that would streamline and simplify their sales management.

But why did he want a custom software for sales management?

There are many sales management CRM available for businesses like Zoho CRM and Salesforce. They provide intuitive sales tracking, management of sales operations, actionable insights and lead procurement.

But still, the client wanted custom web development services from us. Here’s why he preferred a custom sales software and why you should too –

  • Fulfill his unique requirements
    A sandwich prepared specifically with your choice of veggies and condiments is going to taste better than a standard sandwich. Similarly, no matter how great off-the-shelf software like Zoho CRM are, a custom web solution more accurately solves your needs. You will be able to create your unique sales process with the software.
  • Ensure scalability
    The client wanted to expand on the sales software if it works well. With a custom solution, he can scale the software to incorporate more users and add new features and functionalities. In fact, we scaled up the custom sales management software to include a bid estimation and proposal system.
  • Safety and security
    To ensure the privacy of data, secure confidential business dealings and overall security of the company, a custom web solution is better. Although third-party software also takes the highest security measures, your organization’s data is shared with them. There is a risk of the data being hacked, stolen or erased.

So let’s look at how we built the custom solution and what results were achieved.

How We Used PHP to Build The Custom Sales Management Solution

The management tool was to be used by the client’s entire sales team. So our developers decided to spend some time observing the challenges faced by the sales team. They talked to the sales manager and a few sales reps to understand their sales process.

Our aim was to completely understand how the client worked and shift their whole sales process online.

During this time, we identified a few bottlenecks that we could solve with an automated sales management application. Here are the places of improvement we identified in their sales workflow-

  • No way to track the multiple leads a salesperson was working on
  • No unified storage for tracking the sales goal of their team
  • There was a very limited analysis of their sales cycle
    For example, if they wanted to find profitable trends that they could work on, they had to go through multiple excel sheets and try to spot the trends manually.
  • No efficient way to transfer clients and leads from one sales rep to another

After discussing these problems with the client, we started designing our web solution. We wanted to try and streamline all the bottlenecks to get a simple and smooth process.

We decided to use PHP for developing the entire custom web solution. PHP provides the scalability, performance, security, and flexibility that we require to develop a completely personalized sales management tool.

We included 3 main modules that solved the major challenges of our client. The 3 modules that make up the sales management software are –

  1. Salesperson Dashboard for managing leads
  2. Manager Dashboard for managing the sales team and their ongoing projects
  3. Data Analytics Module for tracking sales process and finding key trends

Let’s look at what each module does and how it improves your sales team’s workflow.

  1. Manage Sales Leads and Deals Within Minutes In a Single Place

  2. The salesmen usually deal with multiple clients at the same time. They need to have a system in place to track and organize all of their communications. We designed an interactive dashboard so that the salesperson can manage all their clients in a single place. With a quick glance, they will know all the leads and which sales cycle each client is in.

    dashboard of a salesperson

    The image above showcases the dashboard of a salesperson named ‘ Weslery Alexander’. You can see all the projects that she is working on grouped by the stage the client is in. For sales, there are mainly 4 categories –

    • Bidding
    • Verbal/Low Bid
    • Follow-up
    • Sold/Contracted

    These are the categories the client uses in their sales pipeline. A project manager or sales manager can change the status of the project whenever required.

    current leads

    The above image shows the current leads ‘Weslery Alexander’ has to follow up with, along with the date and time of follow-up mentioned. She will get a reminder, by email or text message, depending on her notification settings.

    We wanted the dashboard to be accessible and easily readable. So that the salesperson can easily find what leads they have to focus on. So as a sales rep, you will see all the projects you are currently working on in a single place.

    see all the projects

    You can see the following details about a project on the dashboard –

    • Project No.
    • Project Name
    • City and State
    • Estimator
    • Division or Branch
    • Due Date
    • Bid Estimate
    • Date of Creation

    Along with all these details, you have the option to quickly view, edit, or delete the project.
    Whenever the due date or follow-up is near, you get an automated mail from the sales management web app reminding you.

    This way, this automated sales management software helps our client’s sales reps to manage their leads and deals.

  3. Find Out How Your Sales Team is Performing

  4. As a sales manager, you are responsible for meeting the sales targets of the company. This is no easy feat to achieve. You have to make a budget and plan and strategize to surpass your sales goals.

    We designed a complete sales tracking module that the sales managers can use to be on top of their tasks. There are mainly 2 filters for the module – Division and Sales Person.

    dashboard of a salesperson

    As a manager, you can choose the division/branch you want to analyze. You will get the details of all projects that are handled by that branch. Similarly, you can select any salesperson from a drop-down menu to track their sales performance.

    You will get a compact overview of their performance which includes –

    • Sales year
    • Sales goal (yearly and monthly)
    • Sales to date
    • Bids to date
    • Lead conversion /closing rate


    You can choose a specific year or quarter to get more specific reports. This module is very useful for sales managers. They can easily and efficiently track their team members and change strategies if things are not working out.

    We have also added a training library to the software. This is for managers to record videos and link books that employees can use to study and train themselves. This module saves a lot of time for managers allowing them to track sales trends and implement quick changes to their system.

  5. And How They Can Work Better To Improve Your Sales Numbers

  6. What good is data if you’re not able to analyze it and use it to make better future decisions?

    When you accumulate massive amounts of sales data, it’s important that you have sales management software in place that helps in sales tracking, spotting key trends, and ultimately helping you make better future decisions.

    With this sales management tool, the sales managers receive customized sales reports. By analyzing these reports, the manager will be able to track sales trends and make informed changes in their sales process to increase profits.

    You can see the performance of a whole branch or a particular salesperson. You get a detailed report of the number of bids they have made, the number of sales they have made, their success rates, and how far they have come in their sales goals.

    Want to compare two or more of your employees’ performance? You can do that too with this sales management software.

    All the data that is accumulated in the software is processed and analyzed. The software compiles the data into visual graphs to make the data understandable.

    graphing the performance

    An example is shown in the image above, graphing the performance of a salesman named ‘Wesely Alexander’.

    Visual graphs benefit the managers in these ways –

    • Easily analyze and track their sales team
    • Find out the collective performances of your branch or company
    • Keep track of your sales goals
    • Find potential trends about lead conversion

    By tracking this sales process, you can find opportunities for growth. Grow your earning potential with insights that shed light on individual, team, and company performance.

Looking For A Custom Sales Management Software?

We have experience in developing sales management software. Let’s discuss your requirements and build a customized sales tracking and management application.

4 Benefits Of Using Sales Management System

  1. Understand Your Customers

  2. Sales management application helps you target each customer and/or potential lead personally. With sales CRM software, you will be able to quickly overview the sales pipeline of each client. With the sales pipeline, your sales reps will know where the client stands and can decide what steps to take to close the deal quicker.

  3. Manage Your Sales Leads

  4. A sales management software will help manage the multiple leads your sales rep has to juggle with simultaneously. By defining the stages of the lead in the sales pipeline and creating a schedule, the software will smoothen out the whole sales process. It will also save a lot of time and ensure quicker follow-ups.

  5. Track Your Sales Team’s Performance

  6. Make the job of sales managers easier with custom sales tracking and management software. The manager gets timely updates of all his employees and their ongoing projects. He can easily keep a track of his team’s sales activities and ensure sales goals are achieved.

  7. Analyze and Implement Key Trends in Your Sales Process

  8. If you are finding it tough to fulfill your sales targets, it is necessary to analyze your sales process and figure out where you are going wrong. With the data provided by a sales management system, you will be able to analyze and find the potential for changes in the process to improve your sales. Make smart informed decisions based on data-backed insights.

Key Takeaway: Do You Need Custom Sales Management Software?

If you are heading a business that requires actively calling and emailing potential leads, you should invest in sales management software.

Although a ready-to-use CRM works out for some organizations, we strongly recommend developing customized software for your business. Custom sales management software will be secure, scalable, cost-effective and tailored to your requirements. So you can automate your unique sales process with a custom web application.

Want to build your custom sales management software?
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