What Is Python Used For? How To Use Python For Your Business?

The reason we use programming languages is that they enable us to write efficient programs or products and aid us to develop robust digital solutions like web and mobile applications, gaming, and others. Enterprises practice programming to automate, support, assemble, evaluate, and interpret the data processing and information they are going to gather from the websites they have created.

Programming languages have their unique ecosystem and benefits to offer. While the web frameworks like Django, web2py, Flask, Pyramid, and Tornado aids the job of developing web applications and designing multifaceted software applications. Python is one of the easiest languages to work on.

This is so because acquiring knowledge of the coding languages in Python format is simpler, as compared to other languages. But you must be thinking what is Python used for? Well, we will cover everything that needs to be known about the impact of this language. But, before that, here is quick information for you.

When was Python created?

Python was created on 20th February 1991. Python was designed by Guido van Rossum, and developed by Python Software Foundation.

What is Python Used For? Why Was Python Developed?

Ever thought about what is Python programming language used for? Most of us know that Python is one of the best open-source, object-oriented programming languages available everywhere in the market. Python often uses English keywords, whereas other languages use punctuation. Being a Python web development company we use Python for web development projects, product development, and custom solutions for fintech organizations.

For whatever reason you are using it, it will allow you to design simple and readable code that can be used at both, frontend and backend and in all the major operating systems and platforms. Not only this, but this general-purpose language also offers a test-driven software application development choice for data science, research, data analytics, AI, and machine learning (ML) capabilities for the creation of outstanding apps.

The most popular companies that use Python are Google for its mainframe foundation, DropBox for its cloud-based services, YouTube for the integration of streaming videos into their internet pages, Twitter for posting tweets, Instagram for its Django framework, Wikipedia MoinMoin is a wiki engine, WAS for Nasa are a few examples.

If you are a beginner in the development world, you might have no idea or introduction about what is Python used for. Most of the Python implementation includes a read–eval–print loop (REPL) basics, allowing the platform to exercise as a command-line interpreter where the users enter the statement in sequence and get the results instantly.

On the other hand, if you start looking for the benefits of utilizing web and internet development Python, you will realize you have services and rules to lots of new and key elements in computers that will make your terminal development methods stronger. So, what can you use python for?

Well, this is the common query or issue people tend to seek response for. The simple answer is that there are so many things that you can develop using the Python programming language. Py4J grants Python programs that can run in a Python interpreter to access Java objects in a particular Java Virtual Machine. CoffeeScript, cross-compiles to JavaScript, and this difference is inspired by Python syntax and scripts.

So what can you do with Python?

  • Web Development Python Projects
  • Data Science – machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), data analysis, data engineering, and data visualization
  • Scripting services

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Soaring Popularity Among Businesses

  • Python is an open-source, general-purpose, and high-level programming language. Many startups are using Python versions for developing their website, web app, and desktop graphical user interface applications.
  • This is one of the higher-level programming languages that enable you to work on the major functionality and category of the applications by looking after common ideas on a programming factor.
  • Like other coding languages, if we observe the criteria of what is Python used for, we find that it comes with some unseen elements and skills that can be beneficial to your organization.
  • Python is as clear as plain English language and offers a great option such as functional and structural programming that most of the software engineers focus on during Python software foundation. The right thing about this scripting language is that it renders services in cross-platform operating systems with simple numbers and responses.
  • In companies, Python is used to develop a wide range of projects, along with those planned for text and picture processes. It was invented by Guido Van Rossum and its design philosophy accentuates coding learning and reading with its noteworthy utilization of considerable whitespace.
  • Some of the well-known brands that practice Python as their programming language are YouTube, Instagram, and Quora. Tons of frameworks are entirely server-side, even though, with the augmented dominance of AJAX, some frameworks have started to embrace AJAX code that aids the job of people dealing with the difficult task of programming the user’s browsers or devices.
  • Data mining use Python provides toolkits – from the deal of exercising machine learning algorithms to cleaning and data engineering. In other words, the function of this general-purpose programming language can be carried out with simple commands and less text in data mining as compared to most of the other languages; and this answers the most frequently asked question of what is Python used for.

This is the cause we see a rise in its popularity among the developers’ community, number of industry owners, students, and tech giants. Let us examine specifically what makes Python stand apart from other languages:

  1. Data Science and Scientific Computing

    Python is used in two prime fields – scientific computing and scientific information. It has a lot of choices of libraries, sources, and resources helpful for science-related research and its list includes:

    • Graph toolkit for statistics-related computation and examination
    • Biopython for bioinformatics and biology courses
    • Psychopy for experimental psychology nature and neuroscience field
    • Astropy for astronomy topics and options
  2. Developing web-based Applications

    Python is meant to be one of the simple languages as it lays emphasis on code readability. It’s libraries and readable code base will assist programmers to update and maintain the software information without investing additional effort and cost in the app development courses.

  3. Machine Learning

    The concept of machine learning comprises the classification of several things like financial services, speech recognition behavior, and even the choice of your Netflix places. Python is utilized for machine learning through its explicit PyTorch machine learning libraries and frameworks that include two of the most popular ones – TensorFlow and scikit learn for clustering and model selection.

    Scikit learns also known as sklearn is a software machine learning library for Python that is intended to interoperate with Python scientific and numerical libraries – SciPy and NumPy. And in the quest for game development, if you have existing video games and need to insert a scripting engine and create more flexible ways, the Python framework is the right alternative.

    Such game development can be done through PyGame and other Python game libraries.

  4. Financial Industry

    Python is the highest budding language in the investment banking and fintech Hedge fund industries. It does not have any inbuilt support for preprocessing linear algebra, rather it has a quite straightforward way of writing codes. Hedge fund analysts incorporate the most understandable way to represent a collection of matrices and vectors in the form of lists and nested lists.

    If you take a glance at any finance-related matter and explanation, a giant fintech like Bank of America has functioned hard to alter their technology stack and goal from the inheritance of Python code.

7 Reasons to Consider Python as your Development Language

7 Reasons Why You Consider Python as Your Programming Language

Python is one of those hidden forces that are present in our smart devices, websites, and games presented by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. It plays a major role in our everyday life and became an important topic in the industry because it facilitates the step of creating HTML files with a Python script and various other advantages it offers to render swift performance.

Here are some of the services for which you can use this scripting language:

  1. Develop Applications

    You can consider applying Python web framework and software development, graphic UI (User Interface), scientific, numeric, games and 3D apps, and network programming. Apart from these, web development python is employed in other emerging business functions like bot structure, scripting, AI (Artificial Intelligence), data analysis, machine learning algorithm, face recognition, 3D CAD categories, audio-based, video-based, image-based products, or anything that aids in development.

    Of course, it helps you link an interactive interface and sorts the contexts of software applications development.

  2. Multiple Programming Paradigms

    Developers learn Python because it provides continuous support and magnitude to several programming models. For instance, it supports object-oriented and structured programming. This language has services and a matrix of features that schedule a wide range of tips for functional programming language. Python is used for dynamic-type skills and automatic memory management while building web apps.

    ECMAScript or other JavaScript types lent generators from Python. The features and programming aspects allow a Python programmer to design small as well the large products. Thus, the developer or member uses Python and gets a great chance to build some really complex software skills and also fix bugs and any spam.

  3. Powerful Standard Library

    Python has powerful and large standard libraries that you can utilize for developing robust applications. It also helps a web developer employ Python over other languages. With the deployment of the Python standard library, you can plan and use a different range of modules and networks available. Also, it supplies the Python interface for the Venmo API.

    The code blocks are a part of Python program text that can be presented as a separate unit, like a module or a class definition. For example, in technical and scientific computing, an open-source standard library named SciPy; and for adding support to multi-dimensional parts of matrices, NumPy is used.

    Such modules can assist you and add value to its functionality without writing any additional source code. You can also refer to the documentation on the Python standard libraries, resources, and blogs to get more information about the various modules. These standards will be helpful while you take app development decisions, implement web services, supply string operations, and customize interface protocol.

  4. Compatibility with Major Systems and Platforms

    Python is used for developing applications because it is compatible with major platforms and systems. You can run python code on specific platforms and tools as it supports plenty of OS (Operating Systems). It allows you to run chunks of code on multiple platforms as it is a clearly high-level language.

    Python framework renders Python Shells which are employed to run a single command in such a manner that the shell avails the end result and feedback.

    You can also execute a modified code item without recompiling and you will be able to monitor and check its effects. That means you have nothing to recompile the code classes and values after each and every change you make in the first place. This feature will save much amount of management time and let an expert or developer learn Python software development efficiently.

  5. Database Accessibility

    When a company uses Python, developed by Guido Van Rossum, it can have easy access to its database. It can easily utilize an email address and package to write, read, and send clear email messaging. Python framework will help you in customizing the starting point of interfaces in a variety of databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL.

    An operating system includes the Python version as its standard component. It is also used for standard database APIs and available for free download.

  6. Easy To Read Code

    When you develop any kind of application with Python, the code is easy to read and maintain. The fact is you can easily reuse it whenever it is required. It is having a simple syntax that allows you to develop different concepts without writing a code in addition.

    Eventually, the code you use for your application should be of good quality and you should be able to maintain the source code with utmost ease to simplify the maintenance, which is highly required to develop any software application.

    It highlights code readability, which is a must-have feature for any developer. Also, searching keywords or codebase from a huge directory is being automated in such a Python project. With Python, of course, you can get started with custom applications, and clean and easy-to-read code will help you get maintainability, possibilities, and upgrading it without implementing extra efforts on the same code.

  7. Test-driven Development

    As we have seen earlier that Python makes coding easier for the developer’s team, apart from this, it makes testing easier that guides a Test-driven development approach. You can plan and write the test study case easily before starting any code creation and lines.

    So, whenever the code development starts, the written test cases can start the mission of testing the code and providing the result at the same point. You can also work on the test-driven approach to check or test the pre-requirements set of materials based on the code.

    Apart from the above-given factors, Python has some other robust features such as analyzing data and visualization, which will aid you create a customized solution to your problem without spending much time and putting extra effort.

    For the application development of web, Python, and other purposes, Ubuntu is a very popular and widely used Linux distro. It helps startups get started with visualization power and the presentation of data with a valuable example.

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Benefits of Using Python

Benefits of Using Python

There are lots of advantages of employing Python as your programming language in your tech stack, and the list is as follows:

  • Speed up the application using custom runtime patterns
  • Support the modules and packages
  • Modules employ internet protocols and provide assistance in the associated technology
  • Encourage the program modularity and code reusability
  • Provides an increase in products’ or projects’ efficiency
  • Supports functional and procedural programming language
  • Open source and its distributions can be freely made
  • Compatible with platforms, data-base, products, and programs

The above-mentioned points describe clearly what is python mostly used for. Software development team that utilizes Python might take only a few minutes to write code and execute the application compared to problems faced in programming languages.

Also, Python interpreters are accessible for an operating system. The first and foremost benefit of using Python is that it reduces the job time developers spend coding through a complicated language for programming during the development course.

Obviously, this is the fact that when you are writing any code for your web projects and applications, it needs high-level priorities to run a smooth and right application development process in the browser.

For that, like various scalable and fast languages, Python is useful for many real-world technologies. Plus, Python is a tool used for flexibility and freedom to develop innovation that would be more complicated, difficult, and time-consuming to achieve for other languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does Python do?

    Python is a high-level programming language that is designed to be simple in implementing and easy to read. It is an open-source programming language, which means programming in Python is something that is free to use. Python is used for web and app development, AI, data science, data analysis, mathematics, machine learning, creating product prototypes, and robotics, are a few examples.

  2. What can you build with Python?

    When you use Python for business app development, you can automate a specific series of tasks and make it more efficient. Consequently, Python is used to develop software products and web development, page and step within web browsers or devices, the tests of operating systems, and games and 3D games.

  3. Is coding for Python easy to write?

    Yes, writing code as well as searching an input code base in Python is easy and simple in web application development. The simplicity syntax of Python is very clean, and easy to learn as compared to other languages. Thanks to its straightforward functionalities, even beginners can start learning and coding in Python very easily from the Python tutorials. Before you start to write codes, you need to have the basic concepts clear in your mind.


As we have seen in this article, there are thousands of reasons where industries can take advantage of Python one of the major languages that are used for the development jobs of both web and desktop applications. The core focus of any startup adopting Python would be to take care of their common programming tasks.

We, at Monocubed, help you find relevant Python-based web development methods and solutions, what is Python programming, what Python is used for, why use python, top Python frameworks, and how it is helpful for your business.

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