5 Best Angular IDEs & Tools to Use For Web Development in 2020

by Jigar Mistry
Best Angular IDE for Web Development

Developers use various tools and frameworks during software development, code creation, and testing.  Those tools are carefully selected in the market for some kind of development process that provides hands-on productivity, especially for Angular development. In our previous blog, we have already discussed all about Angular definition and its benefits. So you are already familiar with it. Development tools and frameworks include various types of text editors, compilers, code libraries, etc. As Angular is becoming more and more popular for developing mobile and desktop web apps, the use of IDE (Integrated Development Environment) options is also increasing along with it. Let’s check out the best Angular IDE options available for smooth web development.

The IDEs are not just limited to back-end development; in fact, some of their efficiency and productivity can be helpful in front-end development. Let’s see what IDE is and what are the best IDE for web development available for Angular development? Before we move on to Angular IDEs, you should checkout the Angular definition and its features.

What is an IDE?

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a program that developers use to simplify their work.  Choosing the best IDE for Angular is equally important for businesses just like they choose Angular Framework. In most cases, IDE is used to improve the development process and enhance the productivity of the developer. It has the potential to integrate the software into the development system and analyze the entire process. Check out the below video for more clarity.

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An IDE brings most of the tools associated with web development as a single framework, service, or application. This combined toolset is designed to shorten the development process and can identify and reduce typing errors and coding mistakes. Developers can use IDE to optimize the development process and enhance the efficiency of the development. IDEs have the capability to integrate the software into the system and then analyze the integrated functions. Let’s check out some common features of IDEs for better clarity.

Features of Angular IDE

Features of Angular IDE

An IDE also contains very important features that offer lots of benefits to the web developers and help them develop web apps very quickly. Some of the features are –

  • Text Editor – To write and edit each IDE has included text editors for source codes. Most of the IDEs include visual components that allow developers to drag and drop the elements in the front-end development, but most of them carry an extremely simple interface along with language-based syntax highlighting so that everyone can use it.
  • Debugger- Such a debugging feature helps users in identifying errors or bugs from the source code. This feature also suggests the real-world circumstances to test the code performance and included functionality. It is very useful to test and find out errors and bugs before developers release the application.
  • Compiler – Compilers are the components that help developers in interpreting programming language into a form of machine language that machines can process easily, usually we know it as binary code. Such a machine code is used to analyze the accuracy of the development and optimize performance.
  • Code Completion – To identify and include code components IDEs have a feature called code completion. Basically, this feature helps developers in saving a lot of code writing time and reduces typo errors.
  • Programming language support – Usually, IDEs are designed and developed for the single programming language, but due to the high demand for multi-language support some IDEs offer multi-language support. So, when you choose the ideal IDE for your development you need to identify your requirements first.
  • Plugins and Integrations – Whenever you are looking for the best suitable IDEs, appropriate plugins and integrations play a major role in your search. Most suited plugins will help you improve your development workflows and productivity. Poor integration may cause various problems, so you need to be very careful when you choose the best plugins that match with your IDE.

Benefits of using Angular IDE

Benefits of Using Angular IDE

IDEs are the best suitable option for developers to take their software development to the next level without hassle.  It allows developers to do fast setup and standardize the process across the tools.

IDE is the one platform from which developers can configure various tools rather than spending time in deciding different tools and platforms for various tasks individually.  Apart from that, there are other benefits of using an IDE.  Here are some of them:

  • Save Time and Efforts: IDEs make sure that the developers develop software in a faster and easier way possible. The tools and features included in IDEs help them save lots of time and effort. Not only this, but it will also help in organizing resources, avoiding mistakes, and provide shortcuts that will fasten the development process.
  • Improve Company Standards: Working in the same development environment like IDEs developers will stick to a well-maintained process and be able to keep the high standard of the project. Many IDEs offer predefined templates and code libraries that developers can share within the project team and sustain the company process and standard.
  • Project Management: IDEs offer documentation tools that are helpful for developers and project managers to be on the same page. Basically, it offers a visual presentation of resources that will help developers and project managers in understanding how an application is laid out so far. Such a feature helps for easier project management.

Now that you are aware of all the basic features and benefits of IDEs let’s look at some of the best Angular IDE that you can check out for web development in 2020.

5 Best Angular IDE to Use in 2020

There are various tools developed for Angular Developers but very few tools that help developers provide hands-on productivity. As we saw in the previous section IDE is a program intended to make things easier for the developers’ work. Let’s look at the top 5 IDEs for an Angular development environment that can help you make outstanding Angular based projects.

Angular IDE

Angular IDE is developed especially for Angular. It is accessible as a stand-alone plugin as well as with an Eclipse plugin. It is simple for beginner developers to learn and give more power to the Angular experts. The benefit of Angular IDE is, it is faster and effective and now supports the advanced editing of TypeScript 3.0. Another good thing about it is it is fully optimized to take all the advantages of Angular.

Features of Angular IDE

  • TypeScript 3.0 validation and debugging
  • CLI integration for Angular
  • Advanced HTML templates
  • Supporting Angular 7and TypeScript 3.0
  • Block and full-file formatting
  • Real-time validation code
  • Displays errors while you type
  • Auto-completion of code
  • Coloring and highlights the syntax-aware source
  • Full-formatting with advanced settings


Webstorm is an outstanding code editor built on Intellij. It is a good choice for developers who are coding for Angular apps based on the best IDE for TypeScript. It also offers built-in elements for TypeScript editors. Not only this, but it also enables you to have quick integration with intelligent coding assistance. It also has a plugin environment with inclusive configuration and local History features, etc. It also reduces the requirement of third-party plugins by generating codes in IDE for TypeScript code.

Features of Webstorm

  • Supports JavaScript, Node.js, HTML and CSS
  • Version control system
  • An additional plugin for the ecosystem
  • Easy tool integration
  • Built-in terminal
  • Supports debugging, tracing, and testing
  • Debugging, Tracing and testing
  • Smart coding assistance

Visual Studio Code

This source code editor for Windows, OS x, and Linux is known as Visual Studio Code and it is developed by Microsoft. It offers support for TypeScript code, intelligent code completion, functions, debugging, and inserted modules. Its snippets and code refactoring features are helpful for easier development. Visual Studio Code provides constant assistance for syntax highlighting and auto-completes the code using IntelliSense.

Features of Visual Studio Code

  • Variety of Language support
  • In-built Git commands
  • Quick Debugging
  • Easy to customize
  • Always on IntelliSense
  • Extensible and customizable


Brackets is an open-source modern text editor. This is a popular and powerful IDE for developing Angular web and mobile apps due to its lightweight. If you are searching for the perfect combination of visual tools as an Angular code editor for JavaScript IDE, then Brackets could be the perfect match for your development. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux and also supports various languages. Developers choose this best IDE for creative developments.

Features of Brackets

  • Live preview
  • Inline JavaScript Editors
  • Pre-processor support


Github has built a hackable editor called Atom, which works efficiently on popular platforms such as Android, MAC, and Linux. For all the major development technologies developers prefer to use Atom. It has a huge community that helps developers by offering active contributors to plugins. When you use this IDE for Angular it will be easier for you to customize because they keep updating their IDE for Angular with new packages and themes.

Features of Atom Editor

  • Built-in package manager
  • Elegant auto-completion
  • Allow Cross-platform editing
  • Easy browsing along with multiple panes


We hope that this list of top 5 Angular IDEs will be helpful for you and you will take all the advantages by using them to create one of the best high-performing applications. Above listed applications are best in the industry and chosen by the developers that empower them to create an enriching experience for their end-users. If you want to create the same experience for your project, you can contact our experts at any time, we will be happy to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best IDE for Angular?

Most of the IDEs are useful and provide support for web app development. Some of them are open source and work as ideal Angular development tools. Choosing one of the ideal IDE for JavaScript of Angular depends on the project requirements and developers’ choice.

Is Webstorm better than Vscode?

Well VSCode (Visual Studio Code) is a free, open-source, and cross-platform code editor developed by Microsoft. VSCode is considered as a faster and responsive IDE compared to WebStorm. VSCode’s JavaScript inspection or completion experience is far better than Webstorm. But, choosing the best out of these two again depends on your business requirements and the type of plugin or text editor you need for your project.

Is Visual Studio good for web development?

Microsoft VSCode is a useful development environment for those who want to create an effective website or web application. We have already described the features it offers for the Angular based application in this article and the core reason for choosing this is developers consider VSCode as one of the best IDE for web app development.

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