Top AngularJS Frameworks To Consider For Your Web Development Project

With the ongoing advancements, sometimes it becomes monotonous for developers to pace up and offer superior results within the given timeline.  Hence, streamlined frameworks are needed, which are powerful to achieve composite tasks with negligible effort.  Also, technology space offers innumerable resources to the web developers that eases the development procedure.

Amongst the most utilized frameworks, AngularJS frameworks are observed as the embodiment of efficiency, simplicity, and capability.  By employing advanced features of AngularJS, the developers will form diverse frameworks for building dynamic web applications.  Let’s take a look at different Angular JS concepts and frameworks that will assist you in building the best app for your business.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source, front end framework.  It is a JavaScript-based framework primarily preserved by Google and by a community of corporations and individuals to solve challenges faced in building single-page applications.  It focuses to streamline both testing and development of these applications by supplying a framework for client-side model view view model (MVVM) and model view controller (MVC) structural design, along with the components generally utilized in internet applications.

Angular JS latest version is employed as the frontend of MEAN stack, containing Express.js web application server framework, AngularJS itself, MongoDB database, and Node.js server runtime environment.  It is a mechanical framework for building vigorous web applications.  It permits you to use HTML as your template programming language and allows you to expand HTML syntax to express your app components.  AngularJS dependency injection and data binding eradicate much of the codes that you would have to transcribe.  And it all occurs inside the browser, forming it an ultimate partner with any server technology.

While talking about Angular, there are some significant differences between Angular and Angular.js.  AngularJS utilizes the functions by interpreting the HTML web pages that have additional HTML attributes embedded into it for developing user-interfaces.  On the contrary, Angular framework makes it simpler to build applications.  Angular code is written in Microsoft TypeScript.  Whereas, AngularJS code is written in Javascript.

Features of AngularJS Framework

Angular JS is perhaps one of the most popular web frameworks accessible today.  This is the framework that is used majorly for building Single page applications.  Because of Google’s support and ideas emerging from an extensive community forum, it is always kept updated. Additionally, it always integrates the modern development trends available in the market.

Features of AngularJS Framework

AngularJS has the following crucial features which make it one of the most influential frameworks.

  1. Directives:  Directives are the markers on DOM components such as attributes, elements, and CSS.  These can be utilized to form customized HTML tags that assist as novel custom widgets.  AngularJS has inbuilt directives such as ngModel and ngBind.
  2. Data model binding:  You do not have to write different codes to bind the data to the HTML controls.  This can be made by adding some snippets of the code.
  3. MVC:  This framework is developed on the well-known concept of MVC (Model-View-Controller).  This is a pattern that is used in all contemporary web applications.  This design is constructed on splitting the data layer, business logic layer, and presentation layer into distinct sections.  This division into dissimilar sections is made so that each one could be administered more easily.
  4. Controller:  These are the JavaScript functions that are bound to a specific scope.
  5. Scope:  These are the objects that mention the model.  They perform as an adhesive between view and controller.
  6. Templates:  These are the condensed view with data from the model and controller.  These can be in the form of a single file like index.html or manifold views on one page utilizing partials.
  7. Deep Linking:  It allows us to encrypt the state of the app in the URL so that it can be easily bookmarked.  Then the app can be restored from the URL to anidentical state.
  8. Model View Whatever (MVW):  MVW is a pattern for separating an app into diverse parts called model, view, and controller, each with different responsibilities.  This framework does not devise MVC in a traditional way, but rather somewhat nearer to MVVM.  AngularJS team refers to it amusingly as Model View Whatever.’
  9. Dependency Injection:  AngularJS has an inbuilt dependency sub-system that aids an Angular.js developer to understand, create, and test the web apps more easily.

List of Top 10 Popular AngularJS Frameworks

With AngularJS, it is much easier to develop robust and modern web applications.  To streamline the tasks and upsurge efficiency, there are various frontend frameworks for AngularJS.  These frameworks offer numerous inbuilt web components and by exercising them along with AngularJS, developers can rapidly build an application from the scratch in much lesser time.

There are several such frameworks and choosing one for your project can be quite perplexing.  Below is the list of some popular Angular JS Frameworks that you can employ.

  1. Mobile Angular UI

    Mobile Angular UI is a popular framework and is a mixture of Bootstrap and AngularJS.  The developers utilize it for structuring HTML5 mobile applications also termed as Hybrid apps.  Devoted to mobile app development and design, it presents vital mobile components that are absent in Bootstrap 3 like switches, sidebars, scrollable areas, and overlays.  And since it rotates around AngularJS, there are no bootstarp.js or jQuery dependencies, creating it a faster and lightweight framework.  Furthermore, it comes with a CSS file, utilizing which you can simply transform your web application to a mobile version.

  2. Ionic

    Ionic is one of the most widely used Angular.JS frameworks.  It is a cross-platform, open source framework utilized for developing hybrid mobile applications.  Hence, Ionic is a mobile app development framework that employs web technologies like CSS, HTML5, and SASS to build hybrid mobile apps that can perform across manifold platforms namely iOS and Android.  It functions as a front-end SDK developed on the top of Cordova and AngularJS.  The Ionic framework comprises countless Angular components and directives.  And this pays the way to easy building of user-friendly AngularJS powered mobile applications.

  3. Angular Material

    Angular Material is Angular CSS Framework upheld by Angular team and is the formally suggested Angular UI Framework.  Angular Material is the UI component library for the developers and incorporates impeccably with Angular.  This framework is formed on Google material design and has more than 30 UI components. And therefore, it enables developers to develop attractive, user-engaging, faster, and responsive web apps by confirming that they obey the contemporary design practices and principles like device independence, browser portability, and graceful degradation.

  4. Angular UI Bootstrap

    Angular UI Bootstrap is AngularJS framework developed on the top of Bootstrap.  Bootstrap is one of the finest front-end frameworks for web app development.  If you need to utilize bootstrap with Angular, then Angular UI Bootstrap is the answer.  This is because you cannot directly utilize Bootstrap in an Angular project.  Bootstrap employs jQuery which could hamper with specific functions of Angular. While this framework relies on innate AngularJS directives which are formed on CSS and Bootstrap markup elements.  Hence, it does not have any reliance on jQuery and can be the answer if you need to incorporate Bootstrap components into an Angular project.

  5. UI Grid

    Formerly known as ng-grid, the Angular UI Grid is developed completely in AngularJS and henceforth has no jQuery dependencies.  This framework circles around a central grid module while all its traits exist as Angular directives and modules.  It has a component of Angular UI Suite, like Angular UI Bootstrap, and is the component for exhibiting data in grids for AngularJS apps.  Its developers can exercise this framework to function with and manage vast and multifaceted sets of the data with grid characteristics such as grouping, sorting, virtualization, filtering, exporting, paging, column pinning, edit in place, row expanding virtualization, and internationalization.

  6. LumX

    LumX is an entirely flexible frontend framework founded on Google material design.  The traits of LumX permits its developers to develop user interfaces under Google guiding principles.  This framework relies on AngularJS to facilitate the building of web applications based on MVC pattern and also it utilizes jQuery to augment the application performance.

  7. Supersonic

    Supersonic is a hybrid UI framework that consists of web based components, Javascript, and CSS that you could employ with any popular framework, and it is also termed as an agnostic framework.  It aids in simplifying HTML apps and it is cohesive with AngularJS.  This framework works along with AppGyver and most of the API will not function in a mobile site or Vanilla Cordova app.  It allows its users to transcribe HTML elements along with CSS components, or they can use components that map HTML to contact innate APIs and completely innate interference with much ease.

  8. Radian

    Radian framework is developed on Asynchronous Module Definitions (AMD) and is intended to be dynamic, powerful, and robust.  The motive its web developers prefer utilizing this framework is due to its capacity to yield applications with intricate functionality and progressive features in less time.  It supports files like JADE, SAAS, and CoffeeScript.  It is reliable, scalable, and fast so you can depend on this Angular.JS framework for your upcoming design objectives.

  9. Suave UI

    Suave UI is a framework that is employed for developing web UI, utilizing AngularJS.  It presents CSS definitions like layered elements, grid, form elements, and colored buttons, services, and directives that make it easier for its developers to develop varied UI components for web based apps.  The UI components supplied by Sauve UI are contained in bundle-files and therefore, developers do not require to include them distinctly.

  10. Angular Foundation

    Angular Foundation is one of the most favored front end frameworks.  It is a modified and modern foundation containing several directives that rely on the CSS elements and foundation mark-up.  Its major advantage is that it comprises the designing of web apps that have more semantic HTML components.  The examples of this consist of interchange, dropdown, alert, accordion, process bar, and trigger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which framework does AngularJS use?

It is easier to create robust and modern web apps with AngularJS. To reorganize the tasks and increase efficiency, there are varied front-end frameworks available for AngularJS. Different Angular JS frameworks are Ionic, Mobile Angular UI, Angular Material, Lumx, UI Bootstrap, Supersonic, Angular foundation, UI grid, Radian, Protractor, Suave UI, to name a few that offer various inbuilt web components.

How to download AngularJS?

AngularJS allows you to extend HTML vocabulary for your web application. To download AngularJS, we need the tools that are required to set up a development environment for AngularJS. They are AngularJS library, editor/IDE, browser, and web server.

What is Angular JS used for?

There are many sites that are employing Angular JS for a user-friendly web app development. AngularJS would aid you in building robust web applications with a premium user experience if you are looking to develop weather application, user-review application, eCommerce platforms, travel app, social app, video-streaming app, and user-generated content portals.


The techniques followed by web developers have altered extremely.  Now the things are quicker, easier, and simpler, and the credit goes to these contemporary frameworks.  Multifarious application development is possible with ingenious frameworks and skilled developers.  AngularJS frameworks are versatile and their implementation is flawless only if the developer knows how to use them well and comprehend its true potential.

Every framework has its specialty and consequently, they augment your work.  There are manifold alternatives to select from, but it all depends on the requirements of the project and developer’s peculiar preferences.  Contact Monocubed, if you require assistance in forming a dynamic web or mobile application.  With our experienced team, we built the app that is best as per your project needs such as functionalities, features, and components.

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