An Undeniable Battle: Ruby on Rails vs JavaScript

Difference between ruby on rails and javascript

Since the last 10 years, businesses have been investing a lot in the technologies and they are getting lots of business benefits from those technologies, according to Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2018 Digital Trends, “73% believe that their companies are combining their digital marketing skills with technology”. Such a trend will continue in the future as well or even in the following decade. With these things in mind, companies should focus on web app development more, but they are thinking about where they should begin? Nowadays there is one debate that is going on is about Ruby on Rails vs JavaScript. Should businesses use Ruby on Rails or JavaScript? Let’s see which one is most suitable for you.

There are lots of business owners that need to identify the language or platform they are going to use for their websites or applications, whether they should use Ruby on Rails or JavaScript. In this article, we are going to discuss the most hyped topic – Ruby on Rails vs. JavaScript which will help you decide which languages you should execute for your upcoming web development.

What is Ruby on Rails?

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a framework written in Ruby language for creating web applications. Developers use the framework as it is a kind of skeleton for web development which provides some basic structure and optional features that can be inserted in and out. It is important that you understand that Ruby is an open-source, object-oriented coding language, and Rails is simply created using Ruby that will help you save a lot of typing. This framework is specially designed to be modified according to the user’s specific needs and with a focus on portability, extensibility, simplicity, and productivity.

RoR follows the MVC (Model View Controller) style of framework where the models store the information, the view shows it and the controller works as a middleman and controls them. Ruby on Rails also comes with Gems which are libraries of Ruby programs that are designed into a standard format for installation so that they are used as plug and play.

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Why is Ruby on Rails Popular and Still the Best Choice?

Generally, it becomes a very subjective statement when people call any programming language the best programming language. We believe that RoR is one of the best choices you can make for your web development. RoR is flexible and constantly ranking as one of the top programming languages you should consider.

Is Ruby on Rails in Demand?

Ruby on Rails brought an innovative approach to the process of developing a web application. It has become one of the few web application frameworks that work based on a developer-first approach. Developers believe that the design of this framework is unique and promotes convention over configuration. It prefers the developer over everything else to make the website development process easier. RoR is still in demand because it is highly flexible and comes along with a speedy web development process and a well-organized content management system that helps them complete the project effortlessly. On top of all the reasons, it is available for free of cost as it is open source.

Now that you know about RoR and its popularity, let’s move on to JavaScript and learn about what it is and what it has stored for you. We are also going to describe why businesses choose it for their web development. Further, we will also learn which one is better JavaScript vs Ruby on Rails.

What is JavaScript?

What is Javascript?

As everyone knows JavaScript is an object-oriented coding language that helps developers to design dynamic HTML pages along with interactive effects for the website that engage a user. JavaScript also allows developers to add complex functionality and enable them to work together with other programming languages. Businesses can use JavaScript for developing client and server-side web apps, mobile and desktop apps, and all sorts of web games.

Not only this, but this language also enables them to access animated graphics, photo slideshows, interactive forms, and auto-complete text suggestions features. Some of the common examples of JavaScript you might be using are Google search results, faster loading Facebook pages and many more.

Why is JavaScript in Demand?

JavaScript is basically used for web-based applications and web browsers. But it is also used for the web in servers, software, and embedded hardware controls. As we have already mentioned that many of the fortune 500 companies are using JavaScript for their front end web development. Another reason is JavaScript is also constantly rated as one of the top programming languages, the sixth year in a row by Stack Overflow survey results.

Ruby on Rails vs JavaScript

When it comes to comparing and finding the difference between Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, both of them have a dynamic type system and also have automatic memory management which makes them demanding among the developers. The similarity is both languages were born around the same time around 1995 and that is where they started to part their ways. RoR is a one-stop solution for large applications and JavaScript works perfectly for the microservices. Here is the detailed comparison of both of them.

Comparative basisRuby on RailsJavaScript
Object-oriented programming System An object-oriented, dynamic, general scripting language. An object-oriented scripting language, dynamic language.
Programming Language Back-end programming language which runs on the server side and is able to interact with the database. Front-end programming language, majorly used for client-side application, server-side, and browser level interaction.
Performance Ruby is slower in performance and time consuming too. Faster in certain cases because of its highly optimized engine.
Scalability Ruby is not much scalable JavaScript is more Scalable

Eventually, both have their own audience, and depending upon the requirements businesses can choose the languages, tools, and technologies that are best suitable for their business needs. But, based on the features both RoR and JavaScript offers, we can say that both are equally qualified to win the battle.


Well, RoR uses a full-stack web framework that is basically used for back-end development. On the other hand, JavaScript is a client-side scripting language that is used for front end development.

When you keep above given little details in mind, you will find that these two demanding languages are not competing with each other at all. In fact, most of the developers believe that both the language has its own distinct advantages and pros and cons that businesses can choose to adopt or reject for their web development. No doubt, you will need a command of both front end and back end for any kind of web development. We at Monocubed have versatile developers for both Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, who will help you convert your idea into a dynamic reality. Contact our experts now and hire a dedicated developer for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which programming language is better – Ruby vs JavaScript?

Both of them have their own unique personality when you compare each programming language. Each of them offers a variety of features, advantages, and pros and cons. As a business owner, when you are trying to convert your business idea in classic web development, then you should contact a web development company, they will be able to guide further which programming language will be best suitable for your idea.

2. Is JavaScript faster than Ruby?

Both Javascript and Ruby on Rails are fast actually. But in some cases, Javascript is considered 20x faster and scalable to ruby on rails. because of its simple code structure. Javascript based applications are easy to debug. It can also be used for full stack development along with node.JS framework. Thus it is more quicker.

3. Is Ruby on Rails Dead?

Well, if you see the demand and popularity of RoR, you will automatically get the answer to this question. And the answer is Ruby on Rails is not dead, in fact, it is still popular among the businesses and developers because of its features. It is still evolving and it is regularly changing, considering all the new trends in web development.

4. Are Ruby and Javascript similar?

Ruby and JavaScript seem to be similar because they both are dynamic and general-purpose languages. But Ruby, an object oriented programming language, is generally utilized for server-side app development. Whereas, JavaScript, also an object based language, is ideally employed for client-side web apps. It is weakly-typed and Ruby is duck-typed. JavaScript tends to be faster than Ruby, having larger communities.

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