6 Things to Consider When Hiring Web Developer For Your Project

Online commerce requires talented web developers to form astonishing user experiences that can beat the prevailing competition.  And hiring web developer can be one of the most crucial decisions that you need to make.  After all, it is the person who will develop the online face of your business and empower you to network virtually with your several customers.  

So, you need to hire a web developer or a devoted web development team?  What is your project size?  Do you want to build a sophisticated client-side web service with cloud-hosting incorporation?  These are the questions that arise while hiring people for your web development project. 

In this blog, get all your answers for hiring the right talent for your product development without spending above your stipulated budget.

Who is A Web Developer?

A web developer is a software programmer who specifies in, or is explicitly involved in, the building of World Wide Web applications utilizing a client-server model.  The applications usually employ CSS, JavaScript, and HTML in the client, ASP.NET (C#), PHP, Python, or Java in the web server, and HTTP for interactions between server and client.  A web content management scheme is generally exercised to form and maintain applications.

Contemporary web applications often comprise three or more tiers, and relying on the size of the group a developer works on, she or he may major in one or more of these tiers, or may consider a more interdisciplinary part.  A developer is generally categorized as a frontend developer or a backend developer.

For example, if the team has two people, one may lay emphasis on the technologies that are sent to the client like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AngularJS, or ReactJS and on the server-side frameworks or backend frameworks like Python, Perl, Java, Ruby, ASP, PHP, Node.js, and ASP.NET utilized to provide scripts and content to the client. 

In the meantime, the other one can focus on the communication between webserver, database system, and server-side frameworks.

Additionally, contingent on the size of their association, the above-mentioned developers might function meticulously with a copywriter or content creator, user experience designer, web producer, web designer, software architect, marketing adviser, database administrator, or project manager, or they may be accountable for such related tasks like project management and web design themselves.

Responsibilities of Web Developers

Web application developers usually perform the following duties:

  • Transcribe code for the website, utilizing programming languages like XML or HTML
  • Meet with management or clients to discuss the design and requirements of a website
  • Function with rest of the team members to define what data the website will encompass
  • Build and test applications for a site
  • Incorporate audio, graphics, and video into the site
  • Observe website traffic
  • Function with graphics and designers to regulate the layout of the website

When forming a website, best web developers turn their client’s idea into a reality.  They create specific kinds of websites, like news, eCommerce, or gaming sites, to fit the clients’ necessities.  Diverse types of websites need dissimilar applications.

For example, a gaming site must be able to manage progressive graphics, while an eCommerce site would want a payment-processing app.  The developer chooses which designs and applications will be the best fit for the site.

6 Things to Consider When Hiring Web Developer 

How to select a web developer?  Let’s discover.

Here are the most common things to consider if you want to hire web developers that will suit small, medium, and big-scale web projects. 

  1. Define Your Business Challenges

    Define Your Business Challenges

    All the web development projects are dissimilar, and without understanding your project goals and size, it is difficult to have lucid guidance on which web programmers will be a fit for your project.  At the initial stage of your search, you ought to decide what type of web project you require a developer for: 

    • Large-scale web projects mention projects like social networks or video-sharing social media apps that need, not only a collection of refined technologies but also incorporation with cloud-hosting servers to stock all the user data. 
    • Medium development projects comprise varied project types, including the building of online stores, dynamic or static web apps, and other such services that necessitate the incorporation of third-party services like CMS, chatbots, databases, and APIs. 
    • A simple web development project contains creating a simple site or incorporating supplementary features to the prevailing one.  These characteristics might be a CTA button, a contact form, a subscription button, a new template design, and so on. 

    At this phase, you also require to outline your explicit business challenges and the motive for which you want to hire a web developer.  The companies would search for a web developer in the below-mentioned three circumstances: 

    Circumstance 1:

    You need to utilize the technology which no one in your in-house development group has experience with.  Unless you want to wait for your team to acquire the expertise, you can employ a web programmer who has the knowledge of the said technology from a subcontracting agency.

    Circumstance 2:

    You require to expand your in-house squad with an additional specialist to aid you with an existing project.

    In this scenario, you can opt for outsourcing a developer via a web development organisation or a freelance web developer for a particular period. 

    Circumstance 3:

    You need to develop a web project from scratch, which is a common situation for start-ups and existing businesses.

    The prime goal for a start-up is to arrive at their niche as early as possible, so they require to hire an outsourcing development team to save money and time. 

    And for existing businesses that need to mechanize some of their business procedures may select between a dedicated or in-house web development team. 

  2. Decide A Working Model

    After ascertaining the scope and complexity of your development project, you can opt for the following models of cooperation: 

    • A Dedicated Team Business Model

    It works exceptionally if you require to device complex functions to your site, namely AI Chabot development or cloud storage integration, but need to save costs and time on signing in-house specialists.  As for monitoring the project roadmap, you can do it separately or pass the decisions to your devoted development team. 

    As for the accountabilities of the project’s victory, they rely on the project management’s procedure side.  

    • Out staff or Extended Team Business Model

    It is the best decision for building big projects while being within the project’s specified budget.  Similarly, for vigorous cooperation, you will require to have an in-house project manager and CTO, since, with the out staff model, you will be held responsible for progress management, tasks assignments, and leading web developers from the technical administration side.  

    • The Project-based Model

    It is popular amongst well-established and start-ups businesses that require to achieve a minor web development project.  This model comprises established timeframes and predefined scope of work.  Furthermore, the development team is answerable for all the project management and the selection of technological solutions.  In such a business model, all the responsibilities are on the development group. 

  3. Choose The Developer’s Skills

    Choose The Developer Skills Needed

    To comprehend what a web developer is and why you require one, it is vital to recognize that the three chief types of developers are back-end, front-end, and full-stack.  These three are the different types of web developer for hire that focus on a diverse facet of the formation of a website.

    • Back-end developers are accountable for website construction, concealed behind the frontend, that is, how your website functions.  You might require some professional help if you need to enhance your integrated third-party services into the site arrangement, website’s speed, or resolve technical matters.

    In most of the cases, a back end developer employs technologies like Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, and databases, comprising MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite, and PostgreSQL. 

    • Frontend developers make alterations to the front of your website, that is, the portion of the site that the visitors interact with.  You can hire a web developer to modify the layout and design of your website marginally.  Still, ruminate that there is a difference between a web designer and a front-end developer.

    Web designers are more visually artistic, concentrating on the user experience.  They generate the color scheme, website layout, and other such visual elements to be employed.  While the front-end web developers turn the site design into completely functional sites utilizing CSS, HTML, PHP, Javascript, Node.js, React.js, ASP.NET, Vue, Angular 8, and other such technologies. 

    • Full-stack developers are proficient in building both the frontend and back end of the websites.  These professionals are becoming prevalent amongst start-ups that have inadequate resources.  A full-stack developer is capable of understanding the connections between the front end and back-ends of the website.  Hence, they can build effective and efficient programs for all the parts of a website.
  4. Searching For Necessary Professionals

    Searching The Necessary Professionals

    When you are searching for programmers to hire, think that you are hiring a technological partner who will be a part of your company for several coming years, facilitating your projects with ongoing technical provision and applying further website enhancements.  Hence, you ought to hire web developers very cautiously. 

    But where to look for a web developer?

    To hire a web development team you require a slightly dissimilar tactic.  You can search the team on the following websites:

    It is a review site that makes the list of top-ranked web developers on the basis of location and customer reviews.  This site also highlights the prime industries the team has experience with. 

    • Tech Blogs

    Similar to the one you are reading, where development teams supply tips to their current and future clients and share their expertise in web development.  If you find their blogs or articles relevant and useful for your business, do not hesitate to get in connection with them. 

    It is a B2B review platform, where numerous customers share their experience of working with the various development companies.  The website has a rating system as well as search filters.  Hence, you can not only discover an apt team but get an impression about its weak and strong points. 

    To hire a web development freelancer, you can use one of the below-mentioned websites: 

    It is one of the most popular sites to search for a remote worker.  It comes with a milestone payment, online chat, and other such useful features.

    This website has turned out to be a job marketplace for nearly three million freelancers.  It includes diverse payment options as per task, per milestone, or hourly. 

    It is the most prevalent job marketplace for searching freelancers.  This site has various useful tools, including the time tracking and mechanized payment per attained milestones. 

  5. Select Payment Model

    If you opt to work with a web development team or a single web developer, you will be required to pay them a salary accordingly every month.  The same is essential for both dedicated team and out staff working models.  Nevertheless, for a project-based working model, you can pick between:  

    • Time and Material Paying Model

    This model is also known as ‘Pay as You Go’, which is used for minor, medium, or huge-scale projects when the time frame, as well as the scope of work, is not so easy to assess.  It comprises paying the hourly rate of every developer based on real-time spent on web development. 

    • Fixed Price Paying Model

    This is the best choice for minor web projects with a clear time frame and scope of work. 

  6. Examine Team’s Expertise

    Examine The Team's Expertise

    Before hiring a web developer, you must assess the experience of the development team and examine whether they can handle the requirements of an upcoming project.  Therefore, before filling in the contract forms, it is always a great idea to scrutinize the portfolio of the team to find out more about their experiences and previous projects.

    Apart from this, you can also check the corporation’s profile on Dribble, Behance, and Linkedin networks.  If the corporation’s expertise contents your business necessities, you can get in contact with its team and discuss your project. 

    What to consider when hiring a web developer?  Before the formal acceptance of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), you also must observe the web developers’ soft skills since they are important for your project’s success.  The collection of vital soft skills comprises:

    • Teamwork is necessary, particularly for a huge and multifaceted project, since it contains, not only developers, but also project managers, designers, business analysts, QA managers, and other team members. 
    • With the development team, communication is essential in order to be on the same page.  In addition, sharing expectations and effective communication will result in clearer project requirements, less misunderstandings, and lucid features set.    
    • Being approachable and helpful are necessary, because, if a developer cannot approach the team members and enquire them about anything, a minor issue may turn into a giant one.
    • A web developer must be proactive.  As it is always good when a web developer can share feedback about technical solutions, share opinions and recommend improvements throughout the product development procedure. 

    Hence, the developer’s skills in forming a rapport with the teammates results in more fruitful collaboration.  

    The best method to validate web developers’ soft skills is to schedule a video interview with her or him.  You can also ask the developer to make a short video and talk about herself or himself and describe the experiences where she or he dealt with intricate technical tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I hire a web developer?

Hiring a web developer or web development company will render you the finest web tools, like domain management and hosting. The decision on hiring a developer for monthly assistance will also continue to fix errors and keep the website updated during the course of time.

Who needs a Web developer?

If you are willing to update a website with a new design, you are likely in need of a web designer. But if you require multifaceted alterations, a web developer might be worth referring to as sometimes the modifications are deeper than the simple visual changes required.

What is the job of a web developer?

The job or the duties of a web developer are that she or he must know CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and other relevant programming languages, can build and test applications, present design specs, collaborate, troubleshoot website problems, monitor website traffic, work with graphics and team members, and maintain and update websites.


These days, however, any person can develop a website, still there are many noteworthy reasons to appoint a web developer.  The professionals can do specific things that you are unable to and will get the task done earlier than you.  Outsourcing such tasks to the concerned person also gives you the chance to concentrate on more significant things.

By following the above-framed points to consider when hiring a web developer or a web development team, you can not only opt for an apt candidate for your project but also select the best paying and working models.  Get in contact with Moncubed and avail the perfect web development team that will work dedicatedly for your project’s success within the budget.

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