Max Horton

Web Developer

Rating4.3/5 Rating
experience5 Years Experience

Specialized in cutting-edge technologies like Node.js, React, and AWS, Max Harton brings a deep understanding of back-end architecture and front-end design to every project. His expertise in database optimization and API integrations ensures not just growth, but also efficiency and security. With a knack for problem-solving, Max turns scalability challenges into streamlined solutions.

Top Projects Completed

Optimized E-commerce Platform for a Retail Giant

Rating Star4.8/5

“Okay, so we brought Max on board through Monocubed. And let me just say—mind blown! Our e-commerce platform used to struggle with traffic spikes, but now? The system was able to handle three times its usual traffic without any interruptions or outages. If you’re in the e-commerce game and you’re not talking to Max, what are you even doing?”

– Sarah, CTO, Retail Giant

Built a Real-time Inventory System for a Manufacturing Firm

Rating Star4.7/5

“Max came to us via Monocubed and revolutionized our inventory system. His real-time solution eliminated bottlenecks and significantly reduced our operational costs. Max doesn’t just code; he understands business needs.”

– Raj, COO, Manufacturing Firm

Developed Secure Payment Gateway for a FinTech Company

Rating Star4.9/5

“We found Max through Monocubed, and he’s been a game-changer. Our payment gateway is not just secure but also user-friendly, thanks to Max’s focus on both security and UX design. He’s a rare talent in the FinTech space.”

– Emily, CEO, FinTech Company

Implemented AI-driven Customer Support Chatbot for a Telecom Provider

Rating Star4.5/5

“We had the pleasure of working with Max through our partnership with Monocubed. Max’s expertise in AI and machine learning has been invaluable to our customer service operations. Our new chatbot doesn’t just provide scripted answers; it genuinely understands and responds to customer queries in a way that has significantly improved user satisfaction. If you’re looking for someone who excels in both technical proficiency and understanding customer experience, I highly recommend Max.”

– Mike, Customer Service Director, Telecom Provider




Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect

Google Cloud Certification Program

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