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Edward Powell

Web Developer

Rating4.6/5 Rating
experience6 Years Experience

Edward excels in building scalable business solutions in SCM, CRM, and HRMS using Python 2, Django, HTML5, and Bootstrap. With a focus on automation and data analytics, he consistently delivers projects that exceed client expectations and drive business value. His strong problem-solving skills not only enhance workflow but also contribute to rapid user acquisition.

Top Projects Completed

Developed a CRM System for a SaaS Startup

Rating Star4.7/5

“We hired Edward through Monocubed, and let me tell you, he’s a lifesaver. A CRM system that actually understands customer behavior? Edward nailed it. His Python and Django skills are top-notch, but it’s his understanding of customer relations that sets him apart.”

– Steve, CEO, SaaS Startup

Created HRMS Solution for a Healthcare Provider

Rating Star4.9/5

“Thanks to Monocubed, we found Edward. He created an HRMS system that’s both secure and easy to use. How did we ever manage our HR tasks without him? His focus on data security and workflow efficiency is nothing short of remarkable. With Edward on board, we’re not just managing our team better; we’re also ensuring the highest level of data integrity.”

– Dr. Emily, Director of HR, Major Healthcare Provider

Data Analytics Platform for a Marketing Agency

Rating Star4.6/5

“We hired Edward through Monocubed and couldn’t be happier. A data analytics platform with real-time insights? He made it happen. Edward goes beyond coding; he delivers solutions that significantly influence our strategic decisions. His work has empowered us to better understand our audience and optimize our marketing strategies.”

– Lisa, Director of Analytics, Top Marketing Agency

Automated SCM Dashboard for a Logistics Company

Rating Star4.7/5

“We hired Edward through Monocubed and he’s been nothing short of amazing. We thought an automated dashboard for our supply chain was a complex challenge, but Edward made it look easy. He didn’t just solve our immediate problems; he also identified new ways to improve efficiency. His skills go beyond coding; he truly understands the intricacies of supply chain management”

– Karen, Operations Manager, National Logistics Company




Master of Science in Data Science

University of California, Berkeley, USA

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA

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