Paul Truong (AKA Monocubed)

I'm a Creative Technologist at Google and like to create things with equal parts design & code.

The more I learn from these disciplines, the more I appreciate how similar their processes are.

More importantly, I've come to realise that the most significant results are cultivated in the space where these two meet.

This blog delves into this concept.

Elsewhere, you'll find me chirping on twitter, snapping on Instagram (currently viewable via tumblr and flickr) and uploading work-in-progress on dribbble to name a few destinations.

I also speak occasionally on subjects related to the modern browser - for enquiries please email


I first saw this simulation presented by the awesome Jared Tarbell at a Flash on the Beach conference a few years ago. I’ve not seen it since so I thought I’d share the concept using canvas as it’s a fascinating thing to watch unfold. Essentially, the rules which the “ants” obey (and the way they interact with bits of “food”) do not suggest any form of collaboration or group intelligence. They are simply acting on a set of responses based on their own unique position and circumstance within the contained system. But as the “ants” begin to change their environment (the placement of food), the chances of collision change and begin to favour a gathering of food items in certain spaces. Allowed to run for enough time and all the food is gathered into one place.

Again, all credit to Jared and his inspirational work.
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